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Missing Piece

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It wasn’t much of a difference from her normal life but the incident had left the whole school talking, while some pitied her, some took leverage of her situation using her as a stepping stool. And some just took advantage of the opportunity to make fun of her.

Romance / Humor
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chapter 3

But this incident might have really struck her and Sarah wanted to help, but she felt like she couldn’t. She didn’t know how to and this was making it difficult. And that’s where she questioned her faith. And GOD. If GOD was GOD, the creator of heaven and earth, then why was this happening?


“And where is the spare?” He asked
" she’d be the only one to tell, when the doors are open, now could you please hurry, I’m really scared, Cameron I really hate this feeling.” She said looking at her husband
Who just looked at her a bit annoyed maybe the best word would’ve been frustrated because the screws were not even trying to budge.
“can’t you see I’m trying” he replied
" try harder” Zara’s mom just got more impatient, but can you blame her? The unknown might have happened to her child and here she is doing nothing. “just break the door”.

“This door is very expensive, replacing it would cost me a lot.” Cameron said

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!!!!!” Sarah could not believe her ears, his daughter could be in danger and this was what he had to say.

But she wasn’t about to listen to him. So she took the initiative to get something big enough, to break the door, it’s been almost an hour, there’s been no response. And this old man had the damn right to talk about the door, what door? The old raggedy door that could fall apart in a minute is that what he was comparing his daughter to, after everything she’d been through, how could he compare her to an object.

“Ma’am are you alright” a tall white man and young man dark in complexion were trying to help her. She was on the floor, now that was impossible, how could she have gottnebherslef to this place.
Are you alright?” The young man asked again “you really shouldn’t be in the middle of the road” the older responded a little aggravated, he had other things to do.
“I’m rea.....”
" sir, It was an accident, and as you can see she a little out of touch, this really isn’t the time to yell at her”
“Whatever just get her out of the way, I have things to take care” the man responded even more harshly. “The street might be clear but that does not give you the right to turn them into your play ground” that was the last thing he said before slamming his car door.

“Well that was stupid of him”

“I’m sorry” Sarah said.

“No you’re fine, I don’t know what he achieved by slamming his car door, if it breaks he would still have to fix it, and he had not right to yell at you.”

“Are you alright?” He continued.

" No.” she said sniffing, on normal terms even if she was having a horrible day, she always say yes, but this was different.
“No, my daughter, I don’t know, her doors are locked and she’s refused to answer me.”

Zach has heard of something like this before but it only came from spoilt kids, always expecting their parents to go to the moon and back for them. But he just had to help. This woman looked worn out, like she’d been having a bad day, like she’d been through hell and back.
" have you tried breaking the door down?“he asked
“I don’t have any thing big enough that’ll work.” She responded
“Would you mind if I called someone to help? I have a friend”
“Please!!” She said wiping her tears a little relieved but you could still tell that she was worried, Zach had always wished that one day someone would care for him , like he’d seen with other kids his age but no one ever came around. He wished someone would be worried about him the way she was worried about her daughter but that never happened, his parents thought he wasn’t good enough.
“Hello” Zach said ” sup man, yeah look right now, I need you stats!”
“What happened?” The caller asked
“Can’t explain really but do you still have that huge log?”
“I thought you told me that, it would never be handy? but seriously though, I know Imma get a beating for this, but I still gotta ask, whose ass are you trying to beat?”

“Man, no one, now stop playing, I’m serious, I’ll explain when you get here, just get the log, please.
" bet, damn you really tight today, like seriously you actually said please,this day couldn’t have gotten any better.”

“Whatever, just hurry up....”

“On my way man, on my way” the caller said while grabbing his keys.

“Yo, hold up where am I bringing this shit to?”

“Hold up one sec” Zach replied “ma’am what’s you address”.

“4598 golden city, cross street pecos and campbridge” Sarah replied

“Wait, What are you doing? We have to think about the repercussions before doing anything regretful. You never know maybe she’s sleeping.

“SLEEPING, SLEEPING” ok she had enough of this tyrant
“That’s not what I’m saying, listen....”
" NO! YOU LISTEN, I DINT CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO BUT I WANT MY ALIVE OKAY, THAT'S ALL I ASK FOR, CAN I EVER HAVE A HAPPY LIFE, WHY ME, I MEAN WHY HER, WHAT HAS SHE EVER DONE TO DESERVE THIS. Ths isn’t fair, this is just not fair.” She said as the tears continued falling like showers, “I want my daughter alive!, please she just can’t die just like that. She too young. Life is just too unfair!!!!!!!.” She said wiping tears.

“Alright come here” dad said hugging mom, I’m sorry ok, i just dont like the stage you are in right now.
“Excuse me!” she was just getting angrier by the minute. ” what am i suppose to do, be calm!is that what you’re expecting me to do CAMERON,circumstances is in known, I should be calm, should I, i don’t know my daughter’s situation and you don’t like my situation? Oh please, just get my chiild for me and we’ll be good”

“Sarah” Cameron called out while moving closer to her.
“Don’t even” She said struggling to get away from his grasp, “she could be dead and.... you ....don’t ...... like ....... situation” she said continuously slamming his chest. “I can’t take this anymore, I really can’t” now she was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Alright, we’ll do whatever it takes, but you have to calm down you cant do anything with a messed up mind, ok?” he said giving her a kiss on the head. At that time it become a bit akward for zach.

“So what’s the plan?” Dad asked Zach
“Ummmmm, My friend is on his way.” zach replied.
“How long?”

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