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Jade is my personal escort. Apparently she doesn’t trust anyone else to take me on my jail tour. Or she doesn’t trust me not to do anything stupid.

Of course, I’ve been through this area of the compound before. It’s somewhat of a social area for the minimum security inmates, with bars separating them from the hallway. The degenerates that are here for temporary reasons, whether being taught a quick lesson, or waiting for trial.

It’s almost like a zoo from our end. And on your right, we’ve got some criminals…

I look around. Is he in there? Jade said she’d sent somebody to collect him for me.

“So is he okay?” I ask her as I check every face behind the bars. Many of the men are leering at us, though mostly at Jade. I mean, I look totally hot, now that I’ve had a shower and put on a cute black dress and a new pair of matching ass kicking boots.

But Jade’s a chick cop. And I think a hot chick cop is at the top of every criminal’s ‘to fuck’ list. Actually she’s pretty close to the top of my list, too.

“He’s not getting ass raped, is he?” I ask.

Jade laughs. “Yeah, right.” She rolls her eyes. “I was told last night that twenty guys tried to corner him, and fifteen ended up in the hospital wing.”

“Wow.” I blink, impressed. This guy sounds like more of a firecracker than I am. “And the other five?”

“Banged up but okay enough to just be content hiding in their cells.” She puts a hand on her hip. “Your boy is a little bit crazy.”

“Of course he is, he got involved in my shit, didn’t he?” I can’t help but chuckle. “You have to be pretty crazy or pretty stupid to bother with that.”

“Little bit of column A, little bit of column B.” She banters back good-naturedly.

I’ve spotted him, but I want to get a better look. I take a step forward and because my life is just one ridiculous fucking soap opera, some asshole decides now would be a good time to grab me through the bars.

Jade’s yelling something, and she’s got her gun out. There’s a thick arm around my neck, and I vaguely notice that the hairs on his tricep feel like pubes rubbing up against my chin. Gross.

I’m wondering why the fuck Jade doesn’t just use her nice hard stick to smash his face in, and then I realize that the fucker’s got a razor blade in his hand. Lovely. Just what I always wanted.

“You gonna open one of these doors?” He barks at Jade, and her jaw visibly clenches.

“Uh, no.” I reply for her. “You think she’s going to let you psychos out just because you’re threatening me? Get a fucking helmet.”

My mouth always seems to get me into trouble.

But not this time.

Suddenly the bastard screams like a little girl. He lets go of me and I whip around to see that golden-eyed firecracker once again. Only this time he looks angry. Very angry.

The Spanish dude writhes on the ground, his arm bent at quite a few impossible angles.

“What the hell are you thinking, coming in here looking like that?” Scruffy looks me up and down, and I blink at him dumbly.

“Like what?” I snap, looking down at myself. I actually wore a nice dress today, not too much cleavage. Is it the boots?

“Never mind.” He shakes his head and gives me a half smile. “I think you just attract trouble.” He extends his arm through the bars slowly, holding out the razor blade to my escort.

“Yes, she does,” Jade interjects before I can reply, and I almost want to smack her. Can’t she see I’m having a somewhat flirtatious conversation with the guy that has now, twice, potentially saved my life? “Are you okay?” She asks me as she plucks the weapon from his hand.

“I’m fine, are you okay?” I ask her with fake sincerity, batting my eyelashes, and she doesn’t look impressed. “Seriously, though, how does this not happen all the time? What kind of fucking layout is this?”

“What are you doing here?” Golden eyes cuts in and crosses his arms.

I smile. “I brought you dinner.”

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