Calling Callan

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Punishment and conspiracies

I sat there in Callan's office tapping my feet nervously on the floor. Callan had picked me up from the cafeteria and brought me here. He left me locked inside his office, full of nerves.

I knew I was fucked, I have no clue how he found out it was me who pranked him and by the looks of it this discovery just made him more furious.

I wanted him to be angry and embarrassed but not at me! I tried my best to avoid getting caught but alas!

I nervously chewed on my lower lip while looking around Callan's office. His walls had huge holes punched in them...fuck he was going to kill me.

I was startled out of my chair when the office door suddenly banged open and a still fuming Callan entered.

I said a silent prayer in my head and stood up. I clutched my hands together in front of me and hung my head. If I make eye contact with him, he'll literally rip my head off.

The silence was killing me and Callan was doing nothing to break it. He simply walked over to his desk and sat down.

"Sit down" he said, his voice deep and husky sending shivers of fear down my spine. I nodded my head and tentatively took a seat in front of him.

"You're scared to look at me now but you weren't scared do pull shit like that?" Callan breathed out angrily.

"I'm not scared, I'm just trying not to anger you more" I said while raising my head and glaring at him. I knew he would be why would I be scared? I just don't want him killing me...

I finally got a good look at his face and boy was he angry. He was literally red and glaring daggers at me.

"Why Anais? Why would my own luna embarasse me like that?" He asked through gritted teeth. His palms were fisted so tightly that his knuckles were turning white and his jaw was clenched as well.

"Because Callan I always do that. Why the fuck is it such a big deal now? You usually just shrug and give me community service. Why are you blowing up now?" I asked him while simply shrugging. I have pranked him before and he literally does nothing so why is he overreacting now?

I jumped a little when Callan suddenly slammed his fists on the table, making it crack. "It matter because you're my mate Anaïs, you're our pack's luna and this is not how a luna behaves" he said, his eyes changing between black and gold.

I rolled my eyes at what he said and scoffed. "First of fucking all I DID NOT ask to be the Luna and second of all I will act however the fucking way I want and you can do literally nothing about it" I said and folded my arms over my chest.

I could see my words just added to his flames of anger and Callan's nostrils flared and If this was a cartoon, there would definitely be smoke coming out of his ears and nose.

"Oh I can't do anything about it? How about I stop being easy on you and punish you the way I would any other pack mate?" Callan said while smirking evily. He went easy on me?!? I was his sole target in this entrie fucking pack FOR YEARS! And this asshole says he went east on me?!

"Oh fuck off Callan, you've tortured me since I have joined this pack. Don't fucking say you've been easy on me! You single handedly ruined my life and enjoyed every fucking bit of it!" I screamed at him.

"Well then you asked for this Anaïs" he mumbled and the door to his office was suddenly opened. Our future beta, Theodore White entered the office and bowed to both of us. I rolled my eyes, I hate that.

"Take her to the general prison, she's being punished for publically humiliating her superiors and will stay there for a week" Callan said making me look at him. I was shocked, I wouldn't lie. Callan was never this extreme with me or rather any of the pack members. But no other pack member was stupid enough to pull the shit I did...

I wasn't scared though, I was just angry. I silently got up while keeping my head up and bowed to the beta making Theodore's eyes go wide. Callan had made it clear that I was beneath him which meant I was beneath the beta as well.

I turned around and bowed to Callan as well. "Alpha" I said in a monotone voice. I could see it physically ticked Callan off and that is exactly what I wanted to do. He had indirectly rejected me and I accepted it fucking gladly.

I marched right out of his office without looking back once. I didn't feel hurt or anything because I did deserve this punishment given what I did. I did feel sad that I got caught though..but I never expected Callan to actually punish me, he just never did but I guess it was time to draw clear lines.

I quietly walked towards the buliding under which the general prisons were built, they were used to keep criminals within the pack to punish them for petty crimes like stealing or some shit.

I kept my head up and my back straight as we passed the various cells that were occupied by some people who stared at me with wide eyes. They didn't expect to see their luna down here...I wasn't their luna.

Theo gingerly opened a cell door and bowed to me as I stepped inside. I could feel guilt and remorse rolling off of him in waves having to be the person to lock up his luna.

"Don't do that beta, this is not your fault and I am certainly not your luna. Bow to me one more time and I will flip" I told him while giving him a polite smile, trying to make him feel better about this.

"Alpha Callan is just angry luna, please do not say that. You will always be my luna, he will come around. Believe me as soon as he realises what a grave mistake he has made, he'll run down here himself to get you out" Theodore said making me laugh bitterly.

"Forget it Beta Theo, I don't want him coming down here. The faster he forgets about me, the better. And to be honest I kinda deserve it since I did commit the crime" I chuckled and reached out my hand through the silver bars to pat Theo on his shoulders.

"Cheer up Beta, it's me whoes inside not you." I said. I hissed as I touched the silver bar while retracting my hand. My wrist was red where it had touched the silver.

I looked up at the beta who was glaring daggers at the wound.

"It's fine, it's nothing compared to the other injuries I've inflicted upon myself because of my clumsiness. You should go Beta, you might be needed by someone and I don't want to keep you away from your duties" I said making Theodore nod.

I was left alone in the dark cell after Theodore left. I quickly backed away in a corner and wrapped my arms tightly around myself. It was quite cold down here and the concrete floor and walls weren't helping. I guess prison isn't meant to be comfortable though....

I was lost in thoughts when I suddenly heard someone calling me. I looked up and found a man sitting in the cell right infront of mine. He was looking at me curiously..

"Why are you down here luna?" The man asked. That's what he's curious about.

"I pranked the Alpha, he found out got angry and locked me up" I told him while shrugging my shoulders. It is the expected punishment, I don't see why people are so surprised about it.

The man nodded his head "but why would the alpha punish his own mate?" He asked to which I just shrugged.

"I provoked him and voila! And don't call me luna, my name is Anaïs" I told him. This luna thing erked me too much.

"Okay Anaïs. My name is Peter, Peter Welch" he said politely which I returned with a smile.

"So why are you in here Peter Welch. Are you a thief?" I asked him to which he chuckled and nodded his head. I drew my lips in thin lines. I knew stealing is bad and since every pack member is well off, there no economic reason as to why someone would steal so Peter had to be a bad guy.

"What did you steal? Money?" I asked since money's always the biggest motivation, maybe he wasn't satisfied with his current wealth and wanted more.

He shook his head and mumbled a little no.

"Then what?" I asked him while scooting forwards. I was invested now, I didn't really give a crap about him being a bad guy..I just need someone to keep me occupied till I get out of here.

"I don't think I should tell you given your relation with the Alpha" he said while slightly shaking his head.

"Oh that's understandable..but if it changes your mind, I hate that asshole and would rather eat a dead rat then help him out soo.." I told him while pouting a little. I really wanted to know, the mystery was killing me!

"I stole some official documents but I will not tell you which" he said finally giving in.

My mouth formed in an 'o' shape. Dang he commited was probably for either a rouge group or for another pack.

"Did you voluntarily do it? Or were you forced?" I asked him. It wasn't easy for pack members to betray their Alpha and fellow members, it wasn't impossible but it was difficult.

"I-" he hesitated, I could see he was trying to contemplate whether to tell me or not. His reaction just made me more excited. He would've admitted it if he had done it voluntarily since he already had been caught but now that he hesitated, I was sure there was more to it.

I quickly started thinking what could be the reasons for a pack member to betray his Alpha, to whom he swears eternal loyalty to and I knew the answer.

"You don't have to tell me. We can talk about something else" I told him. If he was hesitating, it meant he was scared of telling me which meant if I was correct about his motives, then whoever was behind this would know about him telling me.

"So do you have parents or siblings?" I asked him already forming a plan in my head to help him out but first I needed to confirm something.

"No my parents died a while ago. My pather passed away due to a heart attack and my mother died because of her mate's passing" he said his eyes clouded by misery and heartache showing how much he missed his parents.

"What about a wife or kids?" I asked determined to find out whether I was right or not. I saw the change in his demeanor as clear as crystal. His shoulders slumped and a pained expression crossed his face at the mention of his wife and kids.

My eyes widened, gods it was true. The only reason I would betray my Alpha would be if the enemy had something against me...they had his family.

Before he could answer I faked a yawn. "Oh I'm tired, I'm gonna sleep now. Talk to you later" I said trying to act casual. He couldn't freely talk here, which meant whatever he said in this prison was somehow being communicated to others outside. I did not want anyone getting alerted.

I quickly laid down on the hard concrete floor with my back towards Peter Welch. I had to think of a way to tell someone about him...I don't think I'll have a week since prisoners were tried after 4 days of their capture and I have no clue how long Peter has before his trial. If or more like when he's found guilty of treason he'll either be sentenced to death or kicked out in rogue territory where he'd have very less chances of survival.

This escalated way too quickly and wayy too much. Fuck I was not expecting this to be the result of my prank.

Lord, what the actual fuck have you gotten me into?!!
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