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I am fifteen years old. I’m on a mission tonight. I’m wearing a tight denim dress that’s so short that a good parent wouldn’t have let me out of the house.

There’s nobody at this party that’s younger than twenty. But I’ve got big enough tits that I can pass.

That baby fat came in handy once I actually hit puberty. It all went to my chest.

Take that, anorexic model bitches.

This house belongs to Jenny Price, student council president. It’s her older sister’s party, but of course I got an invite. Jenny will do anything for me. That way I don’t tell anyone how she loves to get finger fucked in the girl’s bathroom at school.

The girl won’t give me the time of day in the public masses of the school’s hallway, but when she’s grinding her shaved pussy against my hand in the wheelchair stall, I have to gag her with her panties to keep her from moaning my name.

I’m grinding my tight little ass against the crotch of a guy that is way too old to be fondling my hips the way he is. But of course, he doesn’t know that. He’s pretty drunk anyway; I don’t think he cares.

I’m so high on blow that I’m flying with the birdies.

My body is so warm I feel like I’m on fire. I can feel his bulge against my lower back and it feels like it’s going to explode against me. I hope to hell it doesn’t, because I’m hoping to use it tonight.

My mission? Lose my fucking virginity.

Of course, it could be an easy mission. I could ask any guy at school to have sex with me and he’d do it in a millisecond. But I don’t want a boy. I want a man, somebody experienced. I don’t care if he’s big. I know it will hurt at first anyway. I just want to know what sex feels like. And I want it to be good.

My clothes feel like a cage. The cocaine is making my heart pound, my equilibrium crashing against my body in waves. I want to be naked.

My partner’s hands run up my sides and stop just below my tits. He almost seems like he’s afraid to touch them.

I turn and wrap one leg around his hips, pulling his ear to my mouth. He’s pretty tall, but I’m wearing knee high boots with four-inch heels on them. Handy dandy that Mom and I are the same size; I love borrowing her slutty shoes for parties.

“We need to get out of here.” I say right into his ear, breathing hotly, and I know he hears me even over the pounding bass. He’s pretty cute, no Jason Statham, but he’s got a little muscle. Right now I’m so horny I don’t think it would matter if he looked like Steve Buscemi.

He stares at me like I’m the sexiest woman in the world. Not to toot my own horn, but it is possible. I may be fifteen, but I know how to work what I’ve got. I always seem to get what I want. It’s weird, but also awesome.

I take his hand and lead him away from the living room, towards the stairs. Jenny’s out with her football captain boyfriend, probably wishing his little dick is my middle finger. I lead the stranger to her room.

She likes pink way too much. It almost turns me off, but the coke keeps me so juiced I can ignore it. I shut the door behind us and he ever so gently pulls me to him.

His lips are incredibly soft. He kisses me tenderly, and I get bored quickly. I grab the collar of his button up and pull him hard against me, crushing our lips together. He moans into my throat, and I guide one of his hands to cup my ass.

He moves his mouth from mine just enough to whisper, “How old are you?”

I giggle. “Does it matter?” I’m incredibly good at avoiding questions. I lightly suck on the sensitive area just behind his ear and he seems to melt like butter.

“Probably.” The word comes out like a moan, and I chuckle against his skin. I know my hot breath and soft tongue are driving him crazy, but somehow he still has a conscience. He’s obviously not drunk enough.

“Why?” I lift my leg again and wrap it around his hip, pressing my groin right into his massive bulge.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” His voice is breathless. This time I actually laugh.

“Hurt me? How?” I scoff. Physically? Not possible. Emotionally? Dude, do you know who I am? No, you don’t. You can’t hurt me. Trust me.

“I just…” He gasps at the friction between us. “I know you’re a lot younger than you look… I just…” Another gasp.

“Honey, I can handle whatever you’ve got.” I pull back so he can see me grin wickedly.

“It’s not that.” How did I end up picking the one sensitive fucking guy at this party? Any other horny college guy would have been inside me by now.

“What, you’re afraid I’m going to get attached after this?” I resist the urge to roll my eyes. I don’t want to insult him. Much. “Sweetie, if I fell in love with every person that made me come, I’d have married myself years ago.” I raise an eyebrow, and he looks baffled.

Then he throws me onto the puffy pink bed.

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