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For Arnold Evans life is hard. Arnold is a sophomore in high school and is gay. No one knows that Arnold is gay with the exception of his brother. Yet somehow Arnold's secret gets out. His crush, Tristan Blake, and his friends Patty Long and Daniel Smith find out. Patty also has a crush on Tristan and Arnold never told her. Will Arnold be able to handle the pressure of his secret getting out? Or will he crumble and have his life crash right in front of him. Find out by reading Only.

Romance / Mystery
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Before School

"Arnold wake up, Arnold" Jonathan, my older brother, says. I groan "Go away." If you don't get out of bed I'm going to tell your crush that you like them" he teases " Fine but don't expect me to get all dressed up because I'm not going to" I snap. " That's fine by me, your the one who's going to look bad if you don't," he remarks. Jonathan is a senior in high school, and I'm a sophomore. This means I get pushed around by Jonathan all the time. I throw on an old hoodie and dirty sweatpants, neither of which match my pale complexion or dark, chestnut hair and eyes. As I head down the stairs my dad says "I'm off to work, I hope you all have amazing days, oh yeah I forgot to tell you I do have to work late tonight and with that, I'm off!" he kissed my mom's forehead and left. I enter the dining room and kitchen area and make myself some toast and pour some orange juice. While I eat I'm wondering what my dad actually does for work. I honestly don't know because he's rarely ever home and when he is he never talks about his day, he just listens about ours, and when we do ask him he just says "Tiring, as always" and laughs and heads to bed. Jonathan works at Burger King and my mom works at the family diner down the road, and I'm unemployed, but looking for a job. The hardest part about finding a job for me is that I have zero experience and have no clue what I want to do. I grab my backpack and head for the bus stop. I spot my best friends Patty and Daniel. Patty is thin, with olive-colored skin and black curly hair. Daniel is albino. He's also thin and quite tall. " why don't you get dressed, we have school today and I can hold the bus for you" Daniel jokes " I guess there's no luck lady that you want to impress" Patty pitches in. Though Patty was right because I'm gay. "Yeah, yeah, get it all out," I say. Patty and I like the same person. Tristan Blake. He's the school's team captain of the soccer team. He's so perfect; white teeth, perfect smile, blond luscious hair, blue eyes. I really could go on and on but I won't. "Patty how was your summer in Hawaii? I asked. " It was amazing! I got to swim with dolphins, feed seals, go to a waterpark, it was just so awesome." she exclaims " Well me and Arnold were scouting out hot babes at the state fair." Daniel says as if that's something he should be proud of. I know that I wasn't because I'm not into girls, as you already know. My brother Jonathan knows that I'm gay because one time he walked in on me watching gay porn. Though he swore he would never tell anyone. The bus finally arrives and we are about to get on when my mother comes running out of the house screaming " Wait, wait! I need pictures! Stand still and smile! Okay I got it thanks have a good day kids." and she walks back to the house. As we step on the bus we can hear everyone giggling at us. I sprinted to the back of the bus and sat down. Tristan spots Patty almost immediately. "Hey Patty, why sit with those weirdos when you could be sitting with me." "Sorry guys I'm going to go sit with Tristan, but I'll catch up with you guys at school, bye!" Patty just ditched us to go sit with the person we both like. My stomach starts to turn right along with the bus.
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