The Mateless Beta

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~ “But you see that’s the thing about me. I don’t have a mate! I was born mateless. The goddess left half of my soul empty! It’s my destiny to be alone. Why can’t you just leave me alone?” ~ Raven Callisto is a captivating women with only half of her soul. She’s the first to be born without a mate. She fills the void with drunk one nightstands. She clinches her thirst with the blood of her enemies. She believes she was cursed by the goddess but little does she know it’s a blessing. Kayden Simmons is none other than the future Alpha of the Spirit Walker Pack. He’s always been over protective of Raven since they were children. When Raven left for college and he met his mate he brushed his felling off and convinced himself she was like a little sister to him. After the tragic death of his beautiful mate he cut himself off from people in general. What happens when Raven comes back to the pack for Summer vacation? This story will be bouncing back and forth between point of views and past and present! This book will have LGBTQ+ relationships. If you don’t like that then don’t read it. I hope you enjoy! Please comment on my mistakes!

Romance / Fantasy
Madison Payne
Age Rating:

Chapter One Raven

Raven’s POV at 14
Sweat was rolling down my body. My intake of air was loud and heavy. I am fast. Faster than my pack mates as they chase me through the western side of the territory. Every leap over fallen branches and logs feels like I’m flying through the air. Lush green forestry pass by me in a blur, but all I can see is the clearing ahead. In the distance the clouds go grey; thunder booms through the sky. I can hear their paws beating against the ground chasing me. They are gaining on me. I don’t look back to see how close they are. Pushing myself to my maximum speed I launch my self into the clearing.

Seeing my father in the middle of the field I book it full force and jump into his chest. He falls to the ground taking my wolf with him. He laughs as I lick his face and huff into the air.

“Would you get off me already? We all know you won Raven.” If a wolf could smirk I would be right now. I shifted back into human form. My father tossed me a shirt. As I slipped it on if fell to my knees. My pack mates were now also in the clearing shifting and getting dress as well.

“Good job guys! I’m surprised you managed to keep up with her this well.” Alpha Adrian and my father always oversees our training. The Alpha and Beta were notorious for their harsh training of the future warriors of the pack.

“You are all dismissed for today. Be safe going home and I expect you ALL to be here tomorrow morning at 6 am sharp!” Alpha Adrian exclaimed “Especially you Matthew! Don’t be late again!” Matthew saluted to the Alpha and shouted out, “Sir, yes sir!” This earned some giggles from the teenagers in the group.

I was suddenly tackled from behind by a short brown haired beauty that I called my best friend. Clair was the epitome of beauty. She had long curly brown hair that frames her heart shaped face. A small button nose frames her face with thick plump lips that are always in a smile. She crystal blue eyes give off warmth. Her short stature did nothing to hide soft curves of her body.

“Eeeek! Can you believe tonight we get our moon readings!” She screamed. “I mean what do you think the moon has planned for me. My mom is constantly telling me that I’m going to be a Luna, but I don’t know I think I want to be a pack doctor. Can you imagine me helping the people of our pack whenever they are hurt?” One thing about Clair you have to know is that she rambles. Clair never stops talking like ever. She was right though. I could see her being a pack doctor. Clair is one of the most caring wolves I have ever met. Her in a white coat and stethoscope wrapped around her neck would not surprise me at all.

The reason Clair is so worked up over tonight is the moon reading. Our pack is one of the only packs that have contact with the moon anymore. Our seer Ruya was gifted powers from the goddess to communicate with her. At 14 you receive your first reading. Ruya will tell us what the goddess has planned for us. We will receive our second reading at 16 and from then on whenever we need to communicate with the moon.

“Chill out, trust the moon with you future Clair. She’s not going to wrong you. Plus it’s just a little reading. I’m going to be a warrior just like my mother was.” We were walking back home when it started to rain. “Look I’m going to go take a shower and eat whatever my mom made for dinner then I’ll meet you at the ritual site.” I reassured her. “Okay Raven see you in a couple hours.” We hugged then split off into different directions heading to our houses.

When I got home I booked it upstairs and into my own bathroom. Hot showers were a must after a long day of training. While most humans used many products in the shower all werewolves needed was our own soaps free from fragrances and chemicals. Wolves noses are way stronger than humans so we didn’t need any artificial scents. Our body’s produced our own natural smell that enhances when you meet your mate.

As I hopped out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my body. Looking into my mirror I stun myself with my looks. My raven waist length hair, milky white skin, and deep brown eyes. When I was born my mother took one look at me and instantly knew what to name me. Raven. Raven eyes and raven hair. The bird that people hate became my image. I was strong and tall for a 14 year old. I stand at 5’8 and had baby abs. My stomach, legs, and arms were all toned muscle from long workouts.

I hopped into a white dress that fell to my knees and put on the beaded jewelry that my grandmother made. Taking a piece of kohl I smudged it around my eyes and lips. Doing a final twirl in the mirror I bounced my way downstairs. Siting at the table were my parents and my older brother. He is to be the future beta of the pack. Following in my father’s footsteps just like he was born to do.

“My little Raven you look so beautiful.” My mom squeezed me in to a tight hold. Smile upon her face and unshed tears in her eyes. “My little Raven is growing up. Soon you will be leaving the nest.” My father growled at her words. “Stop talking about my baby being grown. She is still just a babe and will not leave this house ever.” And there was the over protected dad. My brother was chuckling at the interaction. “I’m glad you think this is funny Damon. You may be be taller than me, but I have no problem taking you over my knee like I used to when you were small!” Now it was my turn to laugh at my mothers words. Mother wolf never wanted her pups to grow up.

“Now sit your asses down and eat. I didn’t spend all day on dinner for nothing.” Even though father was the beta we all knew mom was the real alpha in the house. We all sit down and dig into the delicious dear meat that was roasted to perfection accompanied with potatoes and a vegetable mix.

“It’s delicious mom. You’ve out done your self again.” My brother was a kiss ass. He was right though my mom was a hell of a cook. “Thank you baby. I hunted this doe down this morning and have the rest of her in the freezer for later.” She smiled. “Raven it’s almost time for you to go to the ritual. You don’t want to be late when you call for the moon my dear.” Oh shit that’s right I have to be gone soon. I picked up my plate and put it in the sink. After hugging my family I made my way down to the ritual grounds right by Ruya’s house.

Halfway to the grounds I met up with Clair and a couple of friends. We all walked in silence. While we have look forward to this moment for years it was scary now that the time has actually come.

The fire was bright as it lit up the nights sky. The huge bowl was empty and the ritual knife sat beside it. Ruya herself sat close to the fire meditating. A night like this would take a lot of energy from her. Last but not least the full moon was bright in the sky. It was taunting us. Making our skin itch with the need to shift into our wolves. There had to be at least 30 wolves ready to hear their fate tonight.

We gathered in a hue circle with the fire in the center. Ruya stood up and walked around all of us. Judging us as the moons children. “Welcome children. The moon will speak tonight. Her words are nothing but the truth. Tonight we sacrifice our blood for her words and wisdom. Let the fun begin.”

The first kid walked to Ruya taking the knife from her hand and slicing his palm over the bowl. Blood poured out from his had and decorated the black bowl. He went back to his place in the circle and the kid beside him went next. This went around the circle til it was my turn.

I walked with confidence to Ruya. Looking dead in her eyes and I grabbed the sliver blade. I made a large slice across my palm and held it over the bowl. Squeezing my hand to empty as much blood as I can. My eyes never left hers til I went back to my place. When all the kids has bled for the moon Ruya grabbed the bowl and a brush.

She dipped the brush in the bowl and painted us with the blood. Chanting in the moons tongue “Nam nostra luna, nam mater nostra.”(For our moon, For our mother.) Blood splattered against our white dresses and shirts as we chanted with her. All of us at the same time snapped our heads to the moon. Howls erupted among us. It was over. The ritual was over and now we could begin our readings.

She called us one by one into her home. Some reading taking only 5 minutes and some taking 30. We all stayed silent staring at the moon. It was not the time to converse. After people got their readings they fled home. Taking off in the woods. Most with smiles on their face. All my friends looked happy with their readings and left quickly. When Clair came out she smiled and motioned at me to call her later.

As Ruya stepped out to call the next person we all looked up. “Raven come child.”

Wow wow wow
So this is my first story and I hope you like it!
Please if you see some mistakes let me know. I’m not sure how often I’m going to upload since I’m a student. What do you think Ruya is going to tell Raven?
Let me know how you feel about this chapter!
Thank you so much for reading!

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