Train me, Coach

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Chapter 4

I entered our apartment, the voice of a football match playing in the background filled the apartment.
Tanner is a huge fan of sports. He’s always dragging me to go with him to games. I pretend that I don’t like going but secretly I love seeing him so excited and cheering on a bunch of people running around after a ball.

“Joy?” Tanner called from the kitchen.

“Yes,” I answered following his voice.

Tanner stood shirtless grinning at me with nothing but a pair of baggy sweatpants on his waist. His smile is so bright. He’s leaning on the kitchen counter. His eyes scanned my yoga pants and my tight workout shirt momentarily. His eyes darken. Oh shit. His smile widened wickedly. There I felt like a prey and he’s a predator feasting on his last meal.

I felt him approach me. Suddenly before I can process what’s happening, I was pressed against the kitchen door. His arms caging me in, his hands on either side of my face. No exit. No escape. I gulped. His weight crushing me slightly. Isn’t he an excited one?

“You’re in so much trouble. Leaving the house with these pants on. I should have burned them when I had the chance.” He whispered slowly his breath hitting my sweaty neck. He grabbed both my hands in one fist and held them behind my head, locking me.


“Not to mention this tight shirt.” His finger trailed the collar of the shirt teasingly. “Tsk Tsk, Joy.” He whispered. His finger pulled on the collar showing my cleavage. His hand landed on my throat as he squeezed lightly in warning. His eyes laced with danger.

“Fuck, you’re killing me” he whispered as he licked my earlobe. He started trailing kisses on my neck, leaving harsh love bites all over. As if he is marking me, branding me even. He thrusted his hips making me feel his large bulge. A wave of pleasure hit me leaving me gasping.

“If every time I go to the gym, and return to a horny you. I might just work out every day.” I whispered teasingly in a hushed tone.

He chuckled, “You know I am always horny for you, not an hour or even a minute goes by without thinking what I want to do to you, for example, what I want to do to this lovely neck,” he whispered while applying pressure on my neck, “and these luscious boobs” he continued while his hand traveled to my cleavage and cupped one of my boobs and squeezed, hard. “and don’t get me started on this pussy. My pussy.” His hand continued downwards till it reached his wanted distention. He rubbed me over my pants causing friction.

I stifled my moans, resisting. Then pushed him escaping his caging arms. I turned around smirking, looking at his frustrated expression almost feeling guilty. Almost.

“Tanner, I’m tired sweaty and my muscles are aching,” I explained fully knowing that doesn’t stop him. Nothing does.

“They can ache for a different reason.” He suggested seduction filling his voice.

“Tanner,” I warned him, not really being in the mood.

“Fine. Fine. You go shower and rest. I will keep my hands to myself.” He mumbled looking a little defeated.

I chuckled, kissed his cheek, and made my way to the bathroom getting ready for a hot shower and definitely getting dressed in clothes that won’t lead me bending on the kitchen counter.

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