Harper's Hotel

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Willow finds herself quitting yet another job and runs away, ending up in the back alley outside the posh Harper's hotel. Fate shoud have it and she lands herself a job there that night. Her mouth lands her in more trouble when she bumps into Finn Harper, the Hotel's owners son. Bit of a bad boy and a player, but Willow catches his eye. She is not interested, at least that is what she tries to tell herself.

Romance / Humor
Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1

Ok so here it goes.... There is a large scale hotel and restaurant called Harper's, is very posh I might add too. It's filled every day by business people meeting clients for lunch and every evening filled with large paying customers of all types, they have a business room that can be hired out as well... I for one am not posh one bit, but I'm good at pretending, that's how I got this job you see they wouldn't normally look at a girl like me to serve people like this.

My name is Willow Winters, 23 years old and I live with someone I hardly know, I only met him a week ago and was stuck for somewhere to live, he volunteered his place until I could find somewhere more suitable. His name is James... like I say I hardly know him, I have very few possessions as I've never settled down anywhere properly but I do intend on it at some point, it's just easier this way when you sometimes have to pick up your bag and run. Not that I am running from anyone but I like to be prepared.

I landed the job at Harper's restaurant by pure chance and I'll tell you how that went. It all happened about a week ago early on a Friday evening. I've just been kicked out of my last job as a waitress apparently punching the customer in the face was not acceptable by the manager, the customer held me by my arm and tried putting his hand up my skirt to cop a feel, he soon felt my balled up hand in his face, I think I broke his nose. Even when I tried to explain this to the manager he just told me I have to do what the customers want otherwise I'm fired... I told him where he could stick his small fucking cock before I went and got my bag with all my stuff in it and getting what I thought I had earned out of the till before running off into the night with the manager chasing me down... I ran and kept on running, I'm glad I stay fit and he was a fat bastard.

Once I had cleared the possible outcome of him ever catching me I slowed to a walk, just wandering the back streets, that's when I heard a lot of shouting coming from behind a closed gate. Yes I'm that nosey fucker as well, gets me into trouble.

"You need to fucking do your job, you're always out the back here skiving Jess." A male voice shouts out annoyed.

"BUT I NEED MY HIT." Jess is whining.

"Go pack up your locker Jess you're a fucking waste of space."

"Please James give me one more chance, I need this job."

"No sorry this is the last time, now get out of here." James is seriously pissed off at her now.

She screams at him, then starts crying. It lasted all of five seconds before I heard her swearing at him. Then a door slams shut and it's silent.

"Bitch... now what am I going to do?" James runs a hand over his face.

Looks like this is my time for an entrance "Hi sorry I overheard."

"What the fuck, where did you come from?" He looks about.

"Just out the back here and I overheard you, I'm looking for employment, I've just come from a job that I didn't like and need another."

"What did you do?" He sighs.

"So glad you asked. Well I was a waitress at a place called Denny's, you might have heard it? Anyway there was a creep in there always trying to feel me up, tonight he went too far and I punched him in his nose and ran out of there."

"Sounds like you can handle yourself."

"You could say that, hence why this will be my third job in a month."

"You can't go hitting these customers though." James eyes widen.

"Well as long as they don't stick their hands up my skirt then they will be safe."

"I'll give you a chance, only because it's Friday night and I need someone. But you're out as soon as you piss anyone off."

"Yeah okay. I'm Willow by the way." I hold out my hand.


"Great, show me where you want me."

As he turns his head away from me I notice that he is blushing.

"Erm, well follow me and I'll give you a locker."

We go in the back door and I follow him through the kitchens. There are several chefs already busy working only one of them looks up as I walk through, His blue eyes stare into mine, He is a bit older than me at a guess, tall and slender build.

"That's Ricky, hits on all the women so watch out."

"Okay thanks. I'll break his fingers then if he tries anything with me."

"Fuck you can't go saying stuff like that."

"Well he won't try anything if he knows what I'll do to him.

"No quite the opposite actually he will try getting into your panties even more now."

"Well I'll just cut his dick off as well then."

James laughed out loud.

"I think I'm going to enjoy having you here, but you're going to cause me a lot of trouble aren't you?"

"My middle name is trouble." I wink.

"Right here we are. You can put your bag in that locker, what your wearing is good enough to work in. Here is an apron, if you get tips it's yours to keep, but if the customer tries to skip without paying unfortunately it comes out your pocket as well, so watch out for those ones."


"We work in sections here, there are four sections and you'll have Jess's station."

"Cool, how many tables to a section then?"

"There are six tables, they vary from two people up to ten, just depends on the night."

"I can handle that."

"Good, here's your pad, it's all electronic so as soon as you put in the orders they get sent through to the kitchen."

"So cool."

"Yes so don't fucking break it."

"I'll try not to hit anyone over the head with it."

James puts his head in his hands. "I hope you're joking?"

"What I never joke." I start laughing which makes James smile and he starts laughing with me.

"Right I'll show you to your bit. Word of warning though, don't go pissing the other waitresses off, I can't be looking after you all the time."

"I'll try not to; if they are nice to me I'll be nice to them.

"Oh and stay clear of the bosses son."

"Who is he?"

"A total fuck up. Thinks he's some rock star, but really he is just a lay about and lives up in one of the rooms here thinks he owns the place. Always comes down for dinner each night here, sometimes on his own but mainly with different women."

"Does he still have to pay?"

"He's the only one that doesn't but you don't have to worry about him he always sits in Laura's section."

"Okay cool."

James runs through some of the basics. He is at front of the house so if I need anything that's where I will find him, Everything is done electronically so as a table orders something and you put it in your tablet everything gets totalled up and James gives me the bill at the end for them to pay.

"Well I say this is so much easier that what I've done in the past."

"The tablet, look after it, it's big enough to fit in your hole."

I start laughing at James then he realises what he just said.

"Oh my god in meant your hole, your apron has a hole designed for it to fit in."

"So my corner, how many booked so far?"

"You've got a couple coming in at 7pm then, a four in at half past then your free till 9pm where you have a table of six."

"I try to make sure there was enough of a gap when Jess was working otherwise she fucked things up."

"Ok cool so I hang with you till my first ones come in?"

"Watch the others and see how they work would be my advice." James rolls his eyes.

"Laura has been here the longest, that's why she gets Finn's table when he comes in."

"Finn? Who is he?"

"Oh the managers son, you'll know him when you see him."


I watch the others work, it's all really easy, order the food, get the drinks, serve the food, get more drinks and keep them happy till it's time to pay up and hope that they you a nice tip. I'm standing talking to James when two guys come up to us.

"Shit, keep your mouth shut."


"Good evening Mr Harper, this is a very unexpected visit from yourself this evening."

"Table for two, no make that three, Finn will be coming to join us."

"Yes sir."

"Well, what are you waiting for then?"

"I'm just checking the areas."

"My area isn't busy James." I smile brightly at James.

I can hear James muttering under his breath about keeping my mouth shut. I just stand and smile at this Mr Harper and colleague.

"Well do as she says, if her area is free I expect to be seated today James."

"Yes Sir, apologies, Willow would you kindly show Mr Harper to table Five."

"Sure, follow me Sir." I emphasise on the word Sir and as I walk I make sure I give him a good show of my ass.

I show them to their table and seat them. I'm instructed on what they would like to drink, as I get their drinks from the bar I'm carrying the tray to the table when someone bumps into me and the drinks go everywhere.

"You asshole, watch where you're going."

"Who you calling asshole, Bitch." Finn screws up his face.

"You, obviously, asshole."

"You're the one who spilt drinks all over me."

"Yeah and you're the one who bumped into me."

"Fuck you."

"Asshole." I mutter again.

Now I have to work with fucking beer spilt down my top. I go get more drinks and head back to the table.

"You're fucking joking me." Finn stares at Willow.

"Son watch your language." Mr Harper glares at his son.

"Not when this bitch ran into me."

"Excuse me I think you'll find that it was you that wasn't watching where you were going."

"God you've got a mouth on you."

"Yeah and I can show you what I can do with this mouth buddy." I cover my mouth with my hand; I can't believe I've just said that to him. A smirk spreads on his lips and the way he is looking at me, oh god what have I gone and done.

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