The Visit

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She paid a visit unexpectedly

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The Visit

She visited my dream after so long and we’re at present times. She is closer as she used to be.

I still had the desire for her when she sat near to me having the rants and gossips, the stuff which I dislike if someone else is delivering.

I was trying to share my China trip album, but my computer seems doesn’t have that folder and it’s weird that I knew I’d been to China and there is a folder in computer that I used to show my friends.

But it’s not happening. Her attention seems to wander as I’m failing to engage.

At the moment, my thoughts raced as she is sitting so close and I felt like I should go for her and express my desire for her. And also I wonder why I waited so long to tell how I feel about her. For me she is young and ready.

Then I woke up suddenly and realized that she is already married and having kids and living happily.

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