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Lily Blooms

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COMPLETED The story starts with a girl, Lily Mario who is madly in love with her cousin, Ryuk Balthazar. When they were small, their parents entered into a contract according to which when Ryuk would complete his studies, he has to get engaged with Lily and after getting settled he will have to marry Lily. Lily patiently waits for him for several years but after he returns, something unexpected happens..... Some family truths come to light and everything turns into the opposite. The story is all about Lily's struggles and how she faces every situation and blooms in her life. Did Lily fall for someone else? Did Ryuk cheat on her? To know more stay tuned... And do give it a read. #19 out of 904 stories in forverandalways #2 out of 42 in blooms #43 out of 1220 books in unconditional love

Romance / Fantasy
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Place- Bellagio, a small town in Milan
Lily's POV

"Mamma, I am back from church," I shrieked as I entered my small wooden house situated in this small beautiful town of Bellagio. My mumma is a little bad at hearing so I need to speak a little loud, to ensure that she hears every bit of my tale.

"Rosy, you're back!"

"MA, I am Lily, Rosy hasn't returned from school yet. Mrs. Davis had asked her to stay back after school so that she can test her running skills. After all you want her to be a racer, right?".
My mumma is also bad at remembering things, Rosy is my little munchkin, my cute sister who is always running, I don't mean running behind boys, she loves to run.

The door knocked."You wait, ma, I'll handle it."

The postman had arrived as per his regular routine, he used to deliver the letter each Wednesday. I signed the papers and bolted the door.

"MA, I'm in my room, if you need something tell me....", I said and ran upstairs to my room, holding the letter tight to my chest.

I unwrapped the letter, my fingers touched the name of the sender, Ryuk Balthazar,... My Ryuk. I unwrapped the letter to see the contents.
Firstly I was greeted by another silver button. This silver button was a symbol of love, whenever we write a letter for each other we send a silver button along with it to show our love for each other. Ryuk is my cousin, yes he's my uncle's son, and we have spent our entire childhood together, so our parents had decided it very early that we would marry the day Ryuk gets well settled. My uncle is a business man. He lives in Rome. His business is quite widespread and as we all know coffee is everyone's favorite so he owns a chain of various cafes in the whole of Italy. Ryuk once gets an MBA degree, he will success him as the chairman.

OK so let's see what Ryuk has for me today...

" Dear Lily,
I hope you're doing well, you know I got the highest scores in Finance in the whole University, so I'm going to get the highest amount as scholarship. Isn't it a great achievement!!! 🏆 You know I saw a movie recently, it was about two lovers on a ship, ahh! What is it called.... Titanic... It is such a great movie... I went to see it in the theatres with Elsa and Harry. You know I think Elsa is in love with me, ahan! I promise you I'll not love her back... Because I have you, you and I will get married one day....we are the couples.... Blah! Blah! Blah!... Tomorrow I'll be going for a vacation with Jen and Harry so maybe you don't receive a letter for a week, hope you won't feel bad! I'll video call you in the evenings. OK. Take care. "

He always writes so kiddish letters, he's still an immature baby who he was 10 years back. But I love him and we are destined for each other.


Hope you liked the first chapter. Don't forget to give your views. What do you think of Ryuk? ❤
Lots of love.

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