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Chapter 2

“Annabelle, wake up.” Someone says. I groan and stuff my face into my pillow. I hear a laugh and then the blankets are pulled off me.

“Who the hell is disturbing me?” I mumble, not pulling my face from the marshmallow comfort of my pillow.

“Your favorite sibling. Now get up, Annie. Mom wants us to help Christopher with bringing his things here today.” Luna says.

I lift my head to glare at her and then stuff it back in my pillow. She sighs.

“I can always get the bucket of ice wat-”

“I’m up!” I exclaim, sitting up quickly. She smiles in triumph.

“Good. Now get ready. After helping Chris we decided to head to the cafe for food.” She informs me. I frown.

“Who is we?” I ask. Luna laughs.

“Wyatt, Chris, me, Tay, and I invited Violet as well. Now hurry.” She says, ushering me out of bed. I roll my eyes and pull my closet doors open. I’m greeted by a giant pile of clothing.

Luna laughs. “Wow. You ever think about” She asks. I flip her off and grab a random pair of blue jeans and a white off the shoulder top.

She crosses her arms and waits impatiently as I take my sweet time changing. When I’m finished, she sighs dramatically and throws her hands in the air.

“Finally. It doesn’t take that fucking long to get dressed.” She says.


She winces. “Sorry Mom!” She yells back. I laugh and grab my phone and her hand, dragging her downstairs.

The devil spawn and his sidekick are waiting by the door talking. I slow my steps as we approach them.

“You know on second thought I am awfully tired. Night!” Wyatt reaches out and grabs my arm, giving me a stern look. I groan and push past everyone to get to my car. Correction: Mine and Luna’s car.

Dad got me and Luna a car for our 16th birthday and Mom got Wyatt one. If you haven’t noticed yet, this is my first time mentioning my father. No, he isn’t dead or anything...sadly. He just left our family for a younger woman who he impregnated while married to Mom.

He buys us expensive gifts for our birthday every year and Christmas. Probably to make up for being a pile of shit. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen him. That’s probably for the best though. It may not necessarily go down well if I was to see him.

Luna slides into the passenger seat and frowns. “Why can’t I drive?” She whines. I give her a knowing look.

“This may be our car but you, along with everyone else, know how scary your driving is. I’d only let you drive if I physically couldn’t and even then I’d probably catch a ride with anybody else.” I say as I start the car. She rolls her eyes and watches out the window as we drive to the house of Satan in silence.

His parents are outside waiting with two suitcases and a box. I raise an eyebrow.

“Is that really all? Why do we need to help?” I ask, confused. Luna laughs.

“Annie, he’s staying for two months. Do you really think all he has are two suitcases of clothes and a box of his electronics?” She asks me, stepping out of the vehicle. I frown.

“Yes? I mean, it’s a couple months. He isn’t moving in forever...I hope. Oh God. He isn’t, right?”

Christopher happens to overhear this and smirks, throwing an arm over my shoulders. I immediately tense up and glare at him.

“Would it really be so bad if I did?” He asks. I scoff.

“ get your arm off of my body before I chop it off with my machete and feed it to my pet dragon who will probably spit you out because you taste terrible and you’d land in a pit of lava. Therefore burning, making me thrilled beyond belief.” I state.

Chris goes to reply but Wyatt’s throat clearing cuts him off. “If you don’t removed your arm in in the next two seconds I’ll be helping her.” He states. Christopher rolls his eyes and takes his arm from my shoulders.

“You two take the fun out of everything.” He mumbles.

“We know.” Wyatt and I reply in unison. Luna stifles a laugh and grabs one of Satan’s suitcases. I lean against our car and cross my arms. I see no reason why my help is needed.

“Annie!” Violet shouts when we walk through the café. People shush her and give her nasty glares. I laugh softly and hug her.

She grins and tugs me into the booth beside her. I smile at Luna’s best friend, Taylor, who is sipping an Oreo milkshake across from us.

“You guys ordered without us?” Wyatt asks with puppy eyes. He slides in beside Luna who is next to Tay...leaving Christopher next to me. Are you fucking kidding with me, Universe?

A waiter appears at our table with a small smirk. “Hello, how can I help you guys today? Any special requests?” He winks at Luna. She eyes him up in down in disgust before glancing sideways at our thankfully oblivious brother.

We all order our food by memory until it only leaves my sister. She smiles sweetly at the waiter.

“I’ll have the dish of not interested with a side of go the fuck away.” She snaps as he shamelessly checks her out. Wyatt’s head shoots up and looks at the red faced waiter.

“Or I’ll break all your bones into tiny pieces and give them to the girls over here as jewelry.” He threatens. Luna rolls her eyes.

“Strawberry milkshake, the everything burger except absolutely no pickles. I’m allergic, and fries.” She states. He quickly scribbles that down and clears his throat.

“Do you want whipped cream on your shake?”


He nods and heads out back. Taylor laughs and shakes her head.

“Typical protective, Zachary.” She teases, calling him by his middle name. I’m not really sure why, but she has always called Wyatt by his middle name. It’s been that way since we were younger.

“So, Wyatt said you have news. Did you finally come clean and admit your undying love for Chris, Annie?” Vi asks with a smirk. Christopher leans over me and not so quietly whispers to her, “That’s still a work in progress.”

My best friend laughs. Wyatt scoffs and narrows his eyes at Chris.

“No. Chris is moving in with us for two months.” He announces. Violet and Taylor’s eyes widen as they look between us Simpson triplets and the devil beside me. Yes, I know I’m referring to him like that a lot but I really don’t like the guy.

“Wait, for real?” Tay exclaims.

Luna nods. “He’s dead serious. These two months are going to be extremely entertaining with these two down each other’s throats all the time.” She says. I roll my eyes.

The food finally arrives, making my mouth instantly start watering. Come to Mommy my precious baby. Vi steals one of my fries before turning to Chris.

“When are you moving in?” She asks. He shrugs.

“My parents leave tonight so I am later I guess.” He mumbles. I slap his hand as he reaches for one of my fries. He frowns.

“You let her have one.” He pouts. I have to admit he does look adorable right now.

No! Bad Annabelle! He’s mean, he’s rotten and he’s evil. Snap out of it. I shake my thoughts away and roll my eyes at the idiot.

“That’s because I share with people I like. You don’t make the list, Chrissie.” I taunt. He growls at the nickname and glares at me.

“Don’t call me that.” He forces out. I smile sweetly.

“Call you what? Chrissie? Why not? I think it’s an adorable name, Chrissie.” I continue my teasing. He clenches his fists and narrows his eyes.

“If you two are done flirting...can we eat now?” Luna asks.

“We weren’t flirting.” We reply back in unison.

“Your room is right in between Annie’s and Wyatt’s. Make yourself comfortable.” My mom says to Chris with a warm smile. He thanks her and quickly smirks at me before he and Wyatt drag his shit upstairs.

I pour myself a glass of orange juice and stare down my mother. After 20 seconds of no reaction she finally looks at me and sighs.

“Annie, I know you and Christopher don’t necessarily get along but his parents are some of my best friends and taking their son in so they can have a little getaway is the least I can do for them.” She explains. I huff and cross my arms.

“They should’ve had a dog instead.” I mumble before going up to my room.

I nearly scream when I open the door. Chris is lounging on my bed, hands behind his head and eyes closed. I clench my fists.

“Get the hell out.” I demand, opening the door wider and gesturing outside of it. He opens one eye and smirks his typical annoying smirk.

“I’m quite comfortable right here. Thank you though.” He says, closing his eye again.

I scoff. “That wasn’t a request. Get your annoying ass out of here.” I sneer. He sits up on my bed and shakes his head.

“Your bed is comfy.” He says. I roll my eyes. Yes, dumbass, I’m fully fucking aware.

“Get out or your limbs will become dog treats.” I threaten. He laughs and raises an eyebrow at me.

“What dog exactly?”

“The one I’ll buy specifically to get rid of your body. Scram.” I walk over and crawl onto my bed behind him. He glances at me confused until I use all my strength(that’s not much) and shove him off my bed.

He lands on the floor with a groan and glares at me. I grin and wave innocently at him.

Wyatt and Luna come bursting in, looking around my room. When their gazes falls on the dumbass sprawled on my floor, they burst out laughing. Christopher rolls his eyes and stands up, flipping me off. I return the gesture and get comfortable on my wonderful bed.

“Where’s Mom?” I ask, watching as Chris walks out in a pissy mood. I laugh softly.

“She went to the store to get food for dinner.” Luna explains, taking a seat on my desk chair.

I perk up and instantly smile at my siblings. “What’s she making?” I ask excitedly.

Wyatt laughs. “Just shepherd’s pie per Chris’s request.” I fist pump the air and clap. I’m not exactly surprised that Mom asked our oh so absolutely wonderful guest what he wanted. I’m even less surprised by the result.

Shepherd’s pie is his favorite; he could probably eat it for every meal. Same goes for me though so I’m not one to talk. It’s heaven.

“Is she daydreaming about food again?” Wyatt asks. I hear Luna laugh.

“She may be daydreaming about her boyfriend.” She teases. I blink but before I can deny the accusation, Wyatt is in my face with his hands on my shoulders and shaking me.

“What boyfriend? The fuck is she on about? Have I met him?” He questions. I roll my eyes and shove him away.

“She’s referring to Satan. For some reason your sister ships me with the devil himself...and no Luna, I wasn’t thinking about Chris. I was thinking about food.” I correct. Although technically he did just pop into my mind but that led to my food dream.

“Don’t lie to us, Beautiful.” Ugh. Speak of the devil and he’ll appear.

“Trust me, I’m not lying. I’d rather gouge my eyes out before thinking about you of all people.” I tell him, rolling my eyes. Luna suddenly jumps up and slaps my arm. I gasp and rub the sore spot.

“What the fuck?” I ask.

She shrugs. “I just realized you referred to me as Wyatt’s sister instead of both of yours. Rude.” She states. I laugh.

“Well yeah. I refuse to be associated or related to anybody who ships me with him.”

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