Calling Callan

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Kissing Death

Callan's POV

I felt it in every molecule of my body. It was as if I had been struck by lightning amd my insides were burning but I was cold, so cold at the same time.

I was fighting off a shifted rogue when it happened. While I was busy shooting the enemy, a sneaky fucker shifted and latched itself onto my arm by digging his teeth into my flesh. I shot it right between it's eyes and the rogue fell limp.

I was about to tune back into the battle when I felt my heart squeeze and burn. My wolf and I instinctively knew Anaïs was hurt, I could feel a small burn in my abdomen, I could feel her pain.

"Anaïs?!!? Anaïs?!!!" I screamed through our mind link but my words were met with a wall. It was as if her side of the link had suddenly disappeared.

A loud and painful growl left my throat. I couldn't leave my men here and neither do I know her position!! My wolf was clawing at my mind, begging for me to run and find our mate but I didn't move, I didn't abandon my fighters and kept on shooting the fuckers one after the other.

We encountered more rogues than we had anticipated. Around 30 or so were hiding down here but they were unarmed which is why it didn't take us long to shoot all the motherfuckers dead.

"Theo??! Theo!!!" I mind linked Theo as soon as the last rogue was captured by my fighters.

"Callan?" I heard Theo in my head.

"Where's Anaïs??! Who is she with?!?" I asked him as I stalked forward.

"She is 4 miles east from me. I can move towards her on your order" Theo said and I instantly screamed at him to find her.

I kept on going forward, I knew I had to complete this mission. I can't risk our species secret getting exposed because a rogue escaped neither did I was innocent children getting hurt.

But my feet grew heaviers with each step I took forward. I didn't know if I was heading towards her or away from her and that killed me, not being able to rush to her side and get her to safety. But I trusted Theo which is why I forced myself to keep on moving further down the corridor.

I heard voices down the corridor so I quickly took a whiff of the air and I cought Anaïs's sent. She was here!

It took only a light hint of her scent in the air for my resolve to break. I ran towards her using my werewolf speed.

The sight before me knocked the air out of my lungs and for a second I thought I was really going to die. There she was, lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood. I was by her side in a minute.

There were distant voices around me but I couldn't hear them, I couldn't care less. I picked up my lifeless mate and turned to the person nearest to me.

"Lead the way out! Hurry!" I screamed. Some guy whom I did not care enough to acknowledge or even look at, started walking ahead to me and I followed him.

We quickly got out through an exit and were met by a panting Theo who looked as if he had run across a whole continent within a minute.

"Finish every rogue other than the captive and get everybody back to the pack. Ask someone to send assistant if you need it" I said while not even slowing down to let him hear my instructions, I didn't care at that point whether they reached home or not. All I cared about was getting Anaïs to a doctor.

"Dad!?? Ask the pack doctor to get in the pack house. Anaïs is hurt" I said as I ran towards the spot where our SUV's were parked.

I laid Anaïs down in the back seat as soon as I reached the SUV. I strapped her in and got inside the driver's seat.

I must've drove like a madman, cause we were back on packlands in half the time it took for us to drive to the underground hideout but it didn't matter. My sole focus was on getting Anaïs medical attention.

I picked her up from the backseat of the SUV and once again ran towards the pack house using my werewolf speed.
My dad, mom, Anaïs's parents and the pack doctor and nurses were waiting there for us. They rushed towards me as soon as I stepped inside the pack house.

"She's been shot! Where do I take her doctor?!" I said as soon as I saw the white coat clad pack doctor.

"Let's take her to the pack hospital. Hurry Alpha!" He said and we rushed to the pack hospital which was in the west wing of the pack house itself.

Once I got her inside the pack hospital, I was asked to wait outside the operation room which pissed me off and I almost killed the nurse who suggested I stay out but my parents held me back given that Anaïs had already lost a lot of precious time and my useless outbursts were just further causing her previous time.

All I could do was wait outside the closed white doors. I knew our pack hospital didn't lack anything. Our doctors and nurses were equally equipped as any other doctor out there. We had set up our own miniature version of a hospital inside the pack house and it had every facility given the fact that wolves can't really go to a human hospital when they're hurt.

It had been 30 minutes of pacing back and forth when finally the doctor reemerged out of the Operation room and I was at his neck in a minute.

"How is she?!!????" I groweld at him which made him whimper in fear.

"A-alpha, the Luna's wound were trying to close th-themselves o-over the b-b-ullets."the doctor was hardly able to stutter out with my hand around his neck.

"Let him breadth Callan! Do you want to know how your mate is or not!?" My mother's voice boomed. I let the doctor go and softened my glare on him a little which visibly helped him calm down a little.

"We had to re-open two of the w-wounds in order to take the bullets o-ut. They weren't silver so her bullet wounds are healing v-v-very well and there was no major dammage as well. We just had to stop the bleeding and her w-werewolf healing will take care of the rest. She sould be awake by tommorow morning Alpha" the doctor completed and then bowed at all of us. My father dismissed him but I paid no heed to anyone else.

My mate was safe...I thanked the goddess again and again in my head.

Once Anaïs was shifted to a ward room, I stayed by her side, holding onto her hand and praying the goddess to help her recover.

I was still shaking from the fright she had given me and it was hard for me to calm down even though the doctor said she'd be alright. Everytime I looked at her, lying there unconcious looking so pale and so freaking just broke my heart all over again.

People kept on going in and out of the room but I didn't care enough to look up to see who was visiting her. I kept my eyes solely trained on my mate and from time to time my eyes would travel down to her chest, making sure she was breadthing.

"Alpha" I heard someone say but I didn't look up. I kept my eyes trained on Anaïs.

"We have detained the rogue caught in the criminal cells. Ryder and Brian were hurt badly and are getting treated currently. Other than that there are no other damages and no rogue was able to escape. Peter's family had been returned to him, he's still being detained in his home but they're together" the person said. I nodded at whoever it was and waved my hand, dismissing them.

Instead of going away the person continued standing there. He cleared his throat " Alpha it was luna who saved Peter's kids and wife. She entered through the exit she was blocking, killed four wolves according to her partner, Harry, and saved the family" I heard the person say. His words finally made me look up at him and it was one of the trackers I had left with Theo's team, Broady.

I nodded at him but didn't have anything to say. My mind could hardly process anything at that moment, all I could see was my mate, lying on a hospital bed and it drove me insane.

I was soon left alone with my mate. Everybody had nagged at me, trying to get me to eat or bath or atleast change my clothes but it was all in vain. I couldn't even fathom the thought of leaving Anaïs right now, my lungs started closing up at the mere thought of being away from her.

So I just sat there all night long, making sure her chest was moving in and out. I listened for her steady heartbeat and breadthing and not even for a second let go of her hand.

"Wake up Anaïs! Please princess..wake up" I thought to myself and kissed her hand for the millionth time but as always my prayers went unanswered. Her eyes remained closed but I was glad that atleast she was breadthing.

I don't know what I would've done if she...

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