Even in another lifetime

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I wish I didn’t take what we had for granted To anyone that decides to read this, it’s still a huge working progress but I wanted to get a couple chapters out just to get a feel of it. I might end up editing them soon anyways

Romance / Erotica
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Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

All I can do is think while incoherent noises tumble out of my mouth as I sit with my back against the door, head in my hands, with hot tears streaming down my face

No no no please how do I fix this how the fuck do I fix this FUCK

A loud bang as I slam the back of my head against the door of the house I once shared with the one I loved

My head aches even more now as I sit here whimpering and barely being able to see a few inches in front of me.

I fucked up. Bad. Kissing a stranger at a bar while I have a boyfriend?? Come on Cara. Being drunk is no excuse.

Oliver and I had been together since our senior year of college. After my father's death, my mother barley in the picture, and my addiction, I was dangerously close to emptying the pill bottle in my cabinet. That is until I met Oliver. He was perfect. Black hair, green eyes, protective, caring, anything a girl could dream. Also not to mention he's 6'4.

He was the one that busted my apartment door down and yanked the bottle from my hands 3 years ago. He held me for what felt like hours while I just sobbed. After that he always made an effort to check on me. Making sure I was eating, drinking water, and that I smiled at least once everyday. And because of that we slowly became inseparable. Oliver Lawton was my lifeline.

I will never love someone as much as I love him.

Even in another lifetime, I will always love Oliver Lawton.

Hey hey hey!! Hope if anyone reads this they like it. Apparently my creative peak is when i'm sleep deprived while pulling an all-nighter on a school night. But I have more ideas and I might be back to either add more or edit this. It's short I know but I hope you like it!!
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