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I’m practically vibrating in my seat as Dexter pulls into the underground parking at my place. The little car gives a delighted growl as he turns off the engine. He exits the car and slams the door behind him.

I can’t seem to move yet.

He opens the passenger door. I half-expect him to drag me out by my arm. But he doesn’t touch me. He doesn’t even lean into the car.

“Well?” he asks. “Are you going to come play?” He smirks down at me. “Or are you conceding?”

I purse my lips, toying with the idea of shutting the door and locking it. But my thighs are pressed together for a reason. I can’t drag this out any longer.

God, I want him.

He’s so tall. I know he’s tall, but next to the car, when I’m sitting in the low seat, his broad shoulders block out so much of the light of the parkade. His maleness is all-encompassing, and I already feel like I’m drowning in it and I’m not even really all that close to it yet.

I reach out and grab his belt buckle, with every intention of flicking it open. My split-second ploy is cut short, however, because he grasps my wrist and hauls me up to my tiptoes. A moan escapes my lips at how effortless the motion was, and he stands there, his arm barely raised to hold me up and at his mercy.

Using the position to my advantage, I wrap my legs around his waist. He cups an arm under my barely-covered ass and lays my wrist over his shoulder before he kicks the car door shut.

Well, fuck. He’s carrying me like a goddamned toddler through the parking lot. And he’s not even breaking a sweat.

I cling to him like a horny barnacle. My head spins as we enter the elevator, and he slams me against the wall to pin me while he punches the button for my penthouse.

As the floors ding by, he ghosts his lips along my jaw. His breath is feather-light, leaving electricity in its wake. I writhe in his arms, clawing at his shoulders.

I can’t take much more of this. I’m going to die. I’m going to die of arousal.

As the doors slide open, Dexter wrenches me from the wall of the elevator and uses my keys to unlock the door. He kicks it shut behind him, still not seeming at all out of breath from hauling my squirming body around.

Before I can wonder if he’s going to put me down, he sandwiches me against the first wall inside the door. He lets me slide down just enough that his considerable bulge teases the apex of my thighs.

Is this what it’s like to die? Should my life be flashing before my eyes?

“I know you want it,” he growls. “Ask me.”

I draw my bottom lip between my teeth. I swear at this point I have no fight left in me. But I don’t ask him. I don’t say anything. I just stare at his mouth. Then his eyes. They’re pools of molten gold and I feel like they can just swallow me whole. My throat goes bone dry.

He suddenly hefts me upwards, hands under my ass, hoisting me up the wall.

I manage a squeak as he rests my thighs on his broad shoulders, grabbing my flailing wrists and pulling them together. He holds them at my sides in his impossibly large hands, supporting my weight with his shoulders and biceps.

His nose brushes against my panties, and then he sucks the fabric between his lips, pulling it away from my aching clit. He hums as he does it, the smug bastard.


“Ohmygod, please, Dex!” The words tumble out of my mouth in a stream. “Fuck, fuck, please,” I moan, and he chuckles into my pussy, the vibration rolling through me.

He lets go of my panties and turns his head to kiss my inner thigh, running his tongue up the sensitive skin languidly. It’s torture. I want him to do that in a different spot.

“Please, what?” he asks.

I kick my calves out and then down, trying to stab him with my heels. “You fucking bastard!” I cry. “You’re fucking killing me!”

“Then tell me what you want, Seph,” he coos, and licks my thigh again.

I twist my wrists in his strong hands, clenching my legs around his head. “I want you to eat my pussy,” I seethe, “and then I want you to fuck me like your life depends on it!”

He lets go of my wrists and pulls my panties out of the way. His tongue attacks my clit in a rhythm too fast for my brain to keep up and I fist his still-damp hair. He groans into my cunt and my eyes roll back into my head. I slam back against the drywall, the back of my skull erupting in pain as an orgasm blindsides me.

I shriek with the force of it, attempting to close my legs around his head, but he clamps down on my thighs to continue his merciless assault. He draws out my orgasm like a pro, and a string of curses tears its way out of my throat when he doesn’t stop. I pull at his hair as hard as I can, but he just growls into my clit.

One of his hands slides under me and he slides two fingers into my slick heat, his tongue speeding up even faster, fluttering against my clit in rapid-fire bursts. I ride his hand as much as the restrictive position allows, panting like a bitch as he curls his fingers inside, probing at a spot that makes my insides coil up tight.

I slam my head back again, arching my back, squealing as he draws another orgasm from me, this one a roiling inferno erupting from my core. I spasm and clench around him, and when I fall limp, he lets go.

I freefall into his arms, bridal style, head lolling in aftershocks as he heads up to my bedroom. As I regain feeling in my limbs, I snake an arm around his neck. When he gets to the top of the stairs, I pull, crashing my lips up into his.

I can taste myself in his mouth, and he swallows my moans as his oh-so-talented tongue invades mine. Every stroke of his kiss makes my cunt clench with remembrance of what he’d just done to me, and I claw at the back of his neck.

He lowers me down onto my bed, falling with me. I wrap my legs around his waist again, digging my heels into the back of his belt, but he breaks our kiss to look at me.

“What are you doing?” I ask breathlessly. There’s no way we’re stopping now. I need him.

Dexter grins wolfishly. “You got to come twice,” he says proudly, “that should tide you over so I can worship you proper before I fuck you inside out.”

My mouth hangs open. How do even his words destroy me so?

He takes the straps of my minidress and drags them down my shoulders, teasing the neckline along my nipples. I fist the duvet, arching my back into the delectable friction. He lets my bare tits spring out, growling happily as he lowers his mouth to them.

When he said worship me, I hadn’t thought he’d meant it literally. But that’s sure what this feels like. He lavishes kisses and nibbles and bites and licks along my breasts and nipples, until I’m a writhing puddle beneath him. I roll my hips against his steel bulge, wondering how the hell he can even still deal with how hard he is. It must be so painful.

But this god of a man seems impervious to his own plight. He’s focused on me, his hands dragging my dress and panties from my body with tantalizing care. His talented mouth suckles my skin all the way to my pelvis as he divests me of my garments, leaving only my boots and the thin silver chain around my neck.

He stands up, eyes smoldering as he gazes at me. I snake a hand between my legs and circle my clit, keening at the contact. He tears his pants off, his gigantic cock falling free, and all but pounces on me. He bats my hands away and presses my wrists to the mattress, rubbing his length against my cunt in teasing strokes.

I wrap my suede-clad legs around his waist, pulling him closer to me, and he lets go of my wrists to wrap me up in his strong arms. The head of his cock is lined up with my hot pussy and I writhe beneath him.

“Are you sure?” he asks, his eyes shining as he stares down at me.

I still can’t fucking believe this guy. After all this, he’s literally pressed all into me and he’s still asking permission? Something twinges in my chest that I don’t care to give a name to, and I grip the back of his neck with desperate hands.

“Yes,” I moan, and before I can properly react, he slams into me.

He holds me still, my back arched as I adjust to his sizable intrusion. I clutch his neck and pull his lips back down to mine, avoiding the way he’s looking at me in this moment. He growls into my eager mouth, and I roll my hips.

He begins to thrust, gasping for breath as he breaks our kiss to bury his face in the crook of my neck.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he pants, and I claw at his back in response.

As if on cue, my cunt clenches around him, and I spur him to go faster with the heel of my boot against his ass. He speeds up his thrusts, pistoning into me faster and faster. My belly tightens, coiling in on itself, an orgasm building with each pound of his cock into me. He braces himself on my hip, pulling almost all the way out to jackhammer back in, and I shriek, my pussy fluttering around him as I come apart.

He groans in a higher pitch, burying himself to the hilt and pressing me down into the mattress. Our muscles relax together, and he collapses, almost on top of me but then rolls to the side. He pulls me with him and I squeak as he softened cock pops out of me. I giggle as he hikes one of my legs up over his stomach, nestling me into the crook of his arm.

I let out a deep, contented sigh, unable to help feeling like I won somehow. I suppose we both did.

He kisses my hair. “I love you,” he whispers.

I stiffen. Oh, fuck.

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