Calling Callan

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A terrible loss

Anaïs's POV

One minute I was standing in an underground rogue hideout, protecting a woman and her scared children and the next everything went black.

I can't explain all the things I felt except the pain or maybe I don't know what all those feelings and sensations were that I felt after everything went dark. But I could feel the pain which was slowly fading away, sparks took it's place for a while and then I felt nothing.

It was weird, I was strangely aware of everything happening to my body and I was able to form thoughts but the past experiences kept fading away and I couldn't remember them.

"Anaïs?! Anaïs you need to wake up" I heard Isis's voice in my head and even though I was aware I was unconscious, I recognised her but this time I felt her presence more vividly than ever before.

"Isis? I- I can't it's all dark" I felt myself thinking, I could hear the words I thought but I knew my mouth didn't let out any sound.

"Just focus on your skin, your human body. You need to wake up Anaïs.... something's wrong with us." Isis said, her words laced with worry and fear.

"I can't, I feel numb. Isis I'm scared what's happening?!" I couldn't feel myself... it's so hard to explain. It was as if all of a sudden my mind was existing independently and my body was just gone...

"I don't know either, I can't feel myself either. Are we dying Anaïs?" Isis's words made me feel anxious...I could imagine my throat closing up at her words but I still felt nothing. This is so freakyyyyyyy.

"Oh gods please don't tell me we're already dead? Is this it? The great fucking secret about 'what happens after death'?!?? Freaky mind warping shit!!?" I thought.

"I don't want to die Isis!!!! What do we do?!?" I screamed in my head once again but I could no longer feel Isis the way I did before...I couldn't even feel her like I did before I got shot.

I slowly felt the sensation of being chocked...It was as if the imaginary, almost non-existent breaths I was taking were cut off.

I could suddenly feel a shit ton of sensations going through my body, I could feel my body again, my legs, my hands, my face. I tried moving my fingers but I didn't know if they moved or not.

I swear to the goddess once I get out of this weird state, I'm going to move to the fucking mountains and stay away from fucking EVERYTHING! I thought to myself.

I focused harder and harder on trying to move my fingers and suddenly I heard a ear deafning scream. It was so loud and super amplified and shrill that it made me want to go back to feeling absolutely nothing.

I felt someone shaking me and saying my name again and again. Their hands were on my face first, then my shoulders and then they were gone. Another set of hands were placed on my face and then someone opened my eyelid and flashed a light directly on my eyeball which made me gasp and sit up straight.

A loud ringing noise played in my ears and I felt nauseous all of a sudden. There were so many voices around me but all I cared about was finding a place to empty my guts. I swung my legs over the bed I was placed on and tried standing up but my legs were completely numb which resulted in me almost kissing the ground with my face.

But a pair of warm arms caught me mid-fall. Unfortunately for the person whom the arms belonged to, the feeling of falling down just made me lose control over the bile that was creeping up my throat and I emptied my guts out on them.

As soon as I was done pucking my intestines out, everything went back to normal. I could make out the words of everyone around me, there was no ringing sound, I didn't feel sick anymore and I was fully aware of my body and mind.

"Princess? Can you hear me? Anaïs? Baby say something? Look up at me atleast hmm??!" I heard Callan's voice and I looked up at him. Turns out he was the owner of the warm arms and he was the one I puked on.

"Sorry" I groaned out when I realised what I had done. But my voice was barely audible and seriously hurt so bad to speak even that one word.

I motioned with my hands that I wanted some water. Somebody around us moved and a glass of water was presented in front of me.

I cautiously drank it, afraid that in my state I'd choke on it and die. The luke warm water felt great as it went down my dry throat and calmed that weird burning sensation. When I was done emptying the glass, I held it out and it was immediately taken from my hands.

"Come on I'll get you back up on the bed" Callan said and I nodded. My legs were no longer numb, just a little weak and with Callan's help I was back on the hospital bed.

I looked around me and found two pack doctors, a nurse and Callan were the only ones present in the room. It had white, plain walls with a sole picture of lavenders hanging on the wall to the left of my bed.

"Luna, allow me to perform a small check-up" one of the doctors said while stepping up besides my bed and bowing slightly. I nodded my head.

He quickly flashed a light on my eyes which I found extremely annoying, checked my head for any other injuries, asked me a few questions whether I was still feeling nauseous, if I felt any pain other than in my back nada nada.

After the doctors were done, they excused themselves leaving me with a vomit covered Callan. I don't even think he noticed I puked on him, his attention was solely focused on me.

"You should go and shower" I said to him as I started getting comfortable in the hospital bed. My words seemed to snap him out of whatever daze he was in. He looked down at his messed up clothes and slowly nodded his head.

He didn't exit the room so I guessed he had mind linked someone to bring him a change of clothes and towel here only.

"How long was I out?" I asked him. It took him a minute to process my words, if I didn't knew any better, I'd think he was the one who got shot and almost died given the way he was acting.

"Two days" he said, his voice no longer strong and authoritative.

"Are you okay? You seem...dead" I said. He was moving like a fucking zombie and his voice sounded as if it belonged to a 96 year old human male.

"Yea.. I'm fine" he said but I obviously was not convinced by his not even half hearted statement. I was about to get up and call a doctor when the door to the hospital room was opened and Theo entered with a pile of clothes in his hands.

He bowed to me and Callan and then handed the clothes to my mate.

"Stay here with her, mind-link me if she gets worse" Callan said and then stood up and exited the room.

I looked up at Theo and found him standing there with his head down and his hands behind his back.

"Theo? Is Callan okay?" I asked him which made him look up at me. He looked perplexed, as if he didn't know how to answer my question. What the...

I raised an eyebrow at him, trying to luna him into talking to me.

"Alpha was worried about you and he hasn't slept for two days. He was here, by your side all the time. It might've taken a toll on him..." He said but I didn't believe a single fucking word that came out of his mouth for some reason.

I mean it made sense that Callan would be by my side if I was injured but staying awake for two nights wouldn't turn him into a mindless zombie given the fact that Callan is used to staying awake for days since he has a shit ton of Alpha work to do.

"Theo I know you're lying. Just tell me the truth" I pressed him further.

"Luna I can't" Theo said looking very uncomfortable but I could care less. What the fuck is going on with Callan?! I need to know..

"I order you to tell me everything" I said but Theo shivered at my command, his body recoiled and he visible became smaller as if my words physically hurt him....

"Isis what the fuck is going on?! Can you ask Callan's wolf? Isis?" I reached out to Isis in my head in the hopes that atleast Callan's wolf will be honest with his mate.

But what shocked me was that I couldn't feel Isis's presence in my head anymore, it was as if she never existed before. My body shuddered and a cold shiver ran down my spine, the feeling of utter dread overtook all my senses.

"Isis!!??! ISIS!!!? ISIS?!!" I screamed in my head but nothing I couldn't feel her anymore. My trachea started closing up again and I couldn't breath anymore, I couldn't focus on anything around me.

I could hear Theo's panicked voice in the distance but it sounded so far away. I tried reaching out to Isis again and again and again but nothing happened. The feeling of being alone and hollow remained intact.

I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks but I didn't know I was crying. I tried taking in a huge whiff of oxygen but my body didn't comply.

I heard a huge growl in the distance and then warmth. Somebody was holding me and whispering things into my ear but I didn't care. The panick didn't leave my body and I couldn't stop trying to reach out to Isis.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!

Soon enough the inevitable happened and I passed out due to lack of oxygen. I felt my body going numb and for the last time I cried out for my wolf in my head but still nothing happened.

Isis was gone...

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