Calling Callan

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Preparing for a fight

After we grabbed Peter Welch and his family's records from Alpha Kendrik's office, Callan and I head out for their home. According to the files in our hands, his family home was located in the main wolf residential area, just a couple of houses away from mine.

The house was fairly normal just painted white and mint green on the outside unlike most of the houses which were white and a light yellow. It was a normal two story house, with a garden in the front which had grass growing in it and a couple of flowering plants, the front porch had a lovely wooden swing on the left, with a huge glass window right behind it.

We climbed the front porch and Callan tried the doorknob but as expected it was locked.

"Well I feel bad for doing this but-" and with that Callan slammed him side into the door, breaking it open. I heaved out a sigh and stepped besides him. I checked over the doorframe and found what I was looking for: A backup key.

I held it in front of the Barbarian's face and rolled my eyes at how impatient he is.

"I've already done it now..." He mumbled under his breadth but didn't wait for my reply instead he just sauntered inside the house, leaving me standing at the entrance.

I could tell the house had been empty for a couple of days now. Everything was covered with a very thin layer of dust. I dragged my finger across the top of the shoe rack which was situated on the right a little ahead of the entrance and my fingers were coated with dust particles.

"Well you were right, the house has been empty for a few days now" Callan said while going inside what seemed to be the living room.

I followed behind him and found him standing in front of a fire place with a mantel on top of it. It had a number of photo frames on it and Callan was inspecting them.

"Yup, this is it. The faces match, he has two kids and a wife and now it's confirmed" he said to me and I nodded my head.

I strolled out of the living room and headed upstairs to the second story. I entered what appeared to be the master bedroom, it had two dressers, a coffee table situated in front of a leather lounge chair, a double king sized bed. I walked towards the closet and found it full of female clothing. On the top shelf were two suitcases.

He wasn't lying about his family living alone here since there's only female clothing and given the fact that his wife's clothes are mostly here, it means she didn't leave or wasn't hiding.

I checked the kid's room as well and their clothing was also in the cupboards. Nothing which could prove Peter's story wrong was found.

I met with Callan downstairs in the kitchen. He was leaning against the kitchen counter, with his eyes closed and his arms folded in front of his chest.

"You found anything?" I asked him. He opened his eyes upon hearing my voice and shook his head no in reply to my question.

"Me neither. Let's report back to Alpha." I breathed out, I was getting more and more scared as the prospect of little kids being in danger was proving to be true.

I just hope we can get to them in time I thought to myself. The thought made even Isis queasy, her protective Luna instincts acting up.

"Anaïs we'll find a solution to this, don't worry princess" Callan said while making his way towards me. I was soon enveloped in his warm and calming embrace. I took in a huge whiff of his scent to try and calm my nerves.

"This is my first time handling something like this. I'll be fine, don't worry" I replied while gently patting his back. Callan let out a chuckle which made me detach myself from him and give him a quizzical look.

"You're the one freaking out and still trying to comfort me" he said while giving me a slight smile. I could see he was troubled but was trying to be strong for me.

"I know right? This mate bond is one hell of a thing" I said while awkwardly clearing my throat.

"Stop blaming the mate bond and just admit you have feeling for me princess" he said with a smirk on his face.

"Not really an appropriate time to be flirting, don't you think alpha?" I said while emphasizing on the Alpha a little more than necessary.

"Yea sorry, I couldn't help myself" he said and grabbed a hold of my hand. "Let's go and report back to dad, the sooner we form a plan to save Peter's kids, the better" he said making me nod.

We both exited the house and decided it will be faster if we just shifted. I went behind the house and quickly undressed. I tied my clothes loosely around my arms and ankles and shifted into my wolf.

I padded to the front of the house and was greeted by Callan's midnight Black wolf. We both sprinted in the direction of the pack house.

We quickly got dressed after we reached the pack house. Callan and I made our way to Alpha Kendrik's office once again, which was located on the third level of the pack house.

Alpha Kendrik was inside the office when we reached there, he was signing a couple of documents when we entered his office.

I bowed at him respectfully and so did Callan.

"So what have you two found?" Alpha Kendrik asked.

"There wasn't anything to prove Peter was lying to us. His wife and kids clothes are all there, the house looks like it has been empty for quite a while, his story proves to be consistent" I said while keeping a straight, emotionless face.

"I checked the identities of his family and looked around their kitchen. The fridge was stocked and a few things had gone bad, which meant they were planning on returning after seeing Peter but were unable to" Callan completed, his face emotionless just like mine and Alpha Kendrik's.

"We have Adam and his son Jacob inside a cell in the general prison. We should go and question them. Anaïs you should come with us, after all this is your case now" Alpha Kendrik said. I nodded at him and started fiddling with my fingers behind my back.

I have never witnessed an interrogation. I had been present for a few public wolf trials but other than that I had no idea how interrogations worked.

Alpha Kendrik, Callan and I left the pack house and headed to the general prison.
Callan must've noticed my discomfort because he once again took a hold of my hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

"You'll be fine, I'll be there with you. Take it as a learning experience" he whispered in my ear. I nodded my head slightly. I knew I needed to get my shit together since I an the future luna of this pack but you can't blame a girl for shitting her pants while she's on her way to interrogate criminals.

We descended the stairs of the general prison which I had grown familiar with thanks to my asswipe of a mate.

Gamma Adam and his son were being held in a cell at the very end of the prison. Two prison guards led the three of us to their cell and unlocked it. Alpha Kendrik dismissed them, not wanting them to find out why the Gamma of the pack was in a prison.

Gamma Adam and his son were on their feet in a second when they saw the three of us approach their cell. Gamma Adam bowed to Alpha Kendrik while his son pretended to. Fuck that wasn't a good sign...

"Alpha may I ask what is going on? Why was my son and I dragged out of our home in the middle of the day without an explanation?" Gamma Adam asked clearly feeling disrespected and angry for being locked up without an explanation.

"You tell me Adam. What do you want me to do when I find out your son has been working for rogues and helping them get their hands on pack information?" Alpha Kendrik's voice boomed loudly like thunder. It made goosebumps appear on my skin but I maintained my emotionless and stoic expression.

"What!? Kendrick you cannot be serious?! Who made such a ludicrous allegations towards my son?!" Gamma Adam said wildly, his eyebrows furrowed with confusion.

"Well Jacob Rosewood? Is this allegation false? Do you dare to lie to an Alpha?" Alpha Kendrik spat angrily at a now scared looking Jacob. Even if I was blind, I'd be able to tell that Peter wasn't lying about Jacob...the way he kept fidgeting and looking everywhere but at us were clear signs of nervousness.

"Alpha Kendrik, this is false! I haven't done anything! My father and I have and always will be loyal to you and this pack! Whoever told you these things is lying!" Jacob said but his words just made Alpha Kendrik more furious, I could feel anger radiating off of him, surrounding him like a dangerous aura.

"Where were you on the night Peter Welch's family was attacked?" Alpha Kendrik asked Jacob, his voice menacingly cold. It made the hair on my arm stand and a cold shiver run down my spine.

"I was with my friends alpha! You can question them, Trent, Flesher and Mark, I was with them since noon" Jacob said desperately.

Alpha Kendrik simply chuckled darkly at Jacob's words and without saying another thing, exited the cell. Callan and I followed him out and the cells were immediately closed after us.

"Alpha Kendrik! My son just told you where he was! You can ask his friends and that'll prove his innocence!" Gamma Adam screamed after us but Alpha Kendrik didn't slow down or turn back. He simply walked out of the general prisons with Callan and I trailing behind him.

"Alpha Kendrik can be scary when he wants to be" Isis said inside my head to which I nodded.

"I almost pissed my wonder no one dares to go against him. I used to think Callan was evil but now I see where he gets his temper from.." I replied.

We were soon back in Alpha Kendrik's office. Alpha Kendrik was furious at his Gamma's betrayal.

He mind linked someone and we were joined by Beta Mason in his office a few minutes later.

"Call the chief commander of the warriors, the Beta female and your son to the conference room. We have to discuss how we're going to save Peter's family" Alpha Kendrik said to which Beta Mason simply bowed and exited to prepare for the meeting.

"Uhhh Alpha Kendrik, if you don't mind me asking how do you know Jacob was lying, we hardly questioned him.." I asked still confused as to how in the seven hells Alpha Kendrik knows that Jacob is the spy...

"He said he was hanging out with his friends on the night of the attack on Peter's family but we never told him when Peter's family was attacked. How else would he know which day I was talking about?" Alpha said making my jaw drop with realization. Fuck, I didn't even noticed that he did that....whoa, that only happens in movies.

"He's the Alpha for a reason" Isis said to me.

There was a knock on Alpha Kendrik's office door and then it opened to reveal Luna Christy. She walked inside and went straight to Alpha Kendrik.

"Ken, calm down. You know your BP goes through the roof if you worry too much. It will be fine, we will find a way to help Peter" she said while trying to comfort her mate. She must be feeling everything Alpha Kendrik was feeling since well they were a mated couple.

"We'd be like that with mate if you stop being so stubborn" Isis suddenly said making me sigh again. I was tired of fighting with her because of this mate thing.

"Not the time for this Isis, we'll talk about it later" I said to her which made her frown. She curled up in a corner in my head and I could feel she was irritated with me but I couldn't care less right now.

This wasn't about me and Callan. We had more important things at hand, we had to come up with a full proof plan and save Peter Welch's family.

Goddess help us through this and keep them save. I silently prayed as the four of us waited for Beta Mason to finish preparing for the meeting.

This was going to be a hell of a long day...

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