Beautifully Broken

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"Like what?" I asked him quietly. "Just how the thought of you drives me mad and how I want to kiss you right now." Aiden got so close to me that I could feel his hot breath touching my face. "Umm what are you doing?" I asked in a shaky voice. "What I wanted to do when I first saw you," he then kisses me softy on the lips Vanessa Davis, a girl who was abused by her boyfriend John Taylor. One day she finally had enough and runs away from him and soon meets Aiden Wilson, a guy who will treat her better and has a dark secret that will change her life forever. This story is from my Wattpad account JokerGirl1019

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

pleaded to John my abusive boyfriend as he hits me with broken glass. I continued to cry. “NO I WILL NOT YOU DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TOLD YOU TO DO THE DISHES!!” John yells at me as he stabs me with a piece of glass in my stomach. I screamed in agony.

“Please stop, I’m begging you.” John throws me on the ground and kicks me in the stomach. He turns his back, so I quickly grabbed the piece of glass that he dropped and stabbed it in his leg.

John screams, while he’s distracted I ran outside and went inside the woods. It then started to rain, great it’s raining and I’m barely wearing clothes because John said that I don’t deserve to wear clothes cause I disobeyed him.

I suddenly heard John yelling my name. I hid behind a tree, I then heard a tree branch snap. I got scared so I shielded my face. “Why are you hiding your face? I’m not going to hurt you, so please uncover your face” I heard a soft voice telling me. I uncovered my face and it’s a guy with a bunch of tattoos, soft blue eyes and really hot.

He looks down, “why are you bleeding?” I tried to cover my body, I stayed quiet, I do have clothes on but I’m only wearing a ripped shirt. Then I heard another tree branch snap, I looked and it’s John.

I hid behind the guy because for some reason I kind of trust him. John is staring at the guy and I can see that his leg is still bleeding.

The guy looks behind at me,” is he the guy that did that to you?” he whispers. I just nodded my head. John steps close to the guy, “I need her” John says as he points at me.

The guy hides me protectively, “nope you can’t she stays with me, you are an abusive no good excuse for a human, ” the guy glares at John. “She’s my girlfriend and she needs to come home with me,” John tells him.

I looked at the guy and whispered,” please don’t let him take me.” He stares at me,” I won’t let him take you.” Then he looks at John, “she’s not going anywhere with you,” the guy tells John. John gets near me and the guy, “come near her and I’ll tear you limb from limb.” John leaves and everything went black.

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