Lily Blooms

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Ryuk's POV

"Ryuk, wake up, let's go to the beach...," voice of Elsa woke me up.

"Yeah you go, I'll follow."

I rubbed my eyes and saw Elsa moving out of the house with her tiny legs in tip tap bast slippers. She is so cute. I just adore her so much. Whenever I see her, I am unable to control myself, blood gushes so fast in my veins when we make eye contact. I still think it is a dream that we have came here together. But yes, that Harry is still here.

After 20 minutes

I moved out on the sand, the sand rippling with my feet, making them look dirty and big. I was amazed to see Elsa in a white bikini, her body is so amazing, she just give me thrills. She has an hourglass ⏳ figure which makes my heart ♥ flutter whenever I see her.

Yeah she is not very fair, but I just love her tanned skin.

"Hey man! What are you doing there, standing like a fool. Come, join the party." Harry exclaimed in joy.

"Please come," I couldn't resist walking when Elsa made a cute pout and waited for me.

We played in water for almost twenty five minutes. I couldn't resist seeing her face when I splashed water on her. But later on, I could see her enjoying with Harry. Harry was a good swimmer, he was teaching her how to swim. He was repeatedly pushing her towards his bare chest by her hands and when she reached him, he would begin to cuddle her. Her breasts pushed against his chest and the two were enjoying together. This raged me and I left the shore.

I was in the washroom, thinking about Harry, as disgust 🤢 crossed my mind, suddenly I could hear, the tip tap of the same slippers coming towards my washroom. I hurriedly finished bathing and moved out.

"Ahh! What are you doing here, don't you know its girls changing room, you perv...". I slammed her mouth shut.

"I think you have forgotten your way and landed here, are you so much excited to touch me and make out with me that you didn't even resist walking in boys washroom with that shitty bikini of yours, which has now become wet. Why are you wearing all these? Huh? To seduce me? Oh comeon, try... And if I don't teach you a lesson.. ".

I slammed her against the near wall and tried to kiss her. She slapped me," Get away from me! ". She angered me, I began to pull off her clothes, she kicked me and I fell on the hard tiled floor with a bang. She ran towards the door, I pushed her by her leg and she fell down, I climbed on top of her and was going to torture her, when suddenly the door flung open.

"Harry, save me, save me from this rascal, see what he has done to me. He tried to molest me, he has evil intentions.... Please help me, believe me...", she cried on his chest as he held her close to him. He took out his shirt and covered her. "You go to Your room, I'll see him.."

She went out hurriedly and fastened her room's lock.
"Harry, the girl is lying... She purposely entered my changing room to seduce me. I tried to calm her down, but she fell on me... I'm innocent... Don't you believe me?"
A box was received on my ears and then on my cheeks. He punched me and shouted, "Our friendship ends here, don't try to show me your face again!" He had left me.

My face had swollen due to the wounds, that girl, I won't spare her, she got me into this. I will make her life a hell.

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