Calling Callan

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Being Heroes

We stopped a mile north from the location of the factory. Callan's team was already waiting there for us. The fighters and trackers with us quickly got out of the car and started gearing up.

After saying a last prayer to the goddess in my head, I joined them as well. I strapped a gun Holster around my waist and a knife sheath belt around my ankles just like everybody else.

Each of were given helmates with flashlights attached to them and within 10 minutes our entire team was ready to go. Not only are we trained on how to use weapons but we also have drills which teach us how to get our asses locked and loaded in a short time in case of an attack.

"Okay listen up, just like we were filled in by the chief commander, Ricky, Selvester our two trackers will move in first and Tom would be at the tail in case there are more of these fuckers lurking outside. The first team of trackers will be covered by the fighter's who rode with me. Theo, you take two fighter's and Anais you take the tracker Broady and a fighter and block off any entrances other than the one my team will enter through. Any questions wolves!?" Callan's voice filtered in my head.

We all nodded in affirmative and no hands were raised for questioning. It was crucial that we made no sound, even though we were a mile away from attack's site, we still needed to be vigilant.

"My team, move with me. According to what we know, we'll go towards the north side of the factory and trace our steps to the underground hideout. Theo you start from the west and move towards east, block off any exits you find there. Anaïs, move with Theo, once they're stationed, carry on and block off exists ahead of them." Callan said once again and we all nodded.

"Break your team's up further to cover as many exists as you can. Scout the entire west to east sides of the factory and remember do not let a single rogue escape. We're fucked if a wolf is spotted by humans, kill on site. Prisoners would be taken by my team" Callan continued repeating instructions at us and all of us vigilantly listened.

After Theo and I had decided our seperate teams, all the fighters did a check-in to see everybody had everything they needed. I was leaning against the car, trying to calm my nerves when Callan walked up to me.

"My team will be leaving in a minute, do not try to be a hero Anaïs. Let the fighters protect you, please I won't be able to live if something happens to you" he said while he hugged me and nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck, taking in my scent.

"We're all fighters right now Callan there's no leaders and members here. But I promise I'll stay safe, if you promise you will too?" I said back to him while taking a huge whiff of his strawberry shortcake scent in.

"Wait for my signal and join me with your team once we're done fighting, okay?" He said and I nodded my head. We detangled ourselves and I gave him a small smile, trying to reasure him that I was capable of handling this. The brunt of the force would be taken by his team anyways, so he shouldn't really be worrying about me right now.

"Clear your head Baraed, stop worrying about me and get your head in the game. What's the use of me coming out unharmed if you're fucked up, huh? Save Peter's family and come back safe, okay?" I said while getting on my tippy toes and placing a light kiss on his cheek. He kissed me on my forehead as well.

"Come on! Let's head out! I'm ordering all of you to come back safe. If anyone of you is harmed, I will kill you myself!" Callan said through the mind link while using his alpha voice.

We all replied with a 'yes alpha' and then off we went. Callan headed north with his team and I followed Theo and his team with mine.

It took us around 20 minutes of walking till we were able to spot the factory. It wasn't small, it looked like a huge manufacturing unit. We stealthily made out way closer and waited for Broady to give us an All-clear before moving in.

We started towards east from where we were along with the factory. It wasn't fenced or anything, just a wall-less, five story abandoned building containing busted up machines. All we saw were huge concreate pillars supporting different landings. One by one out team got smaller and smaller.

Theo found an entrace which led underground and decided to station there while my team and I kept on scouting forward.

We came across an exit in the ground a couple of miles away from where Theo's team was stationed.

"Broady, you take Sharon with you and scout till you reach the north entrance. I'll stay here with Harry. Report back to me if you find no more entrances, if you do find one, break up and let Sharon scout the rest of the area. Sharon, if you find one and still haven't covered all ground, mind-link me and I'll send Harry" I mind linked the guys. Sharon was a part of Theo's team but he decided that it was better to take her with me incase we found more exists but didn't have enough people to continue scouting.

Sharon and Broady left and me and Harry stood at our posts on high alert.

"I'll mind link Theo and tell him our post" I mind linked Harry and he nodded his head.

""Theo? Harry and I are stationed east around 4 miles from you. Sharon and Broady broke off and are headed towards the northern exist scouting. Over" I said over the mind-link connecting Theo and I.

"I hear you Anaïs. We have no signs of movement yet, give me an All-clear when Sharon and Broady are in position and I'll mind like Callan. Over" I heard Theo and reaplied an "okay".

Within the next 20 minutes, Sharon and Broady informed me that they had found a fourth exist, hidden under a huge tarp. Just like ours it was a metal door in the ground which opened to a stairs leading underground. After Sharon reported back to me that there were no more exists she found, I quickly relayed it to Theo who gave an All-clear to Callan.

We were all holding out breathe in anticipation. A few minutes passed and we finally heard what we were all waiting for, the first shot being fired.

Harry and I immediately got into position, our ears listening for the slightest of movement. Harry was covering me and I had my gun pointed at the entrance, waiting for it to pop open so I could kill those vermins who think kidnapping children is okay!

Soon the air was filled with the sound of screams and bullets. I kept my link open, just in case any of the teams needed back up.

I was about to check up on Sharon and Broady when our exit's gates were thrown open with a bang and out tumbled two rougues. Thankfully, Harry and I had decided to hide behind a concrete pillar which shielded us but gave us a clear view of the entrance.

I quickly pointed my gun at one of the bastards and shot him right in his head. He didn't even get a chance to scream and just dropped dead. I could hear the sizzle caused by the silver and smell the burning flesh.

The other rogues ran in the opposite direction and jumped in air about to shift but Harry took his shot and got him in the abdomen mid-air. The rogues came crashing down with a thud and howled in pain.

We both quickly raced up to him, I shot the dead bastard one again just in case, on my way to the injured bastard.

He was whining and howling with pain, his hands desperately clawing at the bullet in his side, trying to get the silver away from his body.

I turned him towards me and stood on his arm. I pointed my gun at his head with a smirk gracing my face when I saw the scared look in his eyes.

"This is for kidnapping innocent children" and with that I pulled the trigger. I was never one to love violence but right now the anger within me was too much that it didn't allow me to frown or back away when blood splattered on my face.

I turned around and saw Harry was back at our original position, his eyes trained on the open exist. I don't know if it was the thrill of getting to kill these bastards or whether I always had a craving for blood which was awoken by the blooshed today but I knew neither me nor my wolf wanted to wait out here anymore, while Callan and his team did all the hardwork.

"Come on Harry, we're going in" I said to him as I stalked towards the entrance.

"But luna Alpha said-" Harry started but was interrupted when I gave him a pointed look.

"Well now your luna is saying something and you should listen to her. We can't let Callan have all the fun, now can we?" I said while giving him a sweet smile. He looked scared to be honest at my psychotic behaviour and anyone would be but I don't know what had taken over me at that moment. I just knew I wanted to return Peter's family to him as soon as possible.

I climbed down the stairs and told Harry to lock the exit behind him.

We came into a dimly lit corridor and I could hear screams and growls and gunshots in the distance.

I kept my finger on the triger and focused on my hearing. Harry and I made our way down the corridor and came at the metal door which was wide open.

I entered first with my gun at the ready to shoot any asshole who came running my way. It wasn't anything special beyond the door, just a bunch of plastic chairs, scattered cards and an upside down platic table.

We kept on going forward, this place was like a maze, like a single long concrete tunnel. How the fuck these rogues managed to find this place was beyond me.

I picked up footsteps coming our way and within minutes Harry and I were shooting down two more rogues. I shot at the dead bodies one again just to make sure and we continued down the path.

"Luna, i think we're nearing the main fight. Alpha wouldn't be too happy if he found you down there" Harry said to me in hushed words.

"Well I guess Callan would have to deal with it then" I replied while rolling my eyes. Whatever was with these men, thinking women should just stay still and quiet just to please others.

As we went on, we found the corridor split in two directions. I could hear growls and gunshots at the right which indicated that the right corridor led to Callan but I couldn't hear much front the left. Now of course I wasn't a complete idiot but I also got a feeling that I should take the left corridor instead of heading into the.main fight.

I stalked down the left corridor which eventually led to a number of cell's lining the walls. I could hear soft cries and whimpers coming from down the corridor which made my feet move faster. Soon I was racing towards the cries and finally found the source.

Two kids were inside a cell, holding on to each other. The older one was tightly hugging the younger kid who was crying probably from hearing the gunfire.

I immediately recognised the two kids as Peter's children. I had seen their pictures in Peter's folder.

I quickly put my gun back in the holster after putting on the safety.

"Hey.. you're safe now. I'm Luna Anaïs from your pack. We're here to rescue you and take you back to your dad, Peter Welch" I said while I motioned Harry to break open the cell lock. The kids looked up at me with wide eyes, suddenly their tears coming to a stop at my words.

"It's okay. You're safe now, we'll take you back to your dad" I said once again while I motioned for them to get back from the door as Harry was getting ready to literally rip that door open. It wasn't made up of silver or any other strong metal. I guess they didn't care much since it was kids they were locking up.

I quickly scrambled inside and the kids lunged at me and wrapped themselves around my body.

"It's okay, it's fine now. You're both safe" I comforted them again as they started crying once more but these were definitely tears of happiness. God, I can't imagine how scared they must've been.

"Hello?!! Hello?! What's going on?!? Jamie??! Neno??? Baby what's going on?! Don't hurt my kid?!!" I suddenly heard a female voice coming from way further down the corridor.

I faced the children "is that your mother?" I asked them to which they nodded.

I quickly unsheathed my gun and put off the safety. I pulled the kids behind me, between Harry and I.

"Okay, you guys quietly follow behind me. If I say duck, you take your brother and go straight to the floor okay?" I said while I looked at the older kid. He nodded his head and quickly took a hold of his younger brother's hand.

I point the gun in front of me and we started making our way further down. We soon found their mother who looked like she had been through hell and freed her from her silver cell.

She beelined for her children and hugged them and kissed them as tears streamed down her face.

"Ma'am we need to head out right now. We still don't know if all the rogues are dead or not and we need to get you to safety before something goes wrong." I told her. She quickly scrambled to her feet and held onto her kid's hands. I told her to stay between Harry and I and duck if I tell her to or if she sees rogues come at us.

We traced our steps back to where the corridor split in two. I turned around to check on everybody.

"We just need to-" BANG BANG BANG!

I heard the gunshots and the woman went down to kiss the floor with her kids. I could see Harry scream but didn't really hear anything come out of his mouth. It was like in the movies when the main protagonist gets shot, everything is in slow motion and shit doesn't register in people's mind for a minute while an annoying beeping sound plays in the background.

Whoever had shot behind me went down because Harry shot them before they could do anything else. Harry looked at me with horrified eyes and just like the main protagonist I didn't know why but then it hit me like a huge fucking truck.

A burning pain like no other shooting up from my lower back. I know I screamed but I didn't hear it, the only thing my mind could process was the pain.

My legs gave out and I landed head first onto the concrete floor. Harry was by my side in a second but I couldn't make out what he was saying. The pain was too much, it was like someone had set me on fire.

My eyes started getting heavier and it hurt to breath. I tried to keep my eyes open, I tried reaching out to Callen in my head but I couldn't. It was like I was underwater, trying to scream. Black spots started dancing around my vision and then everything went black.

So much for being a hero.... Callan was going to have my head!!!

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