Love is all there is ..

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Love is all there is

Oh ! Do you know If she is ...if she’s alright ?said Kevin...I don’t ! All I know is that Adelaide want to see me and that THIS TIME I’ll make it on time said Jane ! ...what do you mean? Said Kevin... sorry I really have no time to explain! I must go! Said Jane .sure ! Understand it’s an urgent mAtter. do you want me to drive you to the hospital? Said Kevin .the hospital is only a short walk from here ...said Jane open your mouth to respond ,when suddenly you hear auntie Regina angry voice coming from the kitchen..Jane ! How long am I supposed to wait for you ? Said auntie Regina..she can’t make me stay here ! It’ll ruin every! Can you cover for me , Kevin? Said. Jane ..cover for you ? And how am I supposed to do that ? Said Kevin . pleaaaase ! Think of something! Said Jane..,.. Kevin looks at you and let’s out a sigh.. right , this is gonna be tough but I can’t bear see you sad said Kevin .you give Kevin good hug ... whoa ! Easy , girl ! You’re gonna break those bones ! Said Kevin...thanks you , Kevin! Said Jane and Jane leave... Jane run down the street until she see the hospital. Great ! It’s even closer than I thought! Jane said .. and Jane enter the long corridors of the hospital.. right I should ask the front desk where Adelaide Is said Jane ..Jane ? I’m so glad you made it ! Adelaides waiting for you corey said ... Jane follow corey into a spacious ward , where Celeste and roger are standing by Adelaide hospital bed. Your heart skips a beat as memories of your mum in hospital bed come rushing back .making a superhuman effort not to cry ,you approach Adelaide under Celeste strict gaze.. I’m good I’m good it will be fine ..Jane said .. Adelaides face lights up when she see you . Jane my dear ! Said Adelaide . Adelaide ! Jane said .. you nod at Celeste and roger.a good day to you too said Celeste..please come in can Jane and I have a word ? Just the two of us please ? Adelaides said ..of course you can ! Said roger.. only if this is entirely necessary Celeste said ... think of it as an old lady whim darling Adelaide said ... alright , but don’t take long. You are still quite weak Adelaide Celeste said ..give us 5 minutes please Adelaide said .roger and Celeste leave .Corey puts his hand on your shoulder and gives it a little pat then he also leaves.overcome with emotions you turn to Adelaide.she smiles at you warmly are you feeling? Jane said ...much better now , thanks darling.I just can’t get used to being old ! You know , doing one or two small jobs than taking a break ....I never go easy on myself ! And see where Iam now ? Don’t follow my example, dear Jane ! Adelaide said ... you should take better care of yourself Adelaide! Jane said .you are so right dear Adelaide said ..I’m so glad she is alright ! Jane said ..Adelaide takes your hand in hers .thank you for coming to see me here ! I really appreciate it now forgive me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard that you’ve been feeling a bit lonely Adelaide said ..that’s very true ,ever since my moms death the world has change for me I’ve try to be strong but sometimes I wish I could go back in time I wish I could have my family again. Jane said , my poor Jane ! It will get better soon they say. That time heals all wounds ,but I’ll tell you what ! Adelaide gently strokes you on your. Head .time Doesn’t heal ! People do we help each other live through our sorrows Adelaide said lift your gaze and smile .we could become your family the one you’ve been looking for think about it child .the family will be happy to accept you said Adelaide whoa ! Adelaide saying I have her full support in a some what pushy way! I appreciate your support Adelaide . But I don’t think Celeste shares your enthusiasm! Jane said ...don’t worry about Celeste.I’m sure she’ll change her mind once we’ve hand a chance to speak properly.said Adelaide..Adelaide leans forward so you can hear her better , and whispers as she squeezes your hand ..for you are such a lovely young lady and a perfect match to Corey ! Adelaide said .oh! Jane said hear a loud and persistent knock on the door then Celeste and roger enter.are u ok mum roger said .yes I’m fine dear said’s time Adelaide has some rest Jane .said Celeste....sure I understand that . Jane said say goodbye to Adelaide and follow Celeste back to the corridor...Jane how are you ? And how Adelaide corey said. We’re fine , both of us are Jane said ...glad to hear that ! But is Adelaide really feeling better ? Corey said ..yep that might be the magic of seeing all of us together again Jane said ..Celeste start tapping her foot nervously ..come on corey ! I’m sure , Jane still has a lot to do before the ball ! You must let her go Celeste said .she turns to you and immediately puts a weak smile on her face ..thanks you for coming to see Adelaide Jane she’ll be fine pretty soon don’t worry I spoke to the doctor it’s nothing serious so you may go and get ready for tomorrow. Celeste said .alright, I see...Jane said .Mom that is unbelievable corey said ...hun ? Celeste said ...are you really as cold - hearted as you trying to sound corey said .what do you mean by that ? Celeste said . How can you even mention that wretched contest when granny’s sick ? Is that that all that matters to you right now ? Corey said .Corey said Jane there is brief moment of silence between corey and Celeste before she responds in a bossy cold tone .. did you just try to attack me son ? Celeste said I..I’m sorry I lost my temper but I stand by what I said corey said .Celeste norrows her eyes at Corey’ve change a lot my dear you really have and I don’t like it Celeste said come near corey and take him by his arm .then you address Celeste in a confident voice ..please don’t be too hash with Corey ! He wants the best for the family and he would never want to hurt you ! Celeste glares at you .of course ! It is you who have changed him ! You and your progressive vision or what ever it’s called ! Celeste said .... Jane said blink startled by her words . Corey makes a step forward trying to cover you from Celeste gaze you need to calm down please corey said .. suddenly Celeste is no longer angry .her eyes are full of deep sorrow .she shake her head .. everything seems to be falling apart or maybe I’m just losing you ! Celeste said .. Celeste turns on her heels and starts walking down the ? Where are you going corey said ..Corey looks at you his eyes filled with sadness. I’m sorry .Corey said . Don’t be ! Just go and do what you have too! Jane said ..Corey nods and follows Celeste. Id love to leave this place as soon as possible Jane said come home feeling sad and tired .you open the front door and a thought come to you ... I completely forgot about aunt Regina oh god I’m pretty sure she wants me dead Jane said enter the living room trying to think of something that could possibly save your life .when ... Kevin appears wearing a kitchen apron.. Jane I’m glad you’re back Kevin said me too! How did it go with aunt Regina? Ate you alright ?jane said ..Kevin rolls his eyes this women is one of a kind A real monster and I don’t think you should tolerate being treated the way she treat people Kevin said ..Kevin not now please Jane said ..sorry on the positive side don’t with the food for tonight I think Kevin said ...really didn’t know you were good at cooking Jane said .Kevin shrug. A man of many talents I guess Kevin said he takes off the apron and throws it at you .you catch it easily ..sorry ,I must be going now ! A friend of mine got into trouble again got to see if I can help said Kevin ..sure I’ll take it from her ! Thanks you for your help , Kevin! I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me today said Jane ...come on darling! You know you can always count on me ! Kevin said .. Kevin winks at you and disappears behind the door ...there you are !aunt Regina said ..uhm.. yeah , hi Jane said ..aunt Regina crossed her arms over her chest and looks at you intently ...what’s the matter ? Why are you looking at me like that ? Jane said ..I’m trying to figure out what everyone sees in you and I can’t take this boy Kevin who saved your a** earlier today ..aunt Regina said shiver ..can we please not talk about that ? Jane said ..aunt Regina shakes her head .no really I don’t see why would he waste his time on someone like you ? Auntie Regina said try to ignore her arrogant tone.., tell me please what is that I need to do before the guests come ? Jane said .. the best thing you can do tonight is rid us of your presence. Aunt Regina said .. do you want me to lock myself up in my room ? Jane said .not quite ,I’ve invited important guests to dine at our home tonight so to make absolutely sure you don’t spoil the evening.I want you to get the hell out of here! Aunt Regina blink not knowing how to respond.well then I guess we have a deal I’ll see you tomorrow! Aunt Regina said..wait can I go up to my room before I leave Jane said .sure why not ? But remember you don’t have much time aunt Regina... and what am I supposed to do now I wonder. Jane said .you hear a delicate beep and decide to check your phone ..a message from Sasha ..she want to meet me at the bar ,.and it’s just in time !aun Well done Sasha! Right I’m going that’s for sure . You renter the bar and immediately see a tall lady sitting by the counter.very quietly you more behind Sasha until you are close enough to jump out and frighten her !BOO!jane said Aaaaah! Sasha said ..hahaha ! Easy ,girl it’s me Jane said .my god Jane you scared the life out of me Sasha said ..sorry! I just couldn’t resist.Jane said.. you hug .. I missed you girl ! Sasha said .I know ! We have a lot to catch up on .how life .Jane said .not much I guess .not as exciting as yours anyways Sasha said .oh by the way .are you and Janet together? Jane said ...Sasha hesitates erm ... didn’t you say you wanted a drink ? Sasha said.. seems like she’s trying to avoid talking About her and Janet’s been a tough weekend so far Jane said.really ? What happen Sasha Said the morning I come back from the trip in the afternoon I was at the hospital and an hour Ago . My aunt Regina kicked me out of her house cause she don’t want me to scare off her guest Jane said .wow girl ! That was an awful day for a delicate soul like you Sasha said. Sasha passes a drink to you and accept another one for the bartender.I have an. Idea let’s have as much fun as possible and wash your sorrows away with this ! Sasha take a sip of your drink and realise that you are starting to feel least the contest is finally over for me .you guys still have one more round to go Jane said .Sasha looks at you and you can see pity in her eyes .what ? Don’t give me this weird look Jana said .there won’t be any other round the balls tomorrow .Sasha said . What? Wait you are right but we’re you not supposed to go on a trip with the family like I did ? Or something? Jane said. ..Sasha smiles and taps her long nails on her glass ..nope for the rest of us it was more like going to a coffee shop or a library.Sasha said . Why would they take me on a weekend trip then ? Jane said .I bet Celeste and others were testing you . It could be one of the two you are either too good or too bad but still rather awesome! Seee what I mean Sasha said . I guess I do although I’m to tired to think about it right now! Jane said ..Sasha stroke your arm gently..don’t worry babe it will be over soon Sasha said .yeah you are right it won’t last forever .Jane said Sasha take a sip of her drink . Tell me babe! Now that the contest is over what do you think of Corey family and life in our town Sasha said ..I really like corey family .they are all wonderful people and I feel we could become good friends with Michael and roger maybe and Adelaide of course I feel Like I could learn so much from them !but at the same time I’m so tired of the games that they love playing ! Jane said .what do you mean by those games? Sasha said.well testing people instead of trusting them plotting things behind their backs and all because they care too much of what others think of them Jane said .yeah public opinion matters a great deal to people in this town Sasha said .which is okay as long as everybody is happy with is but what I’ve seen here is that people suffer from their old beliefs and customs and most of all,..from constantly trying to look better than they are forgetting that there is so much more to life than that Jane said . You look at Sasha who looks a bit sad so you gently touch her hand to grab her attention.I’m sorry Sasha I got carried away a bit Jane said .no you’re right it’s just what it is Sasha said.she lifts her gaze and gives you a weak smile and also I’am quite tired so I’m think it’s time to call it a night Sasha said .call it a night at midnight? That so not like Sasha.are you sure ? I’s there anything I could do for you Jane said ..Sasha hugs you .no sweetie .don’t worry about me ! Sash got to go home take her bubble bath and have an early night .for a change .Sasha said.sound like a perfect plan to me Jane said ,beside remember.we a have a big night tomorrow.Sasha roll your eyes and smile ..yeah better get ready for that ...out in the street you look at dark houses and empty cars parked neatly in their spots .this view makes me feel sad I hope aunt Regina done with her posh party and I can finally go back home Jane said .the house looks empty and dark .only one room has lights on your dads bed room .success.!Jane said. You walk to the front door and just when you put your hand on the door knob you feel somebody’s presence behind you and see their blurry shadow on the door. Aaaah !jane said ..Jane ! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you ! Said corey . You shrug and try to sound as calm as possible..I was not at all scared so nothing to worry about really Jane said .suddenly corey grabs you and holds you so close you can hardly breath. I’m such a creep ! I won’t do that to you every again corey said. I’m fine ! I just need some air ! Jane said . Oh! Sure corey said .Corey let’s you go .suddenly this whole situation strikes you as very funny .hahahahaha Jane said. Corey laughs too .but soon her stops and tired to grab your attention. Actually I come here to see you .I was taking a walk cause I needed time and space to think things over and then I realise I had something important to tell you and I absolutely had to see you tonight so will you talk a walk with me Jane said corey .this is your last Chance to share a romantic moment with Corey and hear him say something important. Make sure you don’t miss it ! I be glad to join you Jane said .Great corey said .. Corey offers you his hand and take him by his arms together you are slowly walking down the street. Corey hesitates .you know he want to speak but sometimes is holding him back ..come on corey ! What’s is it you wanted to tell me? I’m dying of curiosity! Jane said . Corey smiles ..good looks like he’s feeling less tense now! Jane. Said. Okay . I don’t know why it take so much courage to look in your eyes and say this corey said . Corey stops take both of your hands in his and looks into your eyes he looks worried and determined at the same time. All I wanted to say was that i love you Jane and It feel like I’ve loved you from the first day I met you now I want you to know that no matter what happens tomorrow ,they won’t take you away from my heart ! Corey said .... Corey breath heavily and it seems to you he has tears sparking in he’s eyes . I don’t care what happens tomorrow because I love you too .and nothing will change that’s Jane said .. really ? I mean I mean Jess my hearts pounding sorry... Corey said .no worries you can take your time Jane said..Corey puts. His arms around your waist and lifts you up then he spins you around ..easy now ! Jane said .. sorry ,I can’t I’m too. Happy ! Corey said . When you’re back on the ground , Corey encloses you in his arms. And places a soft kiss on your forehead .. I couldn’t even dream of that yet , you made me happier than I ever thought possible corey said .... no. You made me happier than ever! There is nothing more inspiring than mutual love ! It’s magical Jane said .. this is what you truly deserve princess Corey said ... you are standing in the street hand in hand , finger intertwined.. you know I think everything will be fine tomorrow Jane said .... I’m sure of that too , all I want now is to make my princess happy ! Corey said .... you lift your lips to his ear and whisper softly... you’re coming with me ! Jane said. I ... that’s an honor! Corey said .. your caution does your credit . Fifteen minutes later the two of you are in your room holding each other tight...your kisses take my breath away ! Corey said ..........his touch is soft and delicate his whisper make you shiver with are like a tender rose , luring me with your beauty and fragrance corey said know what a girl likes to hear Jane said .you are my inspiration, Jane Corey said kiss your tongues dancing to a sweet melody another second and you let your clothes drop to the floor . Corey follows your walk toward your bed and notice corey not following you .what the matter ? Jane said .he is standing there enchanted watching you move ..I’m just taking in your beauty trying to keep breathing..Corey said .you gesture him to come closer and soon you are in your bed covering each other’s bodies with hot kisses.... Corey presses his body against yours and feeling him this close to you , makes you moan .ohh Jane said ....I want you like I never wanted anything in my life ! Corey said ..overwhelmed with feelings unable to speak , you watch Corey making sure you have protection... my heart is bursting with love come to me and let me show you ... Jane said ...... Corey encloses you in his arms and pulls you closer and then for the next few moments you become one A beautiful unison of two loving hearts .. I love you , I love you Jane corey said .. Corey whispers brushing his lips against your ear ... I love you Corey Jane said . You tell him , your whisper turning into a very soft moan as you. Climax. Later lying in your bed resting your head on Corey chest , you ask him this moment was really special to me .do you know why ? Jane said .. he places a soft kiss on your forehead .because we are in love star shine..Corey said ..that’s a cute nickname !jane said ..time flies make sure corey leaves while the house is still quiet you get dressed quickly and follow him downstairs...outside. You kiss him goodbye and lift your head up ... the sky is so beautiful tonight !jane said spot a bright star in the night sky .it makes you think about your future... somethings gonna happen tomorrow , I know this for sure . Can’t wait to see what it is ! Jane

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