Calling Callan

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Oh shit

I stood outside the main entrance of my highschool, grinning like an idiot on cocain. I quickly gathered all the accutrement I had brought along with me to carry out my evil plan and shoved them inside the backpack I was carrying.

I carefully moved towards the forest, while makikg sure I stayed in the blind spots of the CCTV camera outside the entrace of our school. Once I was inside the forest and well hidden by the tress, I started stripping out of my clothes.

I tied my clothes around my ankles and forearms and then shifted into my coffee brown wolf. I took off in the direction of my house while feeling satisfied with myself.

Now you must be thinking "Anais what in the fuck are you talking about?". Welllll let me give you a flashback, shall I?


I felt something vibrate against my arm, snapping me out of my beautiful sleep. I tried to pull my arm away from whatever it was that was buzzing like a thousand fucking bees, but it felt like the thing was stuck to my arm.

I opened my left eye and raised my hand in front of me to find my phone taped to my arm and suddenly remembered all about my plan for today.

I quickly sat up on my bed and ripped my phone away from arm. I cursed under my breath when I felt a slight sting while removing the electric tape which was in direct contact with my skin.

Now you must be wondering "Anaïs why the hell do you have your phone taped to you?". Well I will tell you, that's because I needed to wake up at 3 am to execute my plan and I can't use an alarm cause that would wake up my entire family and I'd be definitely caught. Sucks to be a werewolf sometimes..

I got out of my bed and started getting ready as quietly as possible. I dressed in black yoga pants, a black turtle neck and covered my face with a bright red scarf. I know I know not a bright decision but I don't have any other scarf!

I quickly picked up the old, worn off backpack I had packed last night with all the necessary items I needed to carry out my prank.

I moved towards my bed and peeled the bedsheets off of the matress. I tied one end of the bedsheet to the foot of my bed which was closest to my bedroom window and then tied the other end with my blanket. I made a few knots in between and one at the very end and then dropped the DIY rope down my window.

I skillfully climbed down and then pulled the little wollen thread that hung right next to the blanket rope. The rope recoiled back up as I kept pulling the wollen thread.

It was an idea I came up with the last time our neighbours had seen the rope hanging from my window and alerted my parents. The wollen thread was really long, it's other end was tied to the bottom most end of my blanket rope and it went behind my bed's leg and it's other end was hanging from the window. As soon as I pull the end on my side, the other end will pull the blanket up. I had also attached another long piece of wollen thread to my bedsheets, which also hung from my window. When I pulled that one, I could pull the blankets back down.

Genius, I know!

After I was done hiding my trace, I quickly stripped out of my clothes and tied them around my ankels and forearms and shifeted into my wolf. I picked up the old backpack with my mouth and sprinted in the direction of my school.

Flashback ends

After climbing back into my room. I quickly changed back into my jammies and hid all the evidence I had carried with me to the school.

I got under my covers with a grin on my face, happily imagining everybody's reaction to my handy work. I looked at the alarm clock that was kept on my night table on the left side of my bed and it read 7:03 am.

I was right on time, in about half an hour my brother or mother would barge into my room to wake me up for school.

Just as I had predicted, my brother slammed my bedroom door open at around 7:35 and me, being the Oscar deserving actress I was, proceeded to curse at him, groan and throw my pillow at him acting annoyed as I usually would every morning.

I waited another 10 minutes after he was gone before getting up. I knew they'd hear me shuffling around and If I woke up right after Apollo came to wake me up..that would be like hella suspish.

I got ready for school as I would everyday, just with a little bit of more enthusiasm and willingness.

I made my way downstairs and greeted my family who were sitting around the kitchen counter, eating their breakfast.

I kept up my "I hate mornings" facade and lazily filled my plate with breakfast and my cup with a shit ton of coffee even though I didn't need it today.

I ate my breakfast while listening to my parents and brother converse. There were moments where I wanted to say something but I kept my mouth shut becaue I rarely talked to anyone in the morning. I was REALLY not a morning person.

I grumbled under my breath and let out a huge, dramatic sigh which as expected grabbed my father's attention.

"Anaïs, you seem more tired than usual today" my father said. I almost did a happy dance that he noticed and started working on part B of my plan.

"Thinking about walking to school is literally making me depressed right now. I have no strength....." I whined to my pa and as expected he ate up my lie.

A little frown appeared on his face and he turned towards my brother. I almost, almost burst out with happiness that this actually worked just like I wanted it to!!!

"Apollo, drop you sister off at school", my father instructed Apollo to which he obviously grumbled but had to accept since there was no saying no to the husband of a latina. He might not be latino himself, but he sure did learn how to whoop a disrespectful son's ass like one.

I gave my dad a small but grateful smile. After finishing my breakfast, I waited in the driveway for Apollo to take out his bike.

Soon we were driving towards my school. As soon as we entered the parking lot, I could sense and hear the commotion of people.

I gave my brother a fake quizzical look, maintaining my act. We both got off his bike and made out way towards the school building.

Apollo was the first to burst out laughing when he saw the spectacle before him. Thousands and thousands of pictures of Callan Baraed with colourful dicks drawn on his face covered the entire lenghts of literally every corridore wall.

I joined his laughter, finally being able to express how I really felt.

"Oh my god, who did this?!" My brother dolled out with trying to stiffle his laughs. I could see a couple of teacher trying to take down the pictures but some were just out of their reach and the kids had already recorded the entire thing on their phones. This was going to be gold!

"I have no clue but whoever did this is a genius" I said to him making him nod.

Our laughing session was interrupted by a huge and I mean HUGE growl.

Every single person instantly knew it was Callan. I was literally jumping up and down inside my head, over flowing with happiness.

I had not expected Callan to actually see this with his own eyes, he was almost always late to school and I thought the pack would probably take down everything by the time he reached school.

I was expecting for him to find out through the videos and gossip that would circulate around the student body but this was definitely better.

I looked back at Callan, who had now marched right inside the building and was standing at the mouth of the corridor. He plucked off a picture of him from the wall and stared at it.

I swear I saw smoke come out of his ears, he was literally red with anger. He crumbled up the photo in his hand and looked around at the kids. His gaze so intense, it made everybody look down.

"WHO DID THIS?" Callan screamed/growled. His voice sounded half human and half animal...ooooo dang maybe he was too angry??

"WHOEVER DID THIS EITHER COME OUT NOW AND ACCEPT THEIR PUNISHMENT OR WAIT UNTIL I FIND THEM MYSELF BUT BELIEVE ME THAT WOULD BE WORSE" Callan said as his nostrils flared with anger. How the fuck is he going to find out? I made sure I left no traces of the background in the was just Callan face and neck on a black background.

I'm such a fucking genius.

I looked around at all the other kids and kinda felt bad they were having to face Callan's wrath but I was wayy more happy about embarassing him so I didn't dwell on the feeling much.

Callan stormed out after his little warning and everybody got to removing the pictures from the walls. By the end of first period, there wasn't even a single trace of my great prank.

Everybody in our pack is a fucking wuss. They took down my hardwork so fast just because they're scared of Callan I thought to myself bitterly as I made my way to the cafeteria.

I got my food and then scanned the crowd in the cafeteria to look for Sam. I spotted her sitting at the very back, intently focused on her pizza.

I made my way towards her and sat down besides her.

"Seriously sam it looks like you're about to make love to the pizza" I said to her when she didn't even say a 'hi' to me. We haven't seen each other all morning and she can't even be bothered enough to greet me?

"I just might, don't tempt me" she replied.

I chuckled and picked up my own slice of pizza and moaned as the cheesy flavour hit me.

"So who do you think pranked Callan?" Sam asked suddenly making me choke.

I picked up my orange juice box from my tray and gulped it down, trying to move the piece of pizza that was currently stuck in my esophagus.

I looked at Sam who had her eyebrows raised.

"Sorry, as soon as I thought about it, I couldn't help but laugh" I improvised. It was enough for Sam since she knew how much I loved seeing Callan get tortured so it made sense I'd take pleasure out of that prank.

"Yeaaaa my first doubt was you, literally everybody's first doubt was you but a bunch of kids saw you come to school with your brother and literally nothing had been cought on the CCTV's" she said while shrugging. I smirked internally at how good I've gotten at these things.

I was having the time of my life, releshing in the pride and joy I felt as I heard Sam talk about how smart she thought the pranker was when the cafeteria doors were slammed open with such force that one of the door literally came off of it's hinges.

Everybody, including me and Sam, turned their attention to the animal who had made such a commotion and we saw Callan Baraed standing there, his eyes scanning over the crowd and his face stoic and emotionless.

His eyes finally found what they were searching for and that was me. My gaze locked with his and I could see the fury in his eyes.

He took quick, angry steps towards me making my blood run cold.

All I could think about as Callan Baraed marched towards me, ready to put me to my death was...

"Oh shit"
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