Calling Callan

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Author's note

Hello my lovelies!

I feel like laughing like a freaking villian for what I just did. There are two ways we can proceed from here a) I can let my sadistic side take over and finally kill a character like I have always wanted to.
Or b) I can be a normal person and continue with the story given that atleast 400+ readers would most definitely be out for my blood if I killed Anaïs.

But anyways, this note is to tell you guys, my dear readers, that I will be starting with my senior year the day after Tommorow and I apologise but I would not be able to update daily. I gave you guys like 3 chapters in two days because I felt sorry since the updates had already slowed down once before and I'm at it again but I won't completely stop them like last time.

I promise to give you a minimum of 4 chapters every week and to the people wondering "how would you continue the story if you kill the female protagonist" then please don't be so naive as to doubt me because a psychopath like moi can do literally anything and I always develop multiple plots for my stories so do not underestimate me.

I would like to once again thank you all for showing so much love and support. So many people are reading this book and so many have liked and commented on it and I really really appreciate the feedback.

I, as always, borahae the hell out of y'all. Stay inside, stay safe my lovelies!! 💜💜
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