Calling Callan

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Another betrayal

I nervously tapped my finger on the wooden table in front of me. Currently Callan, Alpha Kendrik, Luna Christy and I were waiting in a cottage near the west borders. It was meant for border petrol, to rest and stuff while they changed shifts.

After I had informed Alpha Kendrik about Peter Welch's case, he had immediately ordered a few border gaurds to escort Peter out of the general prisons and bring him to this very cottage.

All four of us were sat around a wooden table, anxiously waiting for the truth to unfold before us.

"Hey, it'll be okay Anaïs" Callan said to me when he noticed I was getting increasingly nervous as the time ticked by. He gently took hold of my hand which I was nervously tapping on the table and gave it a small squeeze.

I looked at him and smiled gratefully but wasn't able to hold the smile much longer, given the grave situation we were in.

"I'm just worried, that's all" I said, drawing my eyebrows together. I just hoped if I was right, we'd be able to help him. I just didn't want innocent lives in danger but neither did I want to risk Peter escaping and hurting pack members.

"They're here" Alpha Kendrik announced making my heart pound even more. I drew in a long and unsteady breath because I felt choked all of a sudden.

Soon the cottage doors were opened and 8 guards escorted in a handcuffed Peter Welch.

As soon as he stepped foot inside the living room area, he bowed to Alpha Kendrik and Luna Christy first and then to Callan and I.

Everybody stood still for a moment, not knowing what to do. The guards vigilantly stood around Peter, ready to do their job in case things went south.

"Peter, Anaïs has brought our attention to some inconsistencies with your case and we would like to question you further to clear up the misunderstandings that have been brought to light by her" Alpha Kendrik finally started but his words just made my heart thump faster.

I can't believe I would be this stupid to do something like this. Why oh why was I trying to be a good guy and help others? If I was wrong and all this hassle happened for no reason then my image as the future Luna will most certainly be reduced to nothing.

"You're doing the right thing Anaïs" I suddenly heard Isis in head. Her words instantly making me feel calm.

"What if I'm wrong though?" I asked her. She was way mature and Luna-like than me...maybe I should've asked her before creating such a big mess.

"You're trying to save pack members, even though he is accused of having committed treason, he's still a pack member. You're doing what a Luna would, protecting the pack" she said. Yup, I was just having some last minute cold feet. I was doing the right thing and even if all of this was for nothing, at least I acted upon my suspicions, right?. If I kept quiet just because I didn't want to cause an inconvenience, then what kind of leader would I make in the future?

"Anaïs, you should question him now" I heard Alpha Kendrik say and I nodded at him respectfully. I turned towards Peter, while putting on my brave face.

"What crime did you commit that caused you to be imprisoned Peter Welch?" I asked him, my voice surprisingly confident, steady and firm.

"I stole documents regarding border safety and petrol. The schedule for changes in petrol shifts and the names and ranks of all the border gaurds" he answered honestly. Everybody knew he wasn't lying, it was a werewolf perk, we could listen to his heartbeat and his breathing rate and know that he wasn't lying but at the same time he could just be really good at controlling his bodily responses...

"Whom did you steal them for?" I asked further. I knew this is weird but I know how the werewolf courts and trials work. This interrogation was being recorded and will be used in court during his trial and therefore there was a procedure to it.

"For a group of rouges" he said. "I do not know their identities, only the faces of a few of them" he admitted.

"Did you do it willingly? Or were you forced" I finally asked him what has been on everybody's mind.

"They have my children" he said and I could see something break in him.

"How did they get a hold of them?" I asked him further even though it pained me to. I could see he was hurting, he not only had to bear being away from them but also scared about their safety all the time. He suffered the pain of betraying his leaders and now was stuck fighting for his and his children's lives.

"We were being tagged. I work in the city and my children and wife lived in the pack. My wife was in the city to visit me with my children when we were attacked. I was driving them back to pack lands when out of nowhere 5 rouges started chasing after our car and a few rammed into it from the side making me swerve off the road. I had to come to a stop to prevent crashing into a tree. They forced all of us out, tied us and took us to an underground hideout. That was when they revealed what they wanted. I refused at first but that did not end well and in the end I had to do as they said to save my children." He said as tears streamed down his eyes.

I could see all the border petrol had involuntarily let their guard down as they watched Peter break down in front of them.

"Peter we want to help you. You and your family are a part of this pack and your children are innocent. Do you remember where they are holding them?" I asked and thankfully he nodded his head in affirmative.

"Why didn't you admit to all of this when you were interrogated before" Callan asked him, I knew he wanted to know who was the spy in the cells.

"There is one of them in the prison, he was present during my interrogation and if I revealed the truth, my kids would've been killed" he admitted to my suspicions. Callan looked at me, his eyes held a knowing look and also pride. I smiled at him, grateful he had believed me instead of calling me crazy.

"Who?" Callan asked, his voice a little strained. We had discussed this before, for a spy to be able to communicate in and out of the prison, it had to be one of the guards which meant even though Peter Welch wasn't a traitor, another pack member was. This was hard for us as leaders and pack members. We were like a family and it hurt when a wolf betrayed us..

"It is unfortunately your future Gamma, Jacob Rosewood, Alpha" Peter said while bowing his head. His words made all of us shocked.

Jacob Rosewood, the son of the current Gamma, Adam Rosewood, was a well respected member of this pack. Not only was he a well respected member, his family was in charge of training all the pack members especially the fighters.

"Are you sure Peter, that accusation holds a lot of weight and you would know that Adam is a respectable and honorable man who has fought besides me countless of times and accusing his only son of such a thing is a very major allegation" Alpha Kendrik said, his face expressionless but his eyes showed pain and anger at the same time.

"I am aware Alpha but why would I risk my children's lives just for a boy who isn't even a Gamma yet?" Peter said, his words making perfect sense to us.

"Give us time Peter, we shall discuss your matter and we will summon you again soon" Alpha Kendrik said while motioning the guards to take Peter back to his cells.

"Luna thank you for doing this for me even though I gave no reason for you to doubt my motives" Peter said to me while bowing. I simply smiled at him.

"You seemed like a good man Peter Welch, even though I am happy that you are innocent, I am also heartbroken for your family. We promise we'll return them to you safe and sound" I told him to which he gratefully bowed at me again, a few more tears escaping his eyes and streaming down his face.

Peter was escorted out of the cottage by the gaurds and the four of us were left behind to ponder upon everything that has come to light.

"How sure are we that he's telling the truth?" Luna Christy asked, grabbing all of our attention. "He could just be lying about his children being held by the rogues. We have no way of confirming that" she continued.

"We know he has two kids and a wife. We can look into the pack records, there will be a picture of them there and we can look around the pack. He said they lived here without him, which means their house would be empty and covered with dust if they haven't returned to it in a while" I said.

"Anaïs and I will go and inspect their house ourselves. Dad you should deal with Adam and Jacob and preferably get them inside a prison today" Callan said. Alpha Kendrik nodded and his iris went a little foggy, indicating he was mind-linking someone.

"Come on, let's head to my dad's office and get what we need" Callan said to me. We both stood up and exited the cottage and started in the direction of the pack house.

"You okay?" I asked Callan. I took a hold of his hand and gently squeezed it.

"I can't believe Jacob would do something like this, helping rogues with that kind of information? It would mean they could easily break into pack territory and harm anyone! I grew up with that guy, how could he?" He said while sighing loudly and running his other hand through his hair.

"I'm sorry Callan. This must be hard for you especially for your wolf since you are our Alpha. It'll be okay though, at least no one got hurt and now we know how to keep our pack secure." I said while tracing small circles on his hand, trying to sooth him.

I can't believe shit got so real so fast. Just a few hours ago Callan and I were bickering about ridiculous things and now we're in the middle of a life or death situation.

But it all just made me feel closer to him for some reason. I could see the crap he dealt with everyday as the future Alpha and I just started respecting him more unconsciously.

He seemed like a jerk and a good-for-nothing asshole before who only knew how to tease me but now he looked so grown up, dealing with things so serious, with issues about pack safety and protecting and keeping all the pack members alive and away from harm.

I was starting to see another side to him, it made me grateful and sad at the same time. He was after all only 18 and pack duties were such a huge burden but at the same time he seemed so charismatic and dependable and good at being a leader that it made my heart swell with pride.

"We have a good mate" Isis said as she too saw another side of Callan Baraed today.

"Yea we do" I replied back while tightening my hold on his hand.

I just hope we can solve this problem without anything going wrong.
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