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I am twenty-two years old. This party sucks. I’m not in the mood to make friends. I’m not in the mood for much of anything. It’s been a shit week.

The host is an acquaintance. I don’t know her all that well. I haven’t even seen her since I got here. Whatever.

There are people fucking everywhere. Somebody’s birthday, I think. Whoever it is they either have a lot of friends or they’re good at marketing.

Hmmm. House full of strangers, check. All the dudes are drunk and full of testosterone, check. I’m bored. Check.

Boredom is dangerous.

I see a guy near the patio door. His shoulders are hunched as he white-knuckles a beer. His eyes brim with frustration. I saw him get shut down twice tonight.

No luck for you, bucko. How does it feel being the biggest loser in the room?

My maroon dress is practically painted on and rides up my thighs as I stalk over to him. His gaze lingers on my tits.

“Get me a drink,” I demand. Annoyance flashes across his face but all I have to do is arch my back a little and he falls right back into my snare.

He disappears into the kitchen and returns with a tall boy of Moosehead. At least the fucker has good taste. I crack it open and take a deep swig. A little escapes the corner of my mouth and slides down my jaw.

I let the little waterfall of beer cascade down the hollow of my throat. I can almost feel his gaze biting into my skin and I set the can down on a nearby table.

He slips an arm around my waist and I back up into the living room. The writhing bodies swallow us up as I roll my hips against his rapidly hardening cock.

One hand clamps down on my hip. He’s possessive now. He raises the other and there’s powder in the little crook at the base of his thumb.

Do I care what it is? Nope. Free drugs.

As soon as the substance hits my sinuses it feels like bitter acid is dripping into the back of my throat. MDMA. I hope Frustrated Asshole isn’t planning on snorting any of this and ruining that steel erection he’s got going on.

He doesn’t, and in less than a minute my head falls back against his chest and my skin feels like every nerve ending has merged into a silk cocoon. I’m so fucking wet and his hands are everywhere, and I just want to let him slip inside me right on the dance floor.

But I did say that I was bored of the same old thing, didn’t I?

I turn around and grind on his leg. A guttural groan rumbles low in his throat and I smile over his shoulder as he paws at my ass. Just a little longer. He shifts his leg so that I’m pressed up against his cock again. I draw my tongue over his ear, lips close so he can feel my words as much as hear them.

“Thanks for the hit,” I purr, and then push away from him to leave.

Like clockwork, he lashes out and grabs my arm. “Are you fucking kidding me?” His eyes blaze.

“That’s what I get for being polite.” I roll my eyes and tear my arm out of his grip. I walk out of the living room into the neighboring hallway, the far less populated one that leads to the basement.

He’s hot on my heels and as soon as we’re in the shadows he throws himself into me. I hit the drywall hard, turning my head at the last second to avoid breaking my face. I whip around and slap at him, and he grabs my wrists, using his considerable frame to pin me to the wall.

I bring my knee up but he’s quicker, and he flips me back around, jerking my arms back so that he’s securing my wrists in one hand. He pushes my skirt up with his free hand, and I writhe and whimper as he grabs a handful of my ass.

There’s a thump and suddenly I’m supporting myself.

“Motherfucker,” a deep voice rumbles, and I turn around to see a gigantic fratboy staring daggers at the lump on the floor. “Are you okay?” His eyes are wide and kind.

Well, that puts a damper on things.

“I don’t know,” I reply, quivering my voice. “Will you take me somewhere safe?” I hold out my hand and he takes it, folding my body against his.

Later, laid out in his bed at the nearby University campus, he takes me gently, sweetly, and the E is wearing off and I have to fake five orgasms before he’s finally finished and it’s hollow and empty and goddammit I am still. Bored.

When will I ever learn?

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