Calling Callan

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Meeting the witch

Sam dragged me straight to Callan's office from the library. She knocked on the door like a crazy woman and barged in without even waiting for a 'come in' from Callan.

"Uhh what's going on?" A confused Callan asked. He was sitting in his chair, with a pile of paperwork in front of him.

"Alpha Callan I know how we can get Anaïs's wolf back!" Sam practically screamed at him but I don't think he cared, he was too busy lighting up like Christmas tree when he heard what sam said.

"How?" He asked standing up, eager to know how we can fix this mess. I could see Sam hesitated when Callan asked her how we can get my wolf back, she knew talking about getting help from a witch especially when it came to me, Callan's ex-mate, was literally asking Callan to blow up on her.

" I think a soul witch can help" I said before sam could. She found a solution, now it's my job to do the rest. I could see Callan tensed up when I said the word 'witch'.

"A witch? Anaïs are you sure about this? You know how witches are, they take more than they give and asking them for help is like signing your own death warrant" Callan said his face showing worry. I guess he knew I had made up my mind about this, we are after all talking about my wolf here.

"I know the dangers Callan..but it's my wolf! My entire existence, who I was is just gone and I need it back any way I could" I said. Callan to my surprise didn't argue any further instead he simply nodded his head as if he understood.

"I'll ask some guards to escort us, Sam have you found a particular witch or are we going witch hunting?" Callan turned towards Sam.

"I've found one alpha! She resides 34 miles ahead of the human town Forestoak, my nana had heard about her and she said we'd see a board after 34 miles and we should go east from it and will eventually find the witch's hut" Sam said.

"I'll make the preparations, we leave in 3 hours. If we can't find your soul witch, we'll look for a new one" Callan said. Callan mind linked Theo and three other guards to start preparing for atleast an
4-hour long journey and instructed sam to get as much information as she could from her grandmother about the witch. He also mind linked his parents about the whole ordeal and my parents as well..while I sat there on his office chair unable to help since I don't got a pack link no more.

When Callan was done instructing everyone, he walked over to where I was sitting. I looked up at him and smiled, grateful that he was so willing to help even though he had a shit ton of pack work to do and his alpha ceremony was nearing as well.

"It'll be fine princess, I promise you." He said while he bent down to kiss me on my forehead. His lips felt great against my skin even though there was no mate bond.

"I just can't stop thinking about the fact that this might not work out either, I can be doomed to a wolfless life forever" I told him, my voice low and heavy with pain.

"It wouldn't matter, even if this doesn't work out you're still a pack member and you'd still be my mate and my Luna. Human Luna's aren't unheard of princess." He said as he picked picked me up and sat me down on his table and then burried his nose in my neck.

"You still need to sniff me to calm yourself down?" I asked him surprised this still worked for him.

"I don't think my feeling for you will change..ever" he said slowly, making me shiver with each word that came out of his mouth.

"I've always been in love with you Anaïs..heck that's why I was such a little asshole to you. I thought if I couldn't stop myself from loving you then maybe I could make you hate me" he said.

"That's the most stupidest thing I've heard" I told him as I unknowingly started plying with his hair. Damn God does women wrong and gives the nice hair to men!!!

"Well it did to my kid mind, I fell for you the moment I laid eyes on you the first time. I still remember, you were the only kid dressed in all black..and you were wearing boy's clothes. And you looked so preety and innocent with your long brown hair open and flowing down your back..and your tiny little feet clad in white sneakers which by the way had laces...still can't believe you could tie laces on your own at that age" he said smiling and chucking at his memories of me.

His words left me shocked. I can't believe he still remebers all that. I used to love dressing up like my brother, I had stolen his clothes that day and refused to take them off when my ma scolded me, my papa had to calm her down and told her to let me be.

"All I remember about you is an unnaturally tall and huge boy making fun of me along with his classmates" I snickered at him but my face expressed playfulness.

"Yes...I couldn't believe how much I liked you as soon as I saw you and my kid brain resorted to making fun of you, not knowing what else to say to the new, preety girl" he said as he looked intently in my eyes.

My eyes trailed down to his lips..his soft and sweet as fuck lips. I saw his eyes flicker down to mine as well and he slowly dipped in to kiss me. I wasn't gonna stop him, however much I liked to blame my infatuations with him on the mate bond, I can't deny I still liked him even with the bond gone.

Our lips were about to touch when someone knocked on the door. We both stopped in our tracks and I backed away from a lowly growling Callan.

"Come in!" He growled out in an annoyed tone which made me laugh. I climbed down from his table and walked to sit on the little leather couch which was placed in his office.

We were joined by Theo, who as usual bowed to Callan and me. I was shocked that he still acknowledged me as his luna and it felt great to be honest.

"Everything ready?" Callan asked to which Theo nodded curtly.

"We're just loading up all the food and weapons in the cars and we'll be good to go. We also packed some sleeping bags like you requested" he said.

Callan looked at me and smiled. "Okay, we'll head out once the guards give a go ahead" he said.

Theo started talking to Callan about a few pack things and I obviously zoned them out.

I can't believe I was finally going to get Isis back! The last few days have been miserable, it was like someone had cut out a huge chunk of me and left me incomplete and hollow. I don't even know if I could live with such pain if this plan doesn't work out.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Callan, who was standing infront of me.

"Come on let's go. The guards are ready and Theo and Sam are waiting for us downstairs" he said. I got up and walked behind him as we exited his office. Callan slowed down to fall in step with me and gently took a hold of my hand and gave it a squeeze.

"It'll work out princess, don't worry" he said while he gave me one of his dazzling smile which made my heart do stupid things.

We were soon sat in a black SUV, Callan in the driver's seat, me in the passanger side and Theo and Sam at the back. The other guards were in another similar black SUV behind us.

Callan set the GPS and once he had confirmed that the guards were ready to go, we head out. I knew it was going to take us hours to get to the 34 mile point...heck it took half an hour to get to the town of Forestoak alone.

I don't know if it was all the stress and sleepless nights catching up to me or maybe it was just the worry and anxiety but I somehow managed to fall asleep even in a situation like this.

I was shaken awake by Callan which is when I realised I had nodded off. I quickly undid my seatbelt and climbed out of the car. The other SUV was parked besides ours and we were in the middle of a thick forest, infront of a very old and shabby looking hut.

"We found a path leading up to here, it was wide enough at the beginning for an SUV so we took our chances" Callan said as if reading my mind. I was wondering as well why we had drove into the forest, since we all know you don't just take cars inside a forest without knowing there's a clear path ahead or not.

"Well are you ready?" Sam asked from behind me, her sudden appearance made me jump a little.

"Sorry, it's just a little spooky here" I said, the forest was barely lit since it was getting dark and we could here crows in the distance and leaves rustling with the wind. I'd be less scared if I had my werewolf abilities right now but I was a mere human at the moment and the fact that I couldn't use my wolf hearing to assess my surroundings was throwing me off.

"We can hear a person inside the hut, Theo, sam, you and I would go in and the guards would stand out waiting for our signal in case anything goes wrong" Callan said. I nodded my head and started walking towards the hut.

It was more of a small wodden cottage but not big enough to be called a cottage. I knocked on the wooden door once but no reply, so I knocked again.

"I'm coming, have patience. I'm old, it takes time" I heard a voice scream from the inside. Soon the door was wipped open and we were greated by a very very old woman, who looked like she should be 6 feets under the ground.

"Hello ma'am uhh my name is Anaïs and we heard that you're a soul witch?" I asked her.

"I am and I know why you're here. Come in but just you and your hunk, my home isn't big enough to fit the beta and and your friend" she said as she back away from the door to let me and my "hunk" aka Callan in.

She pointed towards a small, round dinner table which had three chairs around it. She settled on one of them and Callan and I occupied the remaining two.

"I'm guessing you want to know how to get your wolf back?" The lady asked me before I could even open my mouth to say something. I simply nodded my head, amazed at how much shit she knew through her powers.

"It is simple, you haven't lost your wolf she's simply sleeping and getting her back is a matter of a few minutes that is depending on your hunk here" she said and pointed at Callan by the end of her sentence. Her words confused me and when I looked at Callan he was equally confused.

"Uhh we don't can Callan help me to get my wolf back?" I asked her to which she just chuckled.

" Fuck him and you'll get your wolf to wake up again" she said making my eyes go huge. Callan almost chocked on air at her words.

"Now go and let me have my tea in peace" she said and the door to her hut wipped open.

"Uhh thank you I guess" I mumbled and made my way out of the cottage along with Callan.

Oh gods what have you gotten me into?!?!
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