Married to the mafia boss

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Davina was daughter of one of the most fear mafia boss, Antonio Costello. She had everything, friends and a wonderful boyfriend. Until one day she came home and her mother, Alejandra Costello, told her news. News that would change her life forever. That she was to be married to the boss of the biggest mafia. Jackson Morgan.

Romance / Drama
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“Davina, your finally home” Alejandra told her 18 year old daughter. “What’s wrong?” Davina asks her mother, putting her dark brown hair up into a ponytail. “We need to have a talk” her mother responds, not daring to look into her daughters green eyes.

She guides Davina into her fathers study, finding him there, sitting with a sorrowful look in his eyes. “Daddy ? What’s going on?” She asks, worry taking over her.

“Davy, please sit down” her father says with a sigh. She does as she’s told, not taking her eyes off of her fathers face. “As you know Davina, the mafia hasn’t been doing good these past couple of weeks” Antonio says, stopping until Davina nods.

“Are we broke ?” She squeaks out. “ honey, we found a way to save it. Do you know Jackson Morgan ?” Her father asks. She nods slowly, not sure what she had to do with any of this. “His father agreed to become a ally towards us b-“ her father continues but is cut off by Davina.

“That’s great father, but what does this have to do with me?”

“Davina, sweetie, the only way that he agreed was if your father agreed to have you marry Jackson” her mother finally speaks up. Shock takes over Davina, as she tries to process the words that came out of her mother’s mouth.

“W-what ?” She says, not sure if she heard right. “I told him that the deal was off, I won’t have you marry someone that you don’t know” her father assures her, making her feel bad.

If they didn’t accept the deal, the mafia would crumble to the ground, along with all the people whom had work for them for years. Davina knew what she had to do,

“I’ll do it”
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