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The Moons Wishes

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Three Alpha Kings, and one human. Cameron, Grayson, and Weston, all want one and only one woman, Cara. Being with three men may be taboo, but falling in love isn’t. When Cara wakes up with an undying pain through the her body and the only thing to sooth the burn are these three hot brothers, she gets excited. They have glorious sex, and slowly but surly Cara starts falling for them, and they do for Cara. This is their journey through love, lies, heart break, betrayal, and amazing sex, will they be able to all be together in the end? RATED R Trigger warning: This book does have mature scenes, and will have controversial subjects, if you do not like drama, or explicit things, please do not read it, I don't want anyone being triggered. Thank you.

Romance / Erotica
Sterling May
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Cara's POV

"When do you think she'll come out of heat?"
Heat. Hot. Me. Sex.Now. A moan escaped my lips, "hush baby, we'll be right there" the same deep, sexy voice said, but I couldn't wait. I wanted sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Now. Now. Now.

I reached down to my shorts and slipped my hand in them, gently stroking my folds, fuck. I wanted his touch. That hot-ass man's touch, but that fucker wasn't giving me it, I'd have to compromise. I gently spread my folds, dipping a finger in, shit. I wanted more. So I added another, that earned a loud moan from me, picking up a quick pace I started pumping, moaning as my fingers bought me pleasure, my other hand also dipped into my shorts, and started rubbing my clit. Fuck. My body was burning, even more, fucking myself wasn't helping me cool off, neither were the covers. So I kicked them off my body and they landed on the ground.

"Holy fuck" this voice was different from the first, younger, more light, still sexy as fuck though, I heard a few gasps, and then a growl, I heard footsteps getting closer to me while I rubbed my clit furiously, pumping in, out, in, out. I felt the covers back on me and I whimpered, trying to kick them back off.

I heard the first dangerous, sexy, and deep growl. "No, kitten. You will keep the covers on, at least till Ralph leaves." He sounded dominating, and it was an even bigger turn-on. I was about to cum from his voice. He was the guy that spoke the first time. Jesus. I rubbed my clit faster and faster, until a pair of strong hands pulled my hands out of my shorts, pinning them above my head. I whimpered.

"Bad girl" this voice was much more masculine than the other two, more powerful, I felt cool under his touch, I was still pissed he disturbed my self fucking session though. "Do you want us?"

Us? More than one? Jackpot.

I moaned a reply, " no babygirl, I want constant, constant to fuck your brains out, to fill you to the brim, can we?" His husky voice made my enlarged clit throb. Fuck.

"Y-yes" I stuttered, "please daddy, please, fuck me. Hard. Now." I heard three chuckles and then there was a sound of clothes ripping, my shorts were off me in a second and so was my shirt.

Weston's POV

Watching her kick the comforter off her body, to display her curvy hot body splayed on the bed, her hands in her shorts, you could tell she was pumping one hand into herself while using the other to rub her clit, I was getting hard. Very hard. "Holy fuck" that's all I could say, I heard gasps from Cameron and Grayson. And Ralph. His eyes were bulging out of his sockets. I felt a pang of possessiveness, and just as I was about to rush over to cover her, Grayson did. He placed the comforter on her again, whispered something, and came back.

"Ralph, can we discuss this at another time? Preferably at my office." Cameron's voice was laced with anger, Ralph just nodded and left, that's when the three of us strolled over to the sexy creature that was laying on my bed, she had kicked the comforter back off, her hands furiously attacking her pussy.

Cameron stopped right in front of her, prying her hands out of her pussy, she moaned and whimpered, and I got harder and harder, Cameron got closer to her ear, "bad girl, do you want us?" She moaned in reply, but that wasn't enough for us, we wanted a solid yes. "No babygirl, I won't consent, consent to fuck your brains out, to fill you to the brim, can we?" He was right. We did want consent. We didn't want her to think we did anything she didn't want.

"Y-yes. Please daddy, fuck me. Hard. Now." That's all it took, we let out chuckles and Cameron ripped her shorts off, while I tore her shirt from the back, revealing her gorgeous tan skin, I tipped my head into the valley between her small tits, licking slightly, making her moan, I looked down to see Cameron in a haze,
Squatting in front of her tan pussy, staring, like he's never seen one before.

My head travelled to her nipples and I took one light brown, almost a light pink nipple in my mouth, she hissed. I sucked and gently grazed it with my teeth, making her shiver, I let it go with a pop and took the other in my mouth while lightly pinching the other with my thumb and index. I looked down to see her buck her hips upward towards Cameron's face and I let out a chuckle.

She was dying for our touch, her mates' touch, it was just part of being in heat. Grayson was standing at her head kissing her upside down, swallowing her moans, biting her pink full bottom lip.

Cara's POV

One of them was licking down the place between my breasts, while the other was kissing me upside down, standing at my head, and one. Well. He was just staring at my pussy, and it was driving me crazy, he was squatting, he had pulled me down the bed by my ankles, so he could get a better view, had he never seen a pussy before?

I pushed my foot against his chest, taking him by surprise, he looked at my pussy once more before he trailed a big finger over my wet folds, "damn baby, you're so wet. It's so hot" the word hot just made my body burn more, I wanted more, and he gave me it, he pushed a finger in me, god it felt nice. "So tight." He muttered, "wonder how tight you'd be on my cock" he started at a slow pace and went faster, to a point where he was finger fucking me like an animal, I let out loud moans that were swallowed by the guy who was kissing me.

He pulled his finger out of me and I whimpered, then I felt a tongue enter my hole, he moaned, and pulled his tongue out, then shoved it back into the point where his nose was touching the rubbing my clit, my body was burning. I wanted more. I wanted it now.

"Knot me. Please knot me. Now." I was whining, and I don't give a fuck.

"No baby, you have to wait, that's what you get for being a bad girl," the guy said that was sucking my nipples, I ruffled his black hair causing him to moan

"Please." I whined again, " my body's burning, it hurts, please?"

That's when they left my body, my skin feeling 180 degrees, I looked at the man the hot man in front of me, finally taking in the view, with his honey blonde hair, and forest green eyes, his jaw sharp, his shoulders broad and his muscles defined and sexy.

I'd like to lick those abs...

He took his belt off, and I heard two zippers opening from my side and my head, my eyes, however, we're stuck on the god I front of me, he slowly opened his zipper, keeping eye contact with me, and took his pants off, his thumbs looped around his black boxers and in a swift movement her let them fall off his hips, and a giant thick dick came out, hard, and beautiful, slamming on his stomach, he took a step closer, came down to my face and asked, "are you on birth control?"

"Yes" I whispered, he hooked his hands under my thighs and bought me to the ground, straddling him, I felt another guy behind me, their dicks aligned with my pussy and asshole, the Greek god in front of me let me take an inch of his dick, he and I both hissed in satisfaction. The guy at my asshole gently let his tip into my tight asshole, grunting.

He came up to my ear "you. Are. So. Tight." The one in my pussy nodded his head in agreement. This was too slow for me. I needed faster. Faster now. I dropped down on both of their dicks, they were too big, I couldn't take them, I cried out loud, tears running down my cheeks, both men grunted loudly and hissed. They gave me a second to adjust to their sizes, but I couldn't. They were too big. Too big. Way too big. They started to move and I dug my fingers into the blonde's shoulder, I started to ride them, slowly.

"Fuck babygirl. You're going to be the death of me" the blonde growled, I let my hands roam his body, over his glorious biceps, his toned forearms that had veins popping, his broad shoulders and down to his perfect six-pack, my hands went back up his body stopping at his hair, the top of his hair reached his earlobe, while the sides were cut short, I got closer letting my chest slam against his, I heard a grunt from the man behind me, and my eyes searched out for my other mate.

He stood a few feet away, his blue eyes staring right at me, his short black hair was messy, he just like blonde had a glorious six-pack, his arms looked slightly smaller than blondes.

He had his hard dick in his hand, he groaned and continued to stroke himself, I beckoned him closer with a finger and he obliged, he stood right behind the blonde, and I reached out for his dick, placing my hand at its base, earning a sexy moan, "closer" I whispered, and he came closer, I took his giant dick, that had pre-cum on it and bought it closer to my mouth, bringing out my tongue to lick it.


I took his dick in my mouth halfway, then took a deep breath before I took it all in, he groaned, a deep, sexy groan. I looked up at him from my lashes, his mouth slightly parted, eyes half-closed rolled up to the back of his head, his hand going through his black hair. He looked down at me and smirked, his hand left his hair and made its way to mine. He gripped the back of my hair, pushing my head closer by my hair, then abruptly pulling my hair back, I moaned on his dick.

The two men in my ass and pussy were thrusting faster, grunting, and sighing while stretching my holes, the dick in my mouth started to get thicker, he moved my head faster up and down his dick.

"Yes baby yes, keep on sucking, just like that. Do you know how good it feels to fuck your pretty mouth? So good" his dirty words bought me closer, I hollowed you my cheeks, sucking as much as I could, and then the man behind me bought his fingers to my clit, rubbing in fast circles. I sucked harder and black hair started to shake a bit "fuck baby I'm going to cum, slow down, please"

I couldn't though, I moaned and all three went hard and deep, causing me to start shaking, vigorously, I was coming, Jesus, I was coming. It was the best orgasm of my life. Black hair stopped my head, my nose touching his glorious v-abs, and he came right along with me, hot cum flowed right from his dick to my throat, I wanted to taste him though, I moved my head back so that my tastebuds could get a taste, he was sweet and salty, very hot, and all mine, I sucked him till I thought he didn't have any more of the yummy stuff left, I squeezed his balls just for good measure and kissed the tip, he chuckled and moved out of my mouth, "you were an amazing baby," he said against my lips and went to sit on the chair nearby.

Despite my amazing orgasm I still didn't feel whole. I needed them to knot me, I needed to feel my second high, "please. Harder" and that's what I got they went in harder

"Deeper?" A voice came from behind me, I could hear his smirk and he grazed my earlobe with his teeth


"Faster?" the blonde said while grunting, his eyes twinkling, a coat of sweat covering his body, our chests still stuck together

"Yes" he grinned and pounded into me, I screamed out for the whole neighbourhood to know I was getting a good fuck,

"Do you feel me in your stomach?" Blonde asked, I nodded my head furiously, and I did feel him in my stomach, he was so big, Jesus so big.

"Harder" I whispered, and they went harder, it was so good, so good, I started crying, it felt too good, blonde looked worried, slowing down a bit,

"You ok baby?" He asked, concern lacing his husky voice,

"Yes, it just hurts so good"

He chuckled and went back to that speed, only I needed more. "Harder," I said between sobs, blonde shook his head in no. What the fuck does he mean no? I want it harder. So I said what I knew would drive them crazy, "either you go harder or I find someone who can" they growled, and both almost came out of me, only their tips in my aching holes, then all of a sudden they grabbed my hips and slammed me down on their dicks. I screamed and cried even harder "knot me. Please knot me. Please"

Grayson's POV

Her ass was big, and her hole tight, I almost came the first five seconds of being in her, she was fuckin' amazing. She slammed down on our dicks and it felt like heaven, she sucked Weston like a professional pornstar, and when she said she'd find someone who could go harder if we didn't, it drove me wild, coming out of her just to slam myself back in.

"Oh god daddy, oh god," she was whimpering, that drove me wilder, I dug my fingers into her hips, and pounded harder into her, she was gasping for air, begging us for more, I bought my head down to her neck and sucked

"Jesus fucking Christ, bite me" she groaned "please"

That's all it took, I bit down, making sure I steered clear of the marking spots, biting her shoulder, lightly

"Bite harder" she wheezed

And so I did, I bit harder to the point where I felt my teeth sink into her soft skin, I felt something metallic on my tongue


When I tried to move my head off her she grabbed my hair and kept me in place, it must be a kink, I kept on pounding into her ass, so did Cameron, into her pussy, I felt her cling on my dick and I groaned loudly, fuck she was amazing, she started shaking,

"Please knot me, please? I need it, right now. Please" her begging was all it took, I felt my dick throb inside her, I bit harder into her shoulder, and then with one final thrust I came in her ass, making sure all the cum was in her, I felt Cameron do a few more thrusts and grunt while emptying his contents, I took my teeth out of her and started sucking the spot where my teeth assaulted her

"I need you in me" she whispered exhausted, I couldn't help but comply, giving Cameron a look we hoisted her up, her arms and legs around Cameron while I held her waist and we bought her to the bed, we were laying sideways to ensure both Cameron and I could comfortably sleep. Weston joined us resting his head on Cara's calf, while the rest of his body was diagonally off the bed.

"Next time" Weston whispered sleepily, "I wanna fuck her too, it's not fair that just because I'm the youngest I don't get to fuck her ass or pussy. It just isn't." he was sounding slightly grumpy, and why wouldn't he. He didn't get the chance to feel her tight ass.

"You were the first to get a blowjob by her" Cameron replied, annoyance laced his voice, "you came down her throat, so shut the fuck up and go to sleep." Cameron hated the fact that we had to share Cara. It is what it is though.

While huffing Weston fell asleep, snoring softly, kissing her leg. I did the same with her hair and slept, my arm around her chest. Cameron, with his possessiveness, kissed her lips, and for the first time, I saw him do something genital, softly, not waking her up, he hooked his arm around her waist, and pulled her closer.

This was going to be one heck of a journey.

So after I publish this on Wattpad god is certainly going to book me a reservation in hell. Jesus, I need holy water.


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