Train me, Coach

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Chapter 5

It was Sunday morning and I was back at the gym. I spotted Levi talking to some girl, she’s beautiful, skinny, long wavy brown hair, tanned and her waist is so tiny. I hugged myself and waited for them to finish their conversation.

I would kill for her looks. She’s obviously into Levi, I mean attractive attracts attractive. I mean just look at them, the perfect coupl-

“Good morning, Joy.” Levi interrupted my train of thought, cheerful, smiling at me looking as handsome as ever.

“Good morning, Levi,” I mumbled still lost in my thoughts.

“Where is your head today?” He teased smirking while tapping my head lightly.

“Nowhere that concerns you.” I huffed. Looking away, surprising myself with my harsh tone.

He chuckled shaking his head. “Have you ever been told that you not a morning person?” He teased while smirking at me.

“Have you ever minded your business?” I asked bitterly. Wow Joy, rude much? I didn’t understand why I was acting like this.

“You know you can be more civil, aggression is not a good look on you.” He snapped looking frustrated.

“I-I am sorry, I don’t know what has gotten into me,” I answered honestly, still confused myself. “I guess, I skipped breakfast and I am a bit hungry.” I explained further as flashbacks from today’s morning surfaced, I hurried off to the gym due to Tanner constant nagging, “Why aren’t you in the gym yet?”, “Skip breakfast, exercising on an empty stomach is good in your case.” My stomach growling as I remember the breakfast that he cooked for himself.

“Are you crazy? Food is fuel to your body, if you don’t eat how are you supposed to work out?” He uttered angrily, eyes darker than ever. He took a few steps forward almost closing the space between us, I felt his body heat radiating almost giving me a sense of warmth and security. “Never, and I mean never, skip a meal or help me god I will –,” He stopped himself suddenly, his eyes laced with danger and a hint of lust. “Just don’t do it again, Joy. You understand?” He pinned me in my place with his hard stare, his tone was threatening, leaving no room for argument. I nodded slowly unsure of what to do.

“C’mon, let’s get some fuel in your body,” He said as he stepped back, immediately my body missed his warmth.

“O-of course,” I stuttered while blushing, still perplexed with how my body reacts when he’s around. I followed him to the cafeteria, he grabbed an apple, protein bar, and orange juice.

“Sit,” He ordered, pointing at the small, two-chair table. I immediately obeyed. He pulled up a chair and sat right across from me, never breaking eye contact. “Eat,” as he slid the tray my way. Straight away I picked my food and started eating, he watched me attentively, never taking his eyes off of me.

With my last bite, his cold demeanor dropped suddenly and a full smile decorated his face, showing his one side dimple. “There you go, better.” He said cheerfully as if his eyes weren’t throwing daggers moments ago. I frowned upon his bi-polar attitude.

“C’mon let’s go,” He said as he gestured for me to get up.


After my session with Levi, I was full of sweat and panting like crazy. Today’s session was exhausting but Levi's encouraging behavior and motivational words made me push myself and test my limits. I sneaked a glance at his sculptured body, a true work of art, the glimmering of sweat on his biceps making him look like a shiny Greek god. He dabbed himself with a towel, erasing that shiny glow while flexing his muscles. He caught me staring and winked. Oh god! I quickly looked away my cheeks heating.

“So how was today? I may have pushed you a tiny bit,” He stated as he sat on the bench next to me. His chocolate brown eyes warmly staring at me.

“Tiny bit? If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were trying to kill me.” I dramatically joked while still trying to catch my breath.

As he was about to reply, an unfamiliar soft voice interrupted. “He wore you out today, right?”

I looked at the source, I backtracked a bit. What does she want? Didn’t they talk this morning?

“You could’ve gone easier on her.” She added while looking at me.

“What do you want, Jasmine?” Levi asked annoyed while narrowing his eyes.

“Just making sure you don’t scare away your client. It looked like something was really bothering you.” She teased humor danced in her eyes.

“Exactly, my client. I know what’s best for her. I know when to push and when to stop. Why are you so bothered?” He questioned coldly, eyes squinting accusingly.

Are they going to continue this conversation like I am not literally there?

“Just saying, I won’t be helping you bury any dead bodies.” She said while chuckling.

“Joy, meet Jasmine, the annoying sister of the year.” As he pointed at the gorgeous brown-haired girl. “Jasmine, meet my favorite client, Joy,” He informed while referring to me. Sister? A wave of relief washed over me for some unknown reason. I just noticed the striking resemblance, I guess I was too occupied by my own insecurities to not connect the dots earlier.

I stood up and shook her hand politely” Nice to meet you.” I shyly uttered.

“Oh, So you’re the famous Joy. You know, dear Levi here,” she grabbed his shoulder and ruffled his hair, “doesn’t shut up about you, he keeps going on and o-,”

“Jasmine,” a sharp tone interrupted her blabbering. “You know, you don’t get paid to annoy me.” He glared at her warningly.

“Hush, you little baby” as she squeezed his squishy cheeks, he looked so cute being attacked by his sister. He slapped her hands away, a huge pout printed on his lips making him look even cuter if that’s even possible. I stifled my laugh, “Anyways, I was just leaving. Nice to meet you, Joy. See you at home, Little brother,” waving goodbye as she dismissed herself.

“Please excuse my sister, my parents didn't give her enough attention,” He muttered annoyed, his cheeks still red.

“Nothing to be excused here, she’s very interesting and we might even get along,” I said while chuckling. His eyes softened at my statement.

“Well, I hope so,” He stated, smiling, his soft eyes pinned on me.

We stared at each other, his chocolate eyes saying so much, they held me captive and immobile. Frozen, I stared back lost until my annoying ringtone interrupted the moment, Tanner’s name flashed on the screen. I caught Levi letting an irritated sigh.

I answered quickly, “Hello?” I cleared my throat.

“Come home, I miss you,” His tone possessive. I can feel Levi fidgeting annoyingly.

“Oh, Okay. On my way.” I hung up and started gathering my things, a hand stopped me. I looked at Levi confused, his eyes almost black with a sense of urgency. “So, this Tanner, why is he not with you here?” He said determined, his stare challenging. I was taken aback by his question. “I mean if my beautiful girlfriend was starting her journey, I would be with her every step of the way, making sure she’s not alone, making sure she’s loved and adored either way. Especially, in a gym with horny guys that can easily make a move,” his hold tightened with some type of claim. “So, where is this famous Tanner?” He finished still holding my hand, his grip firm. I looked at his eyes, they were foggy with some type of emotion that I couldn’t understand.

I opened and closed my mouth in shock. “H-he’s busy,” I answered as I, myself didn’t know the answer. I felt myself spiraling, many doubts surfacing.

“Huh, busy?” His tone dry dripped with sarcasm. “Well, then you should go. You wouldn’t keep your “busy” boyfriend waiting, right?” He asked, his voice distant and cold.

Taken back by his behavior, I left immediately left without saying goodbye, still thinking about his blunt question.

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