My True First

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At the age of twenty, Liam Dupont has too much on his plate. After the death of his parents, he becomes the guardian of his little brother and moves to Paris, determined to start over. His days follow the same pattern - work, gym, home... Until he meets Sky. Sky Sullivan is hiding many secrets behind the cheerful facade of a nineteen-year-old girl. After transferring to a university in the capital of France and renting an apartment she cannot afford to pay for, Sky finds herself in desperate need of a roommate. Liam closed himself off to feelings. Sky has issues of her own. When Liam moves in with Sky, the friendship they form morphs into something much stronger and deeper. Surrendering to the undeniable chemistry between them has never seemed so easy. Giving their love a chance has never been so hard.

Romance / Drama
Alwyn Knighton
5.0 1 review
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Welcome to My True First — the story of Liam and Sky.

This book is very special to me. Not only because the novel is set in one of my favorite cities, Paris, but also because of the main characters and the hopefully relatable struggles they face.

The book will explore the topic of abuse and toxic relationships. Get ready for lots of angst, steam, twists, and character growth.
Since it includes mature scenes, the novel isn't recommended for underage readers.
Your reviews and comments are hugely appreciated. I love talking to my readers and connecting with them. Follow me to get notified about the updates and future works.
Happy reading,

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