Train me, Coach

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Chapter 3

I stared at my surroundings not knowing where to start. The familiar smell of sweat and the noise from the machines makes me want to go home and hide under my covers. No! I promised him I would go through this. He was so excited for me to start. I don’t want to disappoint him. I could do this.

I was supposed to meet up with my personal trainer. I looked at my watch, 8:59 am. It’s too early for this shit. I sighed.

“Joy Karl?” A deep voice inquired.

I turned around as my eyes widened a little bit. There stood a very handsome strong-looking man wearing a tight shirt with the gym’s logo printed on it. He was tall and built, he had brown hair and a short beard. His eyes were a different story, they were that shade of brown that makes your knees buckle. The way he looked at me was very intensifying as if he can see through me and my insecurities. He was muscular and fit but not in a way where it is abnormal.

I cleared my throat after staring at him for too long. “Yes. You must be Coach Levi? My personal trainer?”

“Yes. That’s me.” He smirked, amusement dancing in his brown eyes, he approached me and extended his hand. We shook hands. His grip was firm, strong, and weirdly made me feel safe.

“Before starting our session, I would like to ask you a few questions if that’s okay with you?” He asked politely.

“Of course.” Nodding my head.

“Why do you want to lose weight?” He asked while staring intensely at me with those damn brown eyes.

I froze. What? Isn’t obvious? Is he fucking blind or what?

I looked at him he was looking at me curiously trying to figure me out. I felt self-conscious under his stare but I held my ground, pushing every self-destructive thought.

“I want to lose weight to live a longer life and be healthy,” I answered confidently.

“Wrong answer, try again,” Levi said coolly while smirking. He folded his muscular arms while leaning back as if he’s waiting for my reaction.

Fucking breathe. I curled my fist to stop myself from punching his handsome face.

I frowned, “Excuse me? I know what I want.” I stated firmly.

“Do you though? Do you even want to lose weight?” He asked while triumphally smirking.

Okay, I’m done with this asshole and his infuriating questions.

I stalked towards him. “Listen here, it’s 9:00 in the morning on a Saturday. It’s too early for this. Either we start what I signed up for or I’m leaving.” I barked at him as I waved my finger in his face.

“Look I’m not trying to offend you or anything but losing weight is a mental journey more than a physical one. I have to train your mind before your body and knowing your reasons is the first step to a healthy mind.” He explained.

“I know my reasons. I am here. I am ready. I want to do this.” I said determinedly.

He smirked. His eyes challenging me. He clapped his hands. “Okay then let’s do this.” He cheerfully said as he walked towards the machines.

“Since today is your first day, I am going to go easy on you, First, we’re warming up on the treadmill, about 10 to 15 minutes is good. Okay?” He demonstrated.

“I’m sorry? We?” I asked while confusion laced my tone. Why does he need to run on a fucking treadmill?

“Yes, Joy. We, as in you and me.” He mansplained while slowly pointing at me then at him. I clenched my fist for the second time.

I scoffed, “I understand what “we” means, I’m not dumb. I just don’t understand why would you want to do it with me. I know how to run on a treadmill, it’s pretty self-explanatory.” I retorted while narrowing my eyes.

“Well, since I am your coach and part of your journey, I have to ensure your first day is as comfortable and enjoyable as I can make it. I don’t want you to feel alone at this. Remember, we’re in this together. Always.” He finished with a soft smile.

Wow, no one has ever done this before, even Tanner, when we used to go to the same gym, he would always leave me to do my cardio alone. I would always be too bored to continue and stop half the way through.

“I-I appreciate it, thank you, really” I stuttered while blushing, I give him my best smile and for the first time, I was excited to workout.

“My pleasure, really,” He said as he stared at me in a way the made me shiver, it was both intense and dark.

“Shall we?” He asked excitingly as he got on the treadmill.


After 1 hour of fucking torture I was done with my session. Levi surprisingly was patient and considerate but challenging and pushing. He did every exercise with me, he was so attentive to my needs. He observed me the entire time and didn't take his eyes off me, not even once. I loved how he paid attention, never missing anything.

We were currently in the corner of the gym, me looking like I was dragged from hell while he looked like he was ready for a fucking photoshoot.

“Good job today Joy. Truthfully I’m impressed,” he said. While patting my shoulder. His encouragement was refreshing.

“Well, when you have such a good coach, it’s a bit hard to suck,” I said amusingly.

“You’re most definitely right. I am an amazing coach,” He stated proudly while smirking.

I chuckled while shaking my head “Believe me today I was collaborating. Let’s see how you handle me when I am a lazy mess.” I challenged back.

He laughed. “It’s okay I can handle anything that comes from you,” he said and then winked at me.

“Oh, believe me, I’m a lot to handle,” I smirked, winking back.

“That I bet.” He replied with a hushed tone laced with something dark.

My phone rang catching my attention. Tanner’s name appeared on the screen.

“Hello?” I answered quickly.

“Hey baby, how was today?” He asked. I can hear his smile.

“Exhausting but good. How was yours?” I answered truthfully.

“Nothing much. Just missing you. Are you done? Am I interrupting? You should go.” He rushed out.

“Um no. I finished my session don’t worry.” I answered confused.

“Then come home. I miss you.” He sighed.

“On my way,” I said. We said our goodbyes.

I stood up gathering my things.

“Boyfriend. Huh?” Levi said while smirking. I forgot he was there. His stare was challenging but his brown eyes a shade darker than normal.

“Yes. Surprised?” I asked mockingly.

“The opposite.” Then he smiled and left.

I frowned at his words. Now I am confused.

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