Calling Callan

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Getting my wolf back

I felt like I was trapped under a thousand blankets when I woke up. I could hardly breadth, something was crushing me and I was hot as hell and sweating like a pig.

I groaned and tried to move away from the thing that was holding me/crushing me. I cracked open an eye and my gaze landed on a sleeping Callan's face. His lips were slightly parted and he was snoring lightly. His face looked like that of a sleeping baby and it made me giggle.

I carefully detangled myself from him, first the legs then my arms. The real task was prying his huge, bulky, gorilla arms away from my waist. I tried lifting it but Callan just ended up tightening his hold on me and burying his face into my neck.

"Callan!" I screeched when I felt his nose brush against my very new and very sensitive mark. It sent shivers down my spine and made my hair stand but in an obviously good way.

"Just a few more minutes" Callan mumbled, still half asleep. It reminded me of the first time I shared the same bed with him causing me to blush instantly.

However much I wanted to run away and hide from Callan for as long as I could given the 'things' we did yesterday, I stayed put having pity on the poor guy and letting him catch a few more minutes of sleep.

I think Callan slept for half an hour more and I must've nodded off somewhere in between because I was woken up by a groggy Callan.

"I can't believe you fell asleep after waking me up" Callan said accusing me of ruining his sleep. I smiled sheepishly..

"Not my fault you make such a good pillow Baraed" I said as I snuggled into him a bit more. It didn't take me long to remember why I was trying to get away with him before which made me literally jerk away from him.

"What?" Callan asked, confused as to why I scrambled away from.

"I need to take a bath, I reek of sweat" I mumbled. It was true! I was sweating profusely for some reason and I felt was weird, I also felt this slight ache in my muscles and hoped a cold shower would fix all of this.

"There's some towels in the bathroom cabinet under the sink you can use" Callan said as he nodded towards the bathroom which was attached to his room.

I quickly removed the sheet from my body and pattered inside the bathroom. I grabbed a towel from the cabinet and hung it on the towel rack besides the shower.

I quickly slipped out of my clothes which were literally wet from my sweat and dumped them in the laundry basket. The ache in my muscles had now increased and it felt like my bones were being slowly heated or something.

I quickly stepped inside the shower and turned on the cold water. I let out a moan of ecstasy as soon as the cold water hit my aching body. I lathered myself with soap and washed every part of my body, getting rid of all the sweat amd dirt. I washed my hair as well but was quite displeased when I found out Callan was one of those guys who used a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

"I can't believe guys get those soft, silky hair from this shit while it turns women's hair into a fucking bird's nest!" I mumbled out, disappointed in the way fates fuck females over.

I quickly washed out the devil's liquid out of my hair, scared it would fuck my hair up if I left it in for too long. I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in the towel which was perfectly bleached by an angel and smelled like strawberries for some reasons.

I got another towel from the cabinet to dry my hair. I was in the middle of squeezing out all the water out of my hair when a knock sounded on the bathroom door.

"I need to pee princess! How long are u gonna take?" I heard Callan's voice.

"I'm done" I said and dumped the towel I was using to dry my hair in the hamper as well. I opened the bathroom door and found Callan leaning on the bathroom doorframe only in his boxer shorts. I quickly scanned his body and it made me bit my lip...fuck!

I heard Callan groan as well which made me look up at him.

"Gods wear some clothes woman you're killing me here" he said and then walked inside the bathroom.

"He's telling me to where some clothes? Has he looked at himself?!" I said baffled at the words of the almost-completely naked baffoon. I took his 'advice' and sauntered inside his closet. I quickly snatched away a pair of new boxers and a white button up shirt.

After I was dressed I exited his closet to find Callan sitting on the edge of his bed, scrolling on his phone. He looked up at me as I emerged from his closet and groaned. He closed his eyes and fell back on the bed..

"What now?" I asked but I knew he was practically getting a hard on given the way I was dressed.

"Fuck you're for making this morning hard for me... literally" he said and then ran his hands through his hair. I giggled at his words and started walking towards him but before I could reach him, a searing pain went up my left side making me collapse on the floor with a scream.

Callan was at my side at once. I could feel my bones breaking and hear them crack, I felt my flesh tear and re-adjust itself.

"Fuck Anaïs you're shifting!" He said but his words made zero sense since it shouldn't hurt this much to shift! I screamed again as the pain just kept on increasing.

"Fuck fuck fuck! Why is this happening?! It's like you're having your first shift!" I heard Callan say but me, who was dying from the gut wrenching no pun intended pain, didn't say anything back.

I just continued screaming and crying as my bones broke and readjusted themselves. I felt someone pick me up but I didn't know who because I had closed my eyes shut, not being able to bear the pain.

I soon felt soft grass under me and figured Callan had brought me outside so I didn't shift inside the house and wreck it.

A scream left my mouth for the last time as I felt my face transforming and then shit went black.

I woke up naked and covered with dirt in the middle of deep forest. I had blacked out during my shift and I don't remember what happened after that.

Did I shift? Wtf happened? Why am I hear? I thought to myself but before I could process anything else or try to remember anything, I felt a pounding ache in my head. I clutched my head in my hands, trying to sooth the pain.

I felt a heavy presence, just like I did after my first shift. The headache,the nausea everything was the same as it had been back when I was 14 and shifted for the time.

"Isis?" I tried hoping I had my wolf back. I could suddenly see Isis inside my head or imagine her there, feel her presence like I did before and she was standing up on all fours, wagging her tail like a dog.

"Gods you're such a bitch, calling me a dog!" I heard Isis voice and almost cried out from joy.

"OH MY GODS! You're back! You're back!" I said not being able to keep back my happiness.

"What do you mean? I've always been here Anaïs...have you finally gone crazy?" She asked, her voice full of confusion.

"What? No, you were gone! I couldn't reach out to you, I couldn't feel you anymore! Even our bond with Callan was gone!" I told her.

"What no! I was here. We were literally just saving Peter's family yesterday? And then we unfortunately because of your stupidity and lack of being able to follow orders, got shot! It's a wonder we healed this fast tho right?" She said, her words not making sense.

"Isis the fuck are you talking about? It's been almost a week since the rescue mission... don't you remember?" I asked her...what the fuck is happening.

"What?! No it was just yesterday! I was just asleep...." She said in disbelief.

"No Isis...I lost you. I woke up in the hospital after we had gotten shot and you were gone. The mate bond with Callan and the bond with the pack, everything was if you had died." I said trying to explain the crap that had happened in the past few days. My words made Isis whine.

"Sam suggested that I should see a soul witch and she told me that if I mated with Callan I'll get you back" I told her.

"Wait so you mated with our mate?! Oh gods you did!" She said suddenly happy and exited when she realised we had completed the mate bond with Callan.

"Well yea and then I woke up today and to be honestly I kinda forgot about you for a minute but then I felt this pain and everything went black and now you're back!" I said.

"Well yea you shifted and I took control. You don't remember the shift?" She asked me confused at everything that was happening.

"No I don't.. it's like the same thing that happens when we shift for the first time!" I told her. The same pain, the headache, the nausea, the sudden feeling of a heavy pressence in your mind! Everything was exactly like the first time I shifted.

"Wow this is so spooky! So I kinda died and then I came back and you had a second first shift? This is so weird..." Isis said and I nodded my head agreeing with her. I was so busy talking to Isis that I didn't even noticed someone approaching me. I guess werewolf abilities had nothing to do with my absent-mindedness.

"Anaïs!" I heard Callan voice behind me and turned around to face him. He was wearing the same boxers as before and nothing else. He quickly came up to me and trapped me inside his bone crushing hug.

"Callan you're killing me! Release boy!" I said while furiously hitting his shoulder trying to losen his hold on me. Callan let me go once his brain registered my words and started inspecting my body, turning me around and looking for injuries.

"I'm fine!" I said making him look up at me. His face was full of worry and concern which made me pout. I put my hand on his cheek and caressed it lightly.

"I'm fine, I just shifted and Isis is back!" I said my voice loud at the end. Callan gave me a small smile.

"Yea, I can feel it...the sparks and literally the whole pack is trying to break down my mind because they feel your presence again" he said, his words suddenly making me zero in on the spark I felt wherever he had touched or was touching me.

"Holy gooses!! I feel them! Oh they're back!!!!" I said jumping up and down, unable to contain my joy. I put my arms around Callan's neck and jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. He quickly put his hands under my hips, supporting me and I crashed my lips on his.

I kissed him showing him how happy I was that everything was alright now. After a few minutes, I broke the kiss since I needed air, unlike Callan.

"Wow" Callan said, his words making me realise what I just did and I felt my cheeks starting to heat up. I tried getting down but Callan refused to let me go.

"Don't, just stay like this for one more minute, hm?" He asked while looking lovingly into my eyes. I nodded my head and hugged him.

"Gods this feels so good, it's true you know. You never known what you have until you lose it. I feel whole again..the pack link, our bond and Isis..I missed everything so much" I said and pecked Callan neck, grateful to feel the bond and sparks again.

"Hmmm I missed you too, my wolf kept whinning for your wolf and the pack was definitely sad with the loss of their luna" Callan said.

We stayed there like that for sometime but then my leg starting going numb so I begged Callan to let me down. We decided to go back to the pack house and then I can talk with my parents and his parents and tell them about all the crap that had happed.

We walked back towards the pack house hand in hand. I was reluncted to let his hand go, not that Callan wanted me to, but I missed the sparks so much that I wanted to feel them as much as I could.

"You know" Callan started, making me look up at him "you can mark me now that you have your wolf back.." Callan said.

"I can" I said, already making up my mind that he'd be branded as my property as soon as we were done clarifying everything to our parents.

"So when will you?" He asked, his other hand going up to scratch his neck, showing that he was shy about this.

"That is so cute" I heard Isis say and I shushed her.

"You should go and visit Callan's wolf..I heard he missed you" I teased her and told her to butt out of Callan and I's conversation.

"We'll see about it" I told Callan, deciding to tease him and rile him up.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he asked suddenly coming to a hault. I looked up at him putting on my "what do you mean", innocent face on.

"Hmm?" I asked him acting as if I didn't know why he was asking me that. I should seriously consider being an actress..

"Whatever" he said and continued walking ahead of me. I giggled at his retreating back and quickly ran to catch up with him.

Gods I don't want anything to change, things were perfect like this and I hope they stay like this forever. I prayed in my head as I jogged behind Callan who was speed walking towards the pack house.

"Wait for me" I screamed at him but he didn't slow down.

"I'll see about that" he screamed back condescendingly making me laugh.
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