The crush ❤️

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Ryan has a dream about his secret admire murdering him.

Romance / Fantasy
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The dream

She’s behind me screaming “Ryan you can run but you can’t hide from me!” I’m in the living room in my OWN home. I finally find a hiding place and she’s on the room next door so I quickly make my move.I dive behind the door, climb on top of the draws and heave myself on top of the door JUST IN TIME! She’s in the room screaming in her high pitch voice screaming the exact same thing “Ryan you can run but you can’t hide from me!” She looks up at me. She walks out the door still screaming. I slowly and carefully climb down from my hiding place but my foot slips and nocks off a vase I was going to give my mum. One hand on the door I jump down looking round for another hiding spot when she comes running in with a knife in her hand. She leans forward and stabs me. I’m in a strange place with my grandma so di...die...DIED... wait am I dead to?
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