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I am twenty-four years old. My vision twitches back and forth for the third time. My fucking K is laced with speed. Who cuts a downer with an upper? That’s what I get for buying my shit off of a minimum wage vet assistant.

I would have gone to Marcy, the lead tech, but I’m kind of on her shit list right now. I probably could have blackmailed her into giving me some, though. I am privy to the fact that she steals ketamine from the vet clinic orders.

Twitch. Fuck. There is a time and a place for speedballs. Anytime or place that’s not me trying to fucking unwind.

I lean back against the windshield of Todd’s car. The night air feels like silk on my hot skin.

He strolls out of the bushes, zipping his jeans back up from his whiz break. “Ugh, you got any more of that gum?” He gags a little and I throw the pack at him. Out of all the drugs that I put up my nose, the drips from ketamine are the worst. I learned that shoving a half chewed piece of gum up against the rear roof of my mouth is a good way to catch the worst of it.

The high is usually worth the gagging.

Tonight I’m just annoyed.

“Shit day?” he asks.

I don’t really want to answer him. I don’t want to talk at all. I don’t even know why I invited him out here. I could have just taken my own car. Drive out to the backcountry. Blow a line or two. Enjoy the stars. The quiet.

Todd doesn’t press me for an answer. Is that why I invited him?

He stretches out on the hood next to me. There’s a chorus of crickets all around us. Maybe not so quiet. But it’s more relaxing than the city. Sometimes I’m so fucking sick of the city.

“Stop it,” Todd says suddenly. I realize he’s laying on his side, watching me.


“There’s speed in the k,” I reply. My head lolls to the side and I pout.

“First world problems,” he teases, and I pinch him.

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