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" When it comes to making friends in the mafia world, I don't, I only fuck and kill, welcome to my world ,You have three days to get off my back .And besides commander Julian I heard you have quite a good reputation of putting criminals behind bars,let see how you do that with me".

Romance / Erotica
Janice Cole
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" Detective Micheals ?" A voice asked.

"Yes please" I answered.

" The boss wants you in her office now" An unknown voice called out.

"Sure,be there in two" I said while looking at the last case file that was closed.

"Guess you got in the good book of Agatha" Martha who was my friend and colleague at the FBI said.

"If you say so,but something doesn't add up,how can the case of a man who got murdered last week got close because the killer was not found!!?? what the hell! that is my case" I furiously said while going through the files.

"Either the man got killed or you will be next if Agatha sends for you again" Martha said while typing out some documents.

"Oh right forgot about that" I said while standing up .

"Good luck" Martha said.

"Luck are for failures ,don't need one " I shouted while heading out.

"You will" Martha said.

I took the elevator for the fifteenth floor which was only a minute for me to get there since I worked on the thirteenth floor. I exited the elevator when I reached at my destination.

"Good morning,Detective Michaels" Ella who is the Director's secretary said.

"Good morning Ella" I greeted her .

"Director James is waiting for you in her office" Ella said with a smile.

"Thank you"I said while returning the smile.

I made my way to the long hall way which had huge wood door that was boldly written "DIRECTOR".I placed a knock on the door again when I got a reply to go in.

"Good morning Director James" I said while approaching her.

"Good morning Detective Michaels". Director James said while turning her chair away from the glass window which had a great view of New York.

"You called for me?" I asked firmly.

"Read this file" She said while throwing it at the table.

I read the file which was the same file I was reading down stairs and they explained the same thing sent by the court.

"But ,director it's the same file that the court sent to me last week" I said.

"I know you were on the case and just like me, you are having doubt that things didn't add up ,which is right. Look , I admire your determination and the ruthlessness you show out in the field, so for one last time I am putting you on the case again ,but no one has to find out" She said while looking at me.

" But you know the case has been dismissed right?" I asked her.

"Even if it has been,I have read your records,you have always caught your prey, which is good and all criminals are afraid of your name,which is quite impressive.I know you want it,I"ll give you three days to report, you are dismissed" She said.

I took the file as I exited her office trying to make my way back to my office , as I dialed Stella's number.

"Cioa Stella" I said on the phone.

"Mi stai prendendo in giro(you gat to be kidding) you know you are not supposed to call me on this phone" Stella said with a serious tone.

Stella and Nancy have been my friends since I was little we grew up together when mostly my dad and his men were out making deals or killing,but that's a long story.

"Mi dispiace (sorry) but its important." I said while heading to a corner.

"che cos'e´? (what is it)? Stella asked.

"I want you guys to look up on the file that I gave you last week ...I want to see if you guys can trail the Killer of Christian Smith" I requested in a low voice.

"Sure will tell you in four hours"Stella answered.

"Grazie (Thank you)" I said while ending the call.

I decided to head downstairs to see if I can still find any clue on the case.

So I made my way to the Elevator and also out when I saw a couple of military guys standing at the doors.

"Rachael!" Martha called out to me.

"Yes " I answered while making my way to the Conference room.

I entered the conference room .

"Sorry, I"m late" I said while taking my seat.

"What is this meeting about and who are these military people?" I asked stella who was drooling over a muscular,well structured guy.I can't see his face, but his uniform was clung on to him like a second body ,but I noticed a cobra tattoo on his arm .I must say I admire his taste.I think he is twenty-six or so or maybe a year older than me.

"Why are they here" I asked Maize who is our Laboratory specialist.

"I don't know, I am as shocked as you are" Maize said softly.

"Ok, so we're going to start since,your so called detective is not here"He said arrogantly as he clapped his hands to get our attention.

His eyes were blue but not as blue as the ocean,I will say as icy blue I guess, his hair style was cut at the back and the front was held in a manbun , his jawline was well sculptured , like he was specially made by the greek gods.

"Hmm- Sir-?" Martha asked.

"Captain Julian" He said as he turned his icy eyes to her.

"She's already here" Martha pointed out.

"Where is she?"He asked while looking around .

Martha pinched me to get my attention.

"What?!" I asked her.

"You came late, and you didn't notify me that you are here, why were you late?" He asked me .

"I did notify you , but you were cut up in your own memory that you couldn't hear , by the way Sir you are not my boss who I should answer to."I said firmly stated out.

" I have to talk to James" Julian said.

"Suite your self" I said answered while rolling my eyes.

"Anyways I heard that you four were handling Christian Smith's case so I am here to collect all informations about him that you guys have personally .His case is now an international case " He said in a low voice.

"Well the case got closed last week and we were requested to give all the items to the court ,it's only his file that is with us and it is in the hands of Detective Michaels since since she's handling his case" Maize said.

"So are you still handling the case?". He asked me while looking in my eyes.

"No ,the court has all the evidence." I said coldly while looking into his icy blue eyes.

"Detective Micheals the file please ,its important" Julian said.

"I will send for it " I said.

"I need it now".Julian said.

As I wanted to put him in his right place then we got a call from our units to meet up at yonge street.

"I have to go duties first Julian ,hope you understand" I said while I winked at him when heading out.

We made our way into the Car and into yonge street.

"What happened here?"I asked while making my way into the restricted area.

"Dellan Steele,twenty-seven years who was a student of Harvard University, he was studying technology. He was working on a device called Chip 7-TTH, Which stands for Tim-" Edward who was one of our Lab specialist said as I cut his words right off his mouth while handling his file to me.

"Time Travel Horizons,it's a device that helps you to study time but does not allow you to use it because its molecules are so congested that if you try it you will die..." I said while going through the file.

'But what happened? because he didn't look like he used it to me" Stella asked Edward who was staring at me suprisingly.

"Mmmm -hmm-mm" He said while clearing his throat.

"Don't ask me how, but I do some research from time to time"I said.

" Thats not all , Dellan also transported drugs.He stopped a week ago ,but he worked for..

"The Vipers" Maize and I got the same words out of our mouth.

"How did you know?" Maize asked.

"He has a tattoo on his arms and the vipers are one of the deadliest cartel in the world after the Carabello Cartel" I said.

"But Dellan didn't look like the type that sell drugs ,I mean his friends said he was a scholar and he spent most of his time in the lab and the computer room after that at his hostel. That's his daily activities one of his classmate made in his statement ." Johnny said as he approached us.

"He fell from that building."Stella said as she pointed to a high construction building.

"I think he was trying to fight for his life with the man that strangled him,while the other attacked him from the back giving the man who strangled him opportunity to kill him.I'm guessing one of his family member works for the vipers " I said while looking around for any clue.

"Stop!" Johnny shouted while running after a man dressed in black.

I set out to follow him but I took another short route leading me to face him so I will catch him easily.I fastened my pace as I was turning a curve,we bumped into each other.He tried to run away but I hit him that we started fighting each other and ended up in an abandoned site,I made the Bellert move which is my dad's Signature move which him and my mom invented.So I had the upper hand. I pinned him against the wall and removed his hoddie .He had a dark eyes that shows revenge and he was fair in complexion his hair was cut, he had a small scar on his left side of his forehead maybe from a fight or something else he had some similarities with Dellan,am guessing he is Dellan's brother.

"You are Dellan's brother ,right?" I asked still pinning him against the wall.

"And you are Detective Michaels or should I said Rachael Carabello" He said boldly.

"And if I say yes?" I asked him as I tucked my hands on his neck and in his flesh.

"They always say you are the deadliest now I believe ,your names and files come up ,when you want them to Show up and if they do a search about you ,nothing is found and Albert Carabello has the balls to let his first twin daughter in the FBI , working as a detective ,and the other twin daughter Rackel as a teacher which I say she is not the cartel type and his two twin sons Reginald and Reynold as leiutenants in the army ,wow am so flirtered . But am happy I get to meet you because I heard you are quite the fierce on of them all" The man said.

"And should I be afraid of what you just said ,yes it is the truth but you don't scare me , I see revenge in your eyes and you are looking for a prey ,but you got the wrong girl. I 'll help you to get revenge for your brother but in return ,I need your loyalty to work for me , but first, you need to get to Italy which will be arranged ,but I'll put you first under Carabello protection ." I said while releasing my grip on him and turning my back away from him.

"Thank you ,but why are you helping me?"
He asked while holding his throat.

"Anytime I go to a fight with my Dad and his men ,I always kill,I don't look back ,I feel like a boss ,but I kill those that are not innocent ,everyone expects so much from me I understand how its like to have a whole bunch of responsibilities ,By the way whats your name?" I asked while facing .

"A.J. " He answered while adjusting his hoodie.

"Well AJ see you soon...Make sure you don't get caught."I said while heading out.

I went to the scene where a police car was waiting for me ,And I headed back to the office.

"Hey ,are you ok?" Martha asked with a bit of concern.

"Yh ,why?" I asked her.

"A criminal never walks away from you ,so I know you must be sad or something like that since the great Detective Rachael Michaels never let a criminal get away." She said while intimidating Director Agatha.

We burst out with laughter

"It ok ,I'll just go home"I said while heading out of the office.

"Drive safely " Martha said.

My ride home was smooth as I headed into BH (Bella's Hotel) which my Dad built for my Mom on their 30th Wedding Anniversary. Its where ,I have stayed for a whole year. I parked at the entrance as I headed out.

"Good evening Mam" A worker greeted me.

I was so tired to answer, so I nodded as I made my way into the reception ,where I told the receptionist not to allow anyone near the penthouse since I don't want to be disturbed.

I made my way into the elevator ,when I decided to take my phone out and saw a miss call from Nancy. So I returned the call.

"Ciao (Hello)" I said as Nancy answered .

"Dove sei stato ?(where have you been?)" Nancy asked.

"Police Issues" I said while entering inside the penhouse.

" Ok ,so anyways stella gave me your assignment .

"Yh ,Christian smith is the guy in the photo ,he is dead." I said while taking my shoes off.

"Well sorry Madam Detective but christian smith is not dead ,I took a look at the pictures of the man you guys claimed dead, he is actually alive he now lives in mexico and he is still trading girls as sex slaves ,he killed Macus Strongman ,his wife's brother ,who is also poses as his lawyer and his wife ran away , so he edited his pictures and save it as strongman's face " Nancy said as I heard her tapping her keyboard.

"The Carabello's are requesting a video call with you" Homegirl said.

" Ti chiamo tra poco ( I'll call you soon)" I said while ending the call.

I ended the call and accepted the video from home girl.

"Ciao mama e papa` ( Hello mama and papa)" I said while sitting on the sofa.

"Come va?(How are you?) "Mom asked with a beautiful smile.

"Bene(fine)" I said as I returned the smile.

"So dad why did we have to join the meeting if we gonna talk to her." Reynold said while drinking his cup of coffee.

"Vete a la mierda( fuck you) " I said as I raise my middle finger up.

"Vete a la mierda tambien (fuck you too) .Reynold said.

"peuden comportarse por una vez( can you guys behave for once ) Rackel said .

"Ok we all know you guys know spanish please can we hear what mama e papa´ want to say , I have a meeting with Julian tomorrow." Reginald requested.

" Wait !Julian ?,I mean Captain Julian the jerky ass" I asked as I rolled my eyes.

"Don't tell me you guys met already?" Reynold asked.

"He was at the station today" I told them as I grunted out in fustration.

"He is working on the Christian Smith case."Reginald said.

"I am also working on that case , well was ,am still on it undercover" I pointed out .

"Well you guys are gonna be partners" Reginald said.

" Sorry to disturb the conversation but please can Mom and Dad say what they want to tell us" Rackel said politely.

"Hi sister , whats up?" I asked her as I pour myself a bottle of wine.

"Rachael ,am fine .Can we please focus." She said while righting I guess.

"Joy killer." I whispered to myself as I took a glass of wine in my mouth

"Grazie (thank you) Rackel,so Rachael you and Rackel's birthday is coming up and we need you guys in Italy next week ,please ladies make time for us please." Mama said while pleading with us.

"Ofcourse mom we gonna be there"I said.

By the way ,Rachael ,did you put someone under the name of AJ into the Carabello protection? Dad asked.

"Yes" I said.

I explained to My family about earlier today and my dad agreed to him working for us ,although he has to go through some tests .we made some jokes as we ended the call and went upstairs into my room.When I saw something ooo someone and it Roman ,my ex .

I was about to turn around when I felt a huge ercted bulge pressed in between my ass.

"Did you feel what you do to me whenever I smell your panties and see pictures of you naked.?" Roman asked ,while making his way into my bra.

"Ro-man, what are yo-u do-ing here?" I asked as I let out a loud moan when he pinched my nipples.

"Missing my dick in your pussy ,right where it belongs" He said in a hoarse voice.

"We brokeup remeber ,you need to stop" I said but my body betraying me.

"Really ,but your body says another thing" He said as while putting kisses on my neck.

" Hahh" I moaned out.

Roman started to kiss me and every inch of my body ,he sucked on to my nipples and continue kissing me like his life depends on it . He had a cherry sent which just send chills while inhaling it.
He carried me to the bed and laid me down while he undressed and was naked in front of me.

"Finger yourself" He commanded.

I started to touch from my nipples way down to my pussy making my way to it which was wet already.

"Already wet for my cock ,I love it when you want my cock to be inside of you" He said while plumping his cock with his hands.

I started fingering myself ,feeling so good when he came to the bed started kissing me from my mouth way down to my clit.

"Your pussy is so fucking good ,I love your pink pussy" He said while he started licking and sucking my clit like it was his only food.He then entered two of his finger in me ,sending a sweet sensation in me.

"Yes vete a la (fuck)" I moaned out as he started thrusting his fingers in and out of him fastening his pace .He stopped as his hands were replaced by his big cock.

"Hahh" so fucking tight" he grunted out as my pussy got adjusted to his cock.

He thrust into me so hard that every thrust leads to me seeing stars as he continued to suck on my nipple.The thought of him inside me made me crave for more. Our scents filled the room and the sound of his balls slamming my pussy.

"O damm this feels so fucking good ,yes fuck me " I cried out.

He fucked me so hard while rubbing my clit.

"You fucking want my pussy ,then fuck me harder" I cried out again.

He quicken his pace as I reached my peak as he did too

"Dammmm....U feel so good" he said.

"Chi ti ta mandeto?( who sent you?). Dad asked by choking the intruder on his chair .

But yet the intruder remained quite.

"Rispondetemi ! (Answer me!)" Dad shouted.

"Nunca ( Never) ." The intruder answered as he spat on the floor.

" I see you speak spanish" Dad chuckles devilishly.

"Perche´ io sono uno .(cause I am one)" The intruder replied rudely.

" I liKe your spirit ,so bold ,loyal , think you can killme? Well unfortunately since you remain quite trying to be loyal like a dog ,I am going to cut each and every one of your fingers" Dad said while wearing the metal ring on his five fingers.

Dad punched the intruder with the ring causing him to feel a great amount of pain and bleeding.

"Rispondetemi! (Answer me!)" Dad said still punching him.

"Nunca!( Never!)" the intruder shouted in pain but this time in a less response.

"I see you still keep your loyalty to your boss, lets try something new, If I ask you one more time and you refuse to tell me ,I'll cut one finger until there's nothing left." Dad said while holding on to the knife.

" I will never tell you" the intruder said.

Dad cut his one finger while his blood splashed on the floor.

"Who sent you ?".Dad asked again as he cut the other finger.

" Hahhhh!!! Diego ,sent me" . the intruder said as he cried out.

"Ti ha mandato Diego?( Diego sent you?)" Dad asked while putting the knife down.

"Yesssssss!" he cried out.

"Quel figlio di puttana .(That son of a bitch)" Dad cursed through his teeth.

" Libera i serpent !( Release the snakes)" Dad said as he head out of the room.

Dad left the room as the hissing sound of the snakes were heard.

"Hahhhhhhhhh!!!" the intruder cried out in agony.

" Fimato I' accordo con i russi. ( The deal with the Russians have been signed." Uncle Benjamin said,who have been my Dad's friend since they were little. Making their way to the hallway.

" That's great" Dad said as he washed and wipped his hands stained with blood on the towel.

"What happened here?" Uncle Benjamin asked with a concern voice.

"Diego mandato .( Diego sent his men to kill me) Dad said as they headed back to the house into his office.

" There have been a lot of attacks everynow and then."Uncle Benjamin said as they went up to Dad's office.

" I know , I have to tighten the security." Dad said as they entered his office.

"Don't you find it strange ,that for over thirty-four years of marriage ,Bella's family didn't bother of finding her maybe attack or anything.You know she abandoned the throne and her people just for you . I know that her evil sister Belle is happy that she left because she got an opportunity to havrthe throne . "Uncle Benjamin said as he placed the contract on the table waiting for Dad's reply.

"You don't have to remind me again.I feel awful even tho sometimes Bella misses her home but she can't say it not to get me offened , but I sense it.That's the one thing I am not able to fulfill" Dad said as he sighed with defeat while sitting on the office chair.

" If I may ask,when are you going to tell the kids about Bella's history and if Bella was to claim the throne , who is going to be next in line?" Uncle Benjamin asked as he pours a glass of water for himself.

" I don't want to know or talk about it for now ,but I will tell them after Rachael's and Rackel's birthday" Dad said.

As Benjamin was about to say something,they heard a soft knock on the door.

"vieni in Bella.(Come in Bella.)" Dad said.

"Come sapevi che ero io? (How did you know it was me?) " Mom asked ,as she entered the office with a tray of sandwich on her hands.

" I always do ,Lets say you have a unique way of knocking on the door." Dad said .

" Boungiorno signon ,mi dispiace distubare ,ho appena portato dei panini per pranzo. (Good day gentlemen ,sorry to disturb ,I just brought sandwiches for lunch.)" Mom said as she puts the tray on the table close to Dad.

"Mi ha appena chiamato un uomo gentile ,Signora Carabello?.(Did you just call me a gentleman ,Mrs Carabello?.) Dad said as he grabs Mom's waist , bringing her close to him leaving no space.

"E se l'avessi fatto, Signor .Carabello? ( What if I did Mr.Carabello?)."Mom asked naughtyly as Dad pushes a small amount of hair behind her ears while she blushes.

" Mi stai prendendo in giro.( You are teasing me.)" Dad said as he placed a soft kiss on Mom's forehead.

"Hmmmm,hmmmm, per favore scusami. ( please excuse me. )" Uncle Benjamin said as he left the room.

Dad and Mom still continued with their romantic moment as Uncle Benjamin left the room unnoticed.

"Vedo che sei diventata piuttosto sexy ultimamento.(I see you've become quite sexy lately.) Dad said as he caresses Mom's skin.

" Quindi non ero sexy per te?. (So I wasn't sexy to you?)" Mom said with a bit of angry tone.

"Sei sempre sexy amore mio.( You are always sexy my love.) Dad said as he started kissing Mom.

Their kiss was passionate.

"Ti amo anch'io. (I love you.)" Dad said as they try to catch their breathe.

"Ti amo anch'io. (I love you too.) " Mom whispered.

They continued kissing themselves like there's no tomorrow.

" Ewww, vai e trova una stranze va bene. (Go and find a room will ya.) " Stella said as she entered the room breaking Mom and Dad's passionate kiss.

"Don't you know how to knock?" Dad asked her as he took his seat.

"Well technically its important " Stella said as she puts the file on the table.

"what will be so important than having a moment with my wife." Dad asked.

" Calm down grouchy ,I got the file on Rafael" Stella said as she took a seat.

"Who is Rafael?" Dad asked.

"The intruder ,that works for Diego ,keep up will ya" Stella said as she took a bite of sandwich in her mouth.

"That's his name? and besides nobody gave you that sandwich" Dad said as he took a look at the file.

"Yes , he was a new recruit for Diego ,no wonder he couldn't kill you ,and beside the sandwich called to me .And you are too easy to kill." Stella said as she made her way to the door.

" Where did we stop ,Mrs.Carabello?" Dad asked as he approached Mom.

" I don-" Mom said as Dad interupted her with a kiss.

"Ugh ,Forgot to deliver the message" Stella said as she heads back to Dad's office.

Dad and Mom still continued their erotic kiss as Dad carried mom to the table.

"Seriously ,Why can't you guys go to your room?" Stella said as she peeped through the door.

"What is it again?" Dad asked with fustration.

"Hah, right ,forgot to tell you that the guy you placed as head of Carabello Protection said AJ will be arriving today I think" Stella said still putting her face through the office door.

"Is that what matthew said?" Dad asked.

"Oo ,so his name is Matthew , now I see? I stopped listening the momemt he said to deliver the message to you" Stella said as she winked her eyes,when she closed the door.

Among the few people who are not afraid of my Dad ,Stella was one ,she didn't care about your position or who she was talking to ,Stella was care-free she was always the one who will get in trouble.On the other hand, Nancy was the quiet type and our cartel doctor, always study the situation before acting , while stella only acts before she thinks.

"Boss,the Carabello quads will be coming to Italy next week for Rackel's and Rachael's birthday" .The man said.

"Good ,that's a good opportunity". An Unknown man answered.

"What should , I do boss?" .The man asked.

"Just keep me inform ,and don't do anything stupid . " The unknown man said.

" Yes Boss" The man answered.

" Albert e la sua famiglia sono miei(Albert and his family are mine)".The Unknown man said.

"You look horrible this morning" Martha said as I approached her.

"Didn't get enough sleep" I said while yawning.

"James wants to see you" Edward said as he placed yesterday's file on my desk.

"Sure ...Thanks" I said as I placed my computer on.

"By the way ,I have gotten some lead on the Dellan Steele case" Edward informed us.

" When I come back we are going to talk about it" I said as I was heading to the elevator.

I made my way to the elevator unto the fiffeenth floor said goodmorning to Ella and made my way to the long hall way and into the directors office,where I placed a knock on the door.

"Come in." Director James said.

"Good morning ,Director" I greeted as I entered her office.

"Good morning, I see you had quite a rough night" The Director said.

"A very rough night ,I guess. Is it that obvious?" I asked her.

"Well yes.Have a seat". She said while pointing to the chair.

I approached a seat where a gentle man was sitting down.

"Good morning Detective Michaels" A familiar voice said.

As I turn around to see who it was and yes it was the so-called Captain.

"Captain Julian, a pleasure to see you."I said with a smile.

" The pleasure is all mine" Julian said.

"I see you have met each other ,so down to business .Detective Michaels you and Captain Julian will be working together on the Christian Smith's case so it gonna be a combine work so whatever resources you both have you share .Are we goood?" Director James asked.

"Very." I said.

"Good." Director James said.

"Well if you will excuse me I have to take my leave ,cause I have a case that I have to attend to" I said as I stood up from the chair.

"You know we have a case right?." Julian said.

"I know, send me the files." I said as I approached the door.

"I don't send files like that. Non sei qualcuno di cui mi fido facilmente.(You are not someone I trust easily.)" Julian said in Italian.

"Nemmeno io ,devi fare del tuo meglio per impressionarmi.(I don't either you have to try your best to impress me.) I said back in Italian when I closed the door leaving him speech less.

"Report" I said as I closed the meeting door.

"Dellan Steele who was a student at Haward University have a brother by the name of AJ ,he was a member of the Viper Cartel , he joined the cartel last year, cause they needed him to take revenge on his brother." Johnny said as he displayed the informaton on the screen.

"So let me get this straight ,he was a new recruit.So they were using him to find his brother?." I asked .

"Precisely .He found his brother and told him everything the cartel was planing to do,but unfortunately he had to be killed since he couldn't rat his brother out" Johnny said.

"So where is this AJ guy?" Martha asked.

"Well we couldn't get a trace of him yet,but sooner or later."Johnny said.

"So the guy that ran away from Rachael ,might be his brother" Martha said while trying to put the pieces together.

"Yh ,about that guy did he say anything to you ,or did you see his face?" Edward asked.

"N- No ,I didn't .His face was covered with the hoodie ,everything happened so fast" I lied .

"Too bad" Edward said.

"Excuse me,I have to make a call." I said as I exited the room.

I walked out of the meeting room to a quiet place on the hallway.

I dialled Stella's number.

"Ciao? ( Hello?)" Stella asked.

"Stella ,ho bisogno che cancelli tutto il file di AJ. (Stella ,I need you to delete all of AJ's file) . I whispered.

"Already done that." Stella informed me.

"Whose file are deleting?" Julians asked behind me.

"You gat to be kidding me ,him again".I said in my head.

"Hmm.It-ts a file that was on the system for about two years ,so I asked them to delete it and you need to stop sneaking on people like that. "I lied through my teeth.

"You know I don't trust you right?" He said as he approached me , making me to take steps backward until I was against the wall.

"That's up to you." I said.

"Good , whatever you are hiding ,am going to find out." He whispered in my ears, sending an electric sensation through me that I have never felt with Roman.

"You know what ,I like how you are challenging authorities ,you really got my attention ,little tiger." He whispered as he kissed my ears with a hoarse voice.

I couldn't take the sexual heat that was building in me ,his manly Bleu de Chanel colonge which filled my nose with his minty scent all combine together made me weak to my knees.

"No ,Rachael you are stronger than this,no man has ever made you feel this weak.You are a Carabello and a Carabello is never weak" I consoled myself in my mind.

" Ex-c-use m- me please." I sum up the courage as I said those words and walk out of him and in to the bathroom.

"Hah." I sigh out in relief.

"Can't handle the sensation?." Julian said as he was standing at the door.

"What the fuck are you doing in the ladies room?"

"You left without us finishing our conversation." He said with a devilish smile.

"What! ,are you fucking ok?." I asked out in confusion.

"I see you like to use the word 'fuck'".He said as he coated with his fingers.

"One moment you act all arrogant and the other moment all sweet." I said while at him on the mirror.

I washed my hands and went to the door. I opened the door and a hand closed it .Julian slamed me against the door and cupped my mouth with his .He deepened the kiss.The kiss was rough and sexual ,love and war,happiness and sadness ,comforting and discomforting the kiss says it all.His action to the kiss could tell you what his mouth won't say.

"Stop!" I said with a slap on his face.

He rubbed his cheek.Ok ,yes he didn't deserve that slap.But I had to do it. I left the bathroom .

" Detective Michael's ,where have you been ?" Director James asked.

"In the bathroom." I answered as I was approaching her.

"Ok ,have you seen Captain Julian?" She asked while looking around for him.

"Well ,techincally n-" I said as she interrrupted me.

"Nevermind. Captain Julian may I have a word with you please in the meeting room." She stated while heading in to the meeting room.

"Sure ." Julian said politely.

You have to be kidding me so he knows how to be polite.

"You too Michaels! " . She shouted out.

So I made my way behind Julian who was also heading to the meeting room.Julian opened the door as he walked in ,trying to make my way through the door ,he let go off the door,making me to hit my face.

"Ouch!" I shouted even tho he can't hear me.

"Take a seat please." Director James requested.

"We have found a guy that might be connected to Dellan's case.He is going to be at the palm spring bar tonight,and I just recruited you two.Have a nice night,you can go home to get prepared." Director James said as she made her way out of the meeting room.

I made my way outside the office into my black range rover car ,that dad bought for me last month.I exited the parking lot and on to the streets the next thing I know my phone rang.

"Ciao Rackel.(Hello Rackel.)" I said .

"Come te la passi? (How are you doing?)" Rackel who is my twin sister asked

"Grande .(Great.)" I said as I made a left turn.

"Ho bisogno del vostro.(I need your help.)" She said frightenly.

"Quello che e' successo.( What happened." I asked her in a worried tone.

"Some weird men are following me ,and they were on my trail since this morning,what should I do?" she asked while crying.

"Dove sei ora!(where are you!)" I shouted.

"I am at carson street ." She said.

"What the hell are you doing in new york?" I asked her.

"Now is not the time." She said worriedly.

"Be there in three." I said while increasing the car's speed.

Carson street was not that far from where I was but in other to find her before its too late ,I need to do something.

"Stella accende il localizzatore di Rackel now.( Stella switch Rackel's tracker on now."I ordered her.

"Whats up?" she asked.

"Explain later and connect it to my phone." I said while coming to a stop.

"On it annnnnnd sent."She said.

"Thanks." I said.

I followed Rackel's tracker which was not far from where I was I just have to make the right turn and booom,she was at a watchshop.I kicked the door opened and I came with a man holding my sister at gun point.

"Freeze its the FBI!"I ordered behind him.

He turn around and pulled his trigger ,I doudged the bullet only making a scratch to my right shoulder.The next thing I did was kicked the gun from his hand as he punched me.He threw up his forearm like an offensive linesman blocking a defensive back ,but I slipped to the side ,pushed the man's elbow down and away, caught his head and rolled him in to the floor.I pulled his head forward and broke his nose with my head.He got hold of my neck as he stood up with me while strangling me ,the next thing I heard was gun shot.

"I-I kil-led him ,I am a murderer,I am going to jail.Rackel stammered as tears ran down her eyes.

"It was only self defence ."I said while holding her in my arms and calling for back up.

"You have to leave ,ok,go to my house and call Stella,let me deal with this." I said as she made her way to the back door.

The police made their way to the scene.

"Freeze !" Martha said as I raise my hand in surrender.

"What happened here?" Johnny asked.

"I just killed a man ,as you can see". I said.

"Explain ."Martha said as she was taking a look at the scene.

"I was on my way to buy a watch for myself,then I saw this guy he was stealing from the man at the counter ,he pointed a gun at me we fought and here he is dead." I lied again.

"Really ,but where is the shopkeeper." Johnny asked.

" Yes ,I have a mission to do see you tomorrow." I said as I left them.

"Michaels don't interfere in this case until you are proven innocent." Johnny said.

"If you say so Detective Davies".I said as I headed out

"Boss ,Rackel was spotted in new york with her sister in a watchshop.After a while the police came.Rachael is coming out of the watchshop." some one said.

"Keep an eye on them." The unknown guy said as he ended the call.

"You look so beautiful." Julian said,as he was dressed in a blue shirt which show his abs.I must say blue is definately his colour.

"Thanks." I said while blushing.O no ,I am blushing you gat to be kidding me Rachael.

"What happened to your shoulder?" Julian asked with a bit of concern in his voice.

Again ,I told the fat lie that ,I told Martha.

We stared at each other for a long time when he noticed the guy that we were suppose to collect information from. We watched him for two minutes like a lion studying its prey as Julian asked a question.

"How are we gonna get closer to him?" Julian asked while turning to face him.

There was a weired moment between us when I got an idea.

"Be right back in a minute ."I said while I heading to the restroom."

I made my way to the restroom ,applied some red matte lipstick ,adjust my black short dress that was too revealing as I head out.

I was surprised when a hand touched me.There she was with her black short dress,that clung to her body ,showing her figures how curvy she was , her dress only covering a small part of her breast and her mouth ,O God perfect to kiss.She made her way to that bastard who is going to toucb her.She danced towards him as he notices her ,they danced together ,him putting kisses at her neck and I lost site of them.

Then I got a text.

"Meet me outside." I read the text still feeling a bit of jealousy, as I made my way outside.

"Where is he?" I asked her as she approached me.

"Let say he is heading to the station now." She said while heading in the car.

I accompanied her to the passenger's seat.

"You are beautiful." I complimented her as the door were closed.

"Thanks." She answered with a smile.

The next thing ,I found my self doing was kissing her passionately.I kissed her neck with everything that was in me ,caressing her body with my hands and finally ,making my way to her thighs.I spread out her thighs rubbing it as I made my way to her panties.I unclipped her bra ,making her breast exposed to me.I sucked on to her nipples which were already erected.I bite her a little where she let out a moan sound.

"You like that?" I asked her.

"Ye-s hahhh." She moaned.

My fingers found their way to her wet panty where I slipped it off from her and smelled it as I put it in my pocket.Her hands touched my erection making me want to cum in my pants.

"Do you like what you are doing to me?" I asked her.

"I love it." She whispered in my ears as she unbuckled my belt.

I ran my fingers over her clit as she ran her fingers over my cock. I increased my pace while I rubbed her clit.

" O fuck !!." She cried out as I removed my fingers from her clit and placed it in her mouth to taste herself.

"Does it taste so good?" I asked her.

" Hmm mmm,so fucking good." She said as she spat on her hands and rubbed my cock .I slided my two fingers into her warm and slippery pussy which made her to grind her pussy all over my fingers and leaning her head backwards in pleasure.

"O yes fuck me Julian." she cried out in pleasure.

"Its Captain Julian ,little tiger.Today my hand is going to fuck you." I whispered in her ears.

"Yes Captain Julian. " She cried out .

Her hands were replaced by her warm mouth,she sucked my cock so fucking good.She played with it in her mouth making me moan.

"Lets go to the back seat." I said to her.

Rachael laid on the passengers seat as I push her legs apart,until her inner thighs sweetly ache.I placed my mouth on her pussy as I started eating her up.

"Oooh ,Julian I like the warm and soft sensous control of your tongue ." She cried out with pleasure.

Her muscle tightening deep,inside her body, torrents of ecstacy preparing for release.She gasps for breath as her sweetly throbbing honey clit is high aflame.

"Not now Detective Michaels, you cum when I tell you to." I told Rachael.

"Wha-t d-o you mean?".She moaned out.

"This."I told her as I rubbed her clit up and down,slow and stroking .I placed my four fingers on her clit to add to her organism .

"O naughty Detective ,you cum without my permission,you gonna pay. " I said as I placed her mouth on my cock.

"Hahhh,so good." I moaned out.

She sucked on to my cock so passionately.

"You like that?" .She asked while looking in my eyes and stroking my cock at the same time giving me more .

"I fucking love it." I grunt out.

She sucked on my cock and used her hands and played with my balls.

"Do you like me sucking your cock?" She asked as she swir her tongue around the tip of my cock.

She sucked me passionately as I made my release on her breast,she rubbed it and suck and lick them clean showing me how much she have been wanting my cum.
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