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I am sixteen years old.

“Woooooow!” One of the girls bleats for the millionth time—I don’t know if it’s Kelly or Meagan. I don’t really care. The drugs pumping through my brain assist in my ability to delete whatever I want.

I’m laying on the floor of a gazebo in some park right smack in the middle of the city. The crosshatched roof of it is swirling beneath the night sky, and I’ve got the world’s laziest grin on my face.

“Ahhh,” Chad moans from beside me, staring up at the same sight. “I’m Jell-O.”

“There’s always room for Jell-O.” I let out an obnoxious guffaw and he joins me.

“I wonder what it would be like to snort Jell-O,” He slurs, and I giggle at the thought of how that would feel.

“Ew,” I say.

I don’t know how we got here. I don’t really care. We’d been at somebody’s house, each dropped a couple hits of acid, and then blown about four grams of ketamine while we waited for the LSD to kick in.

By the time the ketamine was starting to mellow out, my world had exploded into the most amazingly beautiful vividness I’ve ever seen.

And now Chad and I lay, our vision pulsing. I wonder briefly if this is how people felt when colour televisions were invented.

One of the girls shrieks and leaps over us. Chad and I burst into a fit of giggles as her blurred body crosses our gaze and lights flicker around us.

“What are you kids doing, loitering in the park at night?” a stern voice asks, and Chad and I both turn our heads to the left. Fuck.

Cops on bikes.

Acid can be a very dangerous drug. It messes with the psyche. Whatever is your most prominent emotion before you catch, it will be magnified by millions. So it’s a very bad idea to drop acid if you’re depressed or angry.

Happy and calm contentment would be the best idea.

Unfortunately, that can all teeter over the edge of the earth very easily. Getting caught by the cops is a good example of that.

But for some reason, as if my body was specifically made to become one with the throes of chemically induced highs, my happy and calm contentment doesn’t teeter off the edge of the earth.

It’s almost as if my mind said ‘well, you could freak out right now, but you’re pretty much fucked. You might as well enjoy the ride.’

“Just hanging out, Officer.” I smile, and my eyes are probably popping out of their sockets. I’m sure Officer McTwo-Wheel and his sidekick know exactly what we’re doing here.

“Well, you shouldn’t be loitering. If you have someplace to be, you should be heading towards it.” His voice slips from his mouth into the cool night air. There are silken purple wisps floating towards my ears as he speaks.

“We’ve got lots of places to be.” Chad grins and his arm snakes under my waist. We get up fluidly, or at least it feels like it, and I give the cop a little wave.

“Thanks for getting us moving, Officer, we got a little sidetracked.” I try not to giggle as his head starts pulsating bigger and bigger.

“Anytime kids, be good now.” As he pushes off and starts to bike along the path his head gets so big that it explodes and I snort to keep in my laughter.

“What the fuck just happened?” I slur to Chad, looking up at his face, blue flames dancing across his cheek.

“No fucking clue.” He giggles, and we stumble in the direction that our companions may have run.

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