Calling Callan

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Heading out to battle

It was morning by the time we were done formulating a plan. Daylight crept into conference room 2 through the two salwood windows and we could pick up the chirping of birds outside.

I looked around the conference room and saw every single person present was utterly exhausted. We discussed Peter Welch's situation all night long and everytime it seemed as if we had reached to a concrete plan, something would fall through.

The most difficult part of our plan would be not being able to shift. After further questioning Peter, we found out that the underground hideout of the rogues was located beneath an abandoned factory in the city where Peter worked.

That's how the rogues set their eyes on Peter and his family in the first place. The problem was that since we had to carry out the rescue and capture mission in the city, we couldn't shift in front of the humans. We would have to carry guns with silver bullets and even though pack members are trained with guns and knives as well, we are strongest in our wolf form.

Another major problem would be preventing the rogues from shifting and escaping. Us pack members can be trusted to not shift and endanger our species being discovered, but not the rogues. They simply do not care about anyone else but themselves and if one of them escapes, there is a chance they might shift and get discovered by humans.

"I have mindlinked the strongest trackers and fighters. They're all preparing to leave within 3 hours" Commander-in-chief Brooke Sanders said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Theo and I will go and prepare the weapons and communication devices. We'll also double the border petrol." Callan said. The others nodded their head.

"Anaïs I think you should call the pack for a meeting. Inform the adults of the developments. Don't go into detail but tell them that they should be on high alert and if anything goes wrong in our absence, they should follow May-day protocol as always" Callan said while turning to me. I nodded my head and rose from my seat, of course I was the future Luna, I'll have to play a part too.

"I'll hold the meeting in the pack house lobby and then meet you out the northern border. We'll head out together from there?" I asked Callan who looked at me with a blank face.

"What?" I asked when I noticed his weird expression.

"You're staying in the pack territory" he said. For a second I thought he was joking but when his face didn't give away any signs of humour, I was just further confused.

"And why would I stay here?" I asked him.

"I'm not taking my mate to fight off a bunch of rogues. You're staying" he said, his voice commanding.

"I'm not arguing with you cause you're no one to take my decisions. If I want to go, then no one can stop me" I said while scoffing at his idiotic self. Who does he think he is? Ordering me around. Does he think it's the 1800's right now? Does he think I'm some damsel in distress who needs to be protected all the time?!??

"Anaïs don't fight me on this. I won't have you in the arms of danger" he said his eyes begging me to listen to him once he realised his weird "I'm the man" act won't work.

"I was trained like every other member of the pack and am fully capable of fighting. You better stuff that weird Alpha man act up your ass and if you continue to act like I'm some frail little girl, then I won't be responsible for your damaged family jewels!" I screamed at him and power walked out of the conference room.

Callan was infuriating and I am done with men thinking women can't do anything on their own. Our females are trained just like the males, actually they're trained more given the fact that nature is a bitch and makes males physically stronger than females but our small size, flexibility and quickness makes up for it and so does the extra training.

I was annoyed to the very last bone in my body but I tried my best to shake Callan's assholeness off. I need to be clear minded while assembling the pack.

I tapped in on the mental connection with all the pack memebers.

"Every member over the age of 14 is required to assemble in the pack house's main lobby immediately. This is an emergency and there will no pardons for absence" I let the messege travel through the pack link. A number of "yes Luna" came back to me and I quickly shut the link off not wanting to hear thousands of replies.

I heaved out a nervous breath, I'll think about Callan later. Right now I need to focus on the task at hand. I made my way towards the pack house, mentally preparing myself for the meeting. I thought over the things I have to say to the pack and in no time was standing infront of the pack house.

I was anxious to say the least. This was the first time I'll be standing in front of the pack and addressing them. If I do this, it'll mean I have accepted the position as future luna and Callan's mate.

I wanted more time before I participated in official pack business but unfortunately this situation at hand doesn't allow for me to chicken out.

"It's unfair, the fates should've given me more time" I thought to myself.

"Well we can't do anything about it now. Peter needs help" my wolf replied and I slowly nodded my head at her words.

I quickly climbed up the few steps leading to the front door of the pack house. As soon as I opened the doors, I was greated by a huge crowd of wolves muttering to themselves in the front lobby.

I made my way to the very front and centre of the crowd.

"QUIET!" I said loudly. Immediately everybody shut up. I cleared my throat, well here goes nothing.

"A few days ago, a man by the name of Peter Welch was arrested for treason. It was believed he had stolen pack information and betrayed the pack. But recently it has come to light that he was forced to do this because rogues have captured his children and wife. We know the location at which our fellow pack members are being held and in exactly 3 hours, a team would be heading out to rescue Peter's family. Alpha Callan, beta Theo, 7 fighters, 4 trackers and I would be heading out to carry out the rescue and capture mission. Alpha Kendrik and Luna Christy will be staying here but guiding the rescue team which is why I am here to inform you all of the protocol you should be following. In case of any emergency May-day protocol will be followed, which means the weak will be rushed to the underground bunkers in case of an attack and the fighters and warriors will be at the site of attack, defending! If anybody has any questions, please raise your hands" I finished and a couple of hands were raised.

One by one I cleared the queries of the pack members, there weren't much, just a few concerning whether there were any changes in border security or not.

After dismissing the pack members, I mind linked Beta Theo and asked him where he was. No way in hell was I travelling with Callan, it would just mess with our heads and we needed to focus on the task at hand instead of fighting, so I decided to ride with Beta Theo.

I met up with him at a storage house near the northern borders. He was packing away guns, bullets and knives which were stored there when I entered.

"Need any help?" I asked him but he shook his head and smiled.

"The pack's informed, I heard Callan is heading out with 4 fighters and 2 trackers, the rest I think are with us?" I asked him.

"Yea luna" he said and finally zipped up the black bags he was filling with. We didn't know how many rogues were hiding in the underground hideout so we had to take a shit ton ammunition with us.

"Luna do you mind if I ask you something?" Theo said to which I nodded.

"Why aren't you riding with Callan?" He asked. I just rolled my eyes and patted him on the shoulder.

"You'll understand when you find your mate little Theodore. How annoying your other half can can't be explained with words" I told him while frowning. Callan needs to grow up or else we'll just keep on bickering because of his ancient thought process.

Theo and I finished packing up the weapons. We both carried two bags over each shoulder and met up with part of our team at the northern border. They were waiting with a black SUV. It was already packed with other necessities we needed and after loading up the weapons, we all pilled up inside.

"Callan said they're already moving towards the city luna, should we head out as well?" Theo said.

"Yea let's roll. Mind link Alpha Kendrik that we're leaving our post as well" I told him.

"Yea luna" he said and his eyes went a little foggy. Once he was back he started up the car and we headed out towards the main concrete road that led out towards civilization.

"You know you can just call me Anaïs right Theo?" I said once I realised that he addresses Callan as Callan but not me.

"Whatever you want lun- I mean Anaïs" he said.

I could feel the heavy atmosphere inside the car. Noone said anything after that, everybody was tense. What we're heading out to was very dangerous, lives could be lost and there will be blood shed. These people wanted to head back to their families at the end of today and we were all scarily aware that it wouldn't be a possibility for some.

As we drove on, I kept on praying in my head to the goddess. I didn't care if something happened to me but these men and women had families, children they need to get back to. So I prayed for their safety and I prayed we'd be able to save those kids before something worse happens.
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