Calling Callan

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Grunts and moans


I paced in front of Callan's room unsure of whether I really wanted to take such a big step or not.

I stayed in the library with Apollo for a few hours but he started feeling sleepy therefore went back home around 11 pm. So, here I was, burning a hole in the floor infront of Callan's room, nervously chewing my bottom lip trying to gather enough courage to go in and just ask him to help me out.

Just as I hadn't heard Apollo come up to the library because of my lack of werewolf abilities, I didn't hear Callan shuffling inside his room which is why I was caught like a deer in headlights when he suddenly opened his bedroom door.

"Uhh hi" I squeaked out, my mouth remained parted and eyes wide. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck run Anaïs run!! I thought to myself but I knew it would be stupid if just ran inside my room and left him standing here after he had caught me lurking outside his room.

"All you have to do is say the words and I'll comply" Callan said breaking the awkward silence. A shiver went down my spine at his words.

I started worrying my bottom lip again, embarassed at what he had said. I was sure I had turned bright red because I could feel my cheeks heating up.

Do not blame me for acting like an idiot! I'm a fucking virgin, who literally has to ask a guy to fuck try doing something like this and not turn into a tomato!!

"I-fuck Callan this is so awkward" I finally said, this situation was literally eating away at my insides making me feel weird.

"I know...but what do you want? Nothing else matters right now, just think about your situation and what you want." He said while taking a step towards me. I could literally feel heat radiating off of his body.

"Of course I want my wolf back, I- I'm still not head over heels for you but I don't want us to not be mates but then i-" I was shut up mid sentence with Callan's lips.

Gods his lips were so soft, slowly moving along with mine. He massaged my bottom lip with his and sucked on it. I suddenly felt his tongue poking against my closed lips but I had no clue what I was supposed to do.

His hands were all over my back, one travelled up to my neck and then into my hair while the other one was caressing my lower back sensually. His touch left a trail of hot fire where his hands went.

I felt him smile against my lips and he stopped kissing me. I looked up at him feeling conscious. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I should've just gotten a bunch of boyfriends and practiced... atleast I wouldn't be THIS inexperienced!

"Open your mouth before I lose my shit" he mumbled softly and quickly and then within seconds his lips were back on mine. I did as he asked me to and his tongue was instantly inside my mouth, exploring and dancing around with my tongue.

I felt Callan's hands trail down to my waist and I was suddenly being picked up. I instinctively wrapped my legs around him not wanting to fall down on my butt. This must have been what Callan wanted because he started backing away as soon as I had my legs wrapped around him.

I didn't pay any attention to where he was taking me, all my attention was on his sweet ass lips but soon I felt him lowering me and my back met with his mattress. He was on top of me in a flash, both his legs capturing me between them, one of his hands under me near my lower back and the other on one of legs which were still wrapped around his waist.

He hungrily kissed me and it felt like he'd continue kissing me forever but I had to come up for air. So, for the sake of wanting to continue living, I broke the kiss. My eyes landed on his black ones and they were filled with lust and hunger. My gaze trailed down towards his lips which were shiny and red and swollen.

Callan started peppering kisses down my neck and soon set camp in the crook of my neck where my shoulder met my neck. He sucked and kissed that spot driving me crazy, I could feel a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach from whatever he was doing and it felt great.

Out of nowhere a moan escaped my lips and my eyes went huge when I heard the strange noise my throat produced. Callan stopped kissing me for a minute and looked up at my face, his eyes meeting mine which were as wide as a saucers.

"Fuck that was hot" he said and smirked, showing those perfect set of white teeth of his.

I didn't say anything, no correction I didn't HAVE anything to say. I just shut my eyes in embarassment which caused Callan to chuckle lightly.

"You still need to tell me whether we should..." Callan said making me open my eyes again. I looked at him and judging by the state of my panties, I knew there was no way in hell I was going to tell him to stop, so I simply nodded at him hoping he'd understand and continue.

"No, I need verbal consent princess. Didn't you learn anything in sex ed classes?" He said, his stupid smirk at display.

"Yea fine just whip out your dick and let's get on with it" I said annoyed that he was trying to embarrass me with his childish antics.

"Did you just tell me to whip my dick out? Not as innocent as I thought, huh Anaïs?" He continued teasing me which made me hit him with my closed fist. I snaked my hand around his neck and pulled him down, my lips meeting his again.

He kissed me intensely and with more hunger this time. He quickly took off the t-shirt he was wearing and his lips returned to mine within seconds. I traced every single muscle and ridge on his back and chest with my hands, enjoying the way his skin felt against my palms.

Callan groaned as I kept on exploring his naked chest with my hands. Knowing he liked it made me feel a bit more confident and I removed my lips from his so I could take my top off as well.

It was the momentary confidence which made me take my top off but after it was off and I felt Callan's eyes wander all of my upper body, I started feeling concious again. I tried to cover my chest with my arms but Callan's hand shot out and captured both my hands above my head.

"Don't worry, you're perfect princess. No need to cover yourself" he said and then dived down. He left a trail of firey kisses from my neck to the valley between my boobs. He unclasped my bra like a fucking pro, faster than even me and his lips found my erect nipples in no time.

I was a moaning mess at this point, gods I've never experienced these sensations before and they were driving me crazy. I could feel Callan's buldge pressing into my abdomen which was driving me all the more nuts.

He sucked and licked my left nipple while his hand fondled my right boob. It felt so good, electricity was shooting all around my body and they all seem to end up at the same place; my pussy.

Callan stopped assaulting my boobs after what felt like eternity. So Callan's a tits guy I thought to myself. He looked down at my chest and then at my face which was most definitely red, my lips parted.

"Fuck you look so beautiful right now" he said and pecked my lips once. He stood up and undid his pants with lighting speed. He stood naked infront of me within minutes. I gulped when my eyes landed on his dick and I thanked my starts he wasn't monstrous big. He was average in size, not like those mamoth dicks authors write about in their books but I knew he was still big enough for it to hurt like a bitch in my virgin pussy.

His hands landed on the top of my pajama bottoms and he looked up at me as if asking for permission. I nodded my head and that was enough for him to pull my bottoms down along with my panties, leaving me just as naked as him.

He climbed back on top me, his dick hard as rock resting on my abdomen once again.

"I'll be gentle, I promise but I think it'll hurt nonetheless so I'm sorry in advance" he said against my jaw where he was currently kissing. I nodded as I understood, I knew first times hurt since the hymen stretched to accomodate to the intrusion but I was touched he was being so caring unlike some guys I've heard about from my friends.

"Ready?" He asked and I nodded once again not able to form words. He started kissing down towards my nether regions and I couldn't help but moan and arch my back as he neared my pussy.

Soon enough his head was between my legs, he had lifted both my legs up, bent at the knees and spread apart. I could feel his hot breath directly on my pussy and it drove me crazy as he was taking too long.

I wiggled a little and almost screamed out when I suddenly felt his mouth close around my pussy lips. He was doing something with his tongue which felt like absolute heaven and left me moaning and writhing. I arched my back further as he continued kissing and sucking and licking.

I couldn't hold back the loud moans that escaped me, I suddenly felt thankful for the soundproof walls of the pack house. Even though it wasn't enough because we were werewolf, atleast it provided partial protection.

I felt Callan's tongue enter me and the unexpected intrusion made me jump with a yelp but soon enough the shock was gone and I was once again left moaning and groaning with pleasure.

It felt like a knot was forming in my stomach and I felt like I was going to explode. I wasn't a complete idiot and knew I was close to my orgasm. Within the next couple of minutes Callan had me jerking violently, moaning loudly as I came for the first time ever and let me tell you even though I haven't had any orgasms before, it felt so good.

I was breadthing heavily by the time Callan re-emerged from in-between my leg. He came up and kissed me and I could taste myself on his lips which just further turned me on.

Callan settled his head in between my neck and shoulder and I felt his dick poking me down there. He expertly maneuvered his dick with his hands and aligned it with my entrence. He slowly pushed in, slowly feeding me inch by inch and stopping whenever he saw my face show discomfort.

I could see it was killing him to go this slow, he was groaning with pleasure so loudly and his face was red trying to maintain his self control. He stayed still for a few minutes after he was fully burried inside me.

The burning feeling I experienced at first soon subsided into a quiet throbbing and was almost gone.

"You can move, I'm okay" I said out loud to Callan. My voice came out breadthy and hushed but it was enough signal for Callan to start doing his thing.

He moved in and out slowly at first but his pace increased with my increasing moans and soon he was thrusting in me with everything he had.

I dug my hands in Callan's back as I moaned out with pleasure. He felt so good, I remember someone telling me that not all dicks feel good but Callan's definitely felt great. I felt that similiar knot forming for the second time and soon I was riding out my second orgasm as Callan continued pounding into me.

Callan finished soon after me, he had to pull out since in our excitement we forgot the condom. He spilled his cum on my stomach with multiple grunts and groans and fell dead on top of me.

He must be tired since he did all the heavy work and it was evident in the way he breathed heavily. We stayed like that, just breadthing heavily, tangled together with each other, trying to come down from our high.

"Fuck that was sooo much better that what I had thought" Callan said after a while. I nodded my head.

He brought his head up to mine and kissed me once again.

"I need to mark you to complete the mating" he said making my breath hitch.
Fuck, I forgot about this part.

"But the witch said we needed to fuck right? I don't think we have to complete the mating process right?" I said.

"I think she meant we needed to mate and mating involves want to take that chance?" He asked me with his eyebrows raised. He was on top of me with both his hands capturing me under him. I looked up at him not sure what to do.

"I mean it's fine if you don't want to. I just guessed if you agreed to this then you must've thought about the marking too. I'm sorry I assumed i-" he started rambling when he saw my perplexed expression but I interrupted him by pulling him down and connecting our lips.

"Mark me" I said. I don't care, he was my mate and I wanted us to be together. I was ready for this.. I'm not ruining things by second guessing myself at every turn and complicating things for no reason.

"Really?" He asked and I nooded. I turned my head to my right, offering him full access to my neck.

He lowered his head into my neck and I felt him kiss and suck the spot where his mark is supposed to go. I felt his fangs elongate and then blinding pain. A scream left my mouth as his fangs pieced my skin and flesh but it was soon replaced by a moan as pleasure overtook all my sense.

Callan pulled out his fangs and licked the mark, his saliva will help repair the puncture wounds and leave just two wound marks.

"You can mark me as soon as you get your wolf back, we'll be completely mated then" he said as he nuzzled my neck. I could feel how happy and pleased he was which made me smile and run my hands through his hair.

"Thank you Anaïs, for accepting me" he said.

"Thank you for doing this even though our bond wasn't took a huge risk by marking a wolf who doesn't share a bond with you" I said, it made him look up at me.

"You'll always be my mate Anaïs, there's no changing that." He said and I nodded gratefully at him.

"I'll bring a towel and clean you up. Wait for me here" he said and climbed off of the bed.

After Callan had cleaned me and himself, we both decided to sleep and shower in the morning since we were both hella tired.

Callan climbed back into his bed after he had disposed off the dirty towel. He pulled me into him and wrapped his hands tightly around me. I pulled the covers over the both of us and snuggled further into him.

I sighed out in content and felt Callan do the same. I was soon drifting off into dreamland feeling happy and warm.

Fuck! no wonder others talked so highly of mates, this shit felt great.
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