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Mateo "Venim" Lomprez is just getting out of prison and trying to get back into his life as the SAA of The Devils Vikings MC of Maine THIS STORY CONTAINS : 18 + RECOMMENDED MATURE THEMES MATURE CONTENT VIOLENCE TRIGGERS SEX DRUGS AND MORE !

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

As I lay here on my bunk my mind wanders into so many directions as usual. What I would do when I got out of this shit hole, What I would do when I could finally be with my baby boy, and my club family again, Dakota and her plans in the past. If they were all sent to the grave with her. Then my mind wandered to Merida. How shes sitting in the lot and no-one has ridden her. I cant wait to feel Merida roar beneath me and just feel freedom hit my face. The road has always been my favorite place and Merida was my Golden Bike.

I have had her since I was sixteen. That was fifteen years ago. I just miss being on the outside I guess you can say. Ive been in this shit hole for two years, two months, eight hundred and three days, 1,156,320 minutes and though I have had some good moments, and life lessons learned, theres nothing like being home. From day one I had been fighting and had been stabbed leading me to surgery on my right side but I got through it. This place makes you feel like an animal in a cage and nobody wants to live this way but we all make due with the hand life gives us.

I have met some amazing people here but of course I have gained some enemies. This wasnt my first rodeo though. I had been in prison twice before. And I would do it again for my family. It comes with the lifestyle. This time was different. I missed my baby boy. He was only two months old when I had left and His mother sadly is the reason Im here. His mother had Betrayed me and I had to do what I had to do to protect him. Thankfully one of my club members had taken him in. I had finally made a life for myself with a family and child and it was ripped from me all because of a crazy ass woman who was too jealous to handle anything. But I had a reason to live this time. For my Boy.

I told the club not to visit me and though it has been hell on earth its for the best. They all understood though because most of us had been in here at least once. These fuckers in here find a way for boosting your weakness and they will try it in any way possible, So I have been doing my time alone. Ox, my best friend and brother from the club had come to see me a few times about business but thats all. He is the clubs Tech man. He would try to tell me about Samson but I always made him be quiet. I needed my strength here. And if I heard anything about Samson I would break. Its for the best. I had three months left and I couldnt wait.

The Parole board had scheduled me for an early release hearing but I hadnt told anyone just in case I didnt get approved. It was supposed to be for tomorrow. The thing is once word gets around that you may get out these shit heads in here trying to find a way to make you stay. But I wasnt falling for it. I would always protect myself but if it wasnt needed I kept my head down. Here anything could give you more time and I couldnt risk any more of it if I wanted my son to have any knowledge of me. I sat up in my bunk and threw my legs over the edge of the bed when one of my people I met in here came into my cell telling me something was going down. I stood up putting my shoes on and immediately began following him. Since it was after hours this is when the crazy shit happened. So I immediately thought of something bad.

Brunson man whats up? I asked him and he immediately put his finger to his lip telling me to be quiet as we entered a part of the prison we never go into.

I immediately put my guard on and made sure I had my shank on me.I had always made sure I had protection because in here you just never know what may happen. I followed along behind Brunson down this dark hallway that smelled nothing like the side of the prison we were in. It was spotless here and smelled of air freshener and cleaning products. I had been used to the smell of body odor, shit, and cleaning products mixed all in one. Well other than the smell of the horrible food they cooked at certain points of the day. I continued following him when we finally met up with Fred at another hallway. They led me into this room which apparently was an office. In the room stood my other two people Axle and Dexter. They stood behind a desk talking and when they saw me they waved me over with large smiles on their faces.

Axle was a cool dude. Extremely smart and could find out anything you needed to know. He was in Child support and was doing three years so he had a little bit of time left. Dexter was an older dude in his late forties. He was in on attempted murder charges. And as for Fred he was doing double life for killing the fucker that raped and killed his daughter.

I would have killed the son of a bitch too. Dexter wouldve killed the fucker too but the cops came too early. Anyway he had gotten sentenced to twenty to thirty years and had five years left.

Hey man we got something for you. Axle says, making me look at him a little taken aback.

What is it? I asked him.

Look at this man. He says handing me a paper.

I looked over the paper that had so much information on my case and was wondering what the fuck this was until I seen at the bottom where it said my parole was approved. How could this be when I hadnt seen the board yet?

This must be wrong . I hadnt seen the board yet I tell Axle, giving him the paper back as he places in a file.

You dont have to. You only do that when needed. He tells me.

Man I hope this shit is true because if not Im going to be pissed.I tell them.

Oh trust me its true. You didnt look at the date on it did you? Axle asks.

No I didnt I say in short.

That paper says youre getting out tomorrow man he says with a smile and my heart falls out of my ass.

Im leaving now. This shit is just strange and unusual. Lets go before the shit officers come back. I tell them.

I meant what I said when I was not jeopardizing my chances of getting out of this shit hole. We all walked back to our cell block. Careful of course. Fred set a timer for some little thing he had going on with the camera. He was good at shit like that. Clouting the cameras for his own benefit and it always worked. I always told these guys they are way too smart to be in here. To be honest you wont believe how smart some of these men are because some of them come in here for stupid shit.

As I made it to my cell I walked In and closed the door back. Immediately taking out some paper and writing letters to the people I met here just in case I am leaving tomorrow. My mind was all over the place and fear danced with happiness in my heart. I will see my baby boy after two years. Would he know me? Would he be scared of me? What the fuck would I say? I held him once and then he was ripped from my arms just as fast as he was placed there.

After an hour of writing those four letters I laid in my bunk as flashbacks hit me hard like they usually did around this time. I laid there thinking of my folks and what they may think of me. If my father were here, what he would say to me when I got out. I thought about whether my mother would be scared to touch me. Shes always been terrified of anything that has to do with prison. She herself had been but her experience was pure hell. She still has nightmares.

Time passed me by as I laid here in my own head when a guard opened my cell door. I looked up and saw my favorite guard standing there.

Get up Lomprez youre being released. He says with a smirk on his face.

I nod my head as my heart attempts to escape my chest and I quickly grab my things. I grabbed the four letters and walked out of my cell. As I made my way through the cell block passing every one of the men that I had become close with cells I slipped their letters under their door. I would miss them . But I will definitely be seeing them again. I know this for sure because you dont just let good friendships die. We formed a good friendship here.

I of course had to give my favorite officer a letter to thank him for always being there for me. You got some good officers in the bad bunch. After about an hour of the long ass process I had finally been released. I walked outside as the rain hit my face and began to walk. I made it half a mile down the road when Ox pulled up beside me.

Need A ride? He asks with a smirk.

How the fuck did you know I got out man? I asked him as I climbed into the truck.

Man if I didnt , I wouldnt be good at my job. Plus its not like you were telling anyone shit so I had to be nosy. he says as we fall out laughing.

The entire ride back home was so refreshing. He caught me up on so much shit I had missed and caught me up on my boy. The one person I couldnt wait to see. My Samson.





















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