Calling Callan

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I mindlinked Alpha Kendrik as I stalked towards the pack house. I was angry, angry at Callan Baraed, angry at the pack and angry at myself.

Things just got back to normal and here we were creating another mess. Problems seemed never ending with Callan and I. We could hardly talk with each other without trying to strangle the other person.

I marched right up to Alpha Kendrik's office and knocked at his door. After hearing a 'come in' I took a huge breath in and let it out, trying to regain my composure.

I slowly opened the door and got in. I bowed at Alpha Kendrik who was sitting at his desk, a huge pile of files and paper work kept in front of him, it made me feel more guilty of asking him to continue taking this huge burden for a few more years.

I looked around his office, it was very simple. Nothing flashy or expensive looking unlike someone else's office. It had plain off-white walls, a sole picture of Alpha Kendrik and his family hanging on the wall behind his desk, a simple brown leather couch and a small book shelf.

"Ah Anaïs, you said you wanted to talk to me about something?" Alpha Kendrik said snapping me out of my daze. I smiled at him and nodded my head.

"Alpha I wanted to ask you to postpone my Luna ceremony" I said, Alpha Kendrik raised an eyebrow once that sentence left my mouth but didn't burst out into a fit of anger like Callan.

"Oh, may I ask why?" Alpha Kendrik asked, his voice the same warm and welcoming. No signs of hostility or disgust on his face..

"I want to attend college and pursue a degree in clinical psychology. It would be difficult to be the Luna and a college student, so I wanted to wait till I was done with my studies and found a job." I said, my voice surprisingly not wavering as I expected it to.

"Okay, would you mind presenting me with a plan? How many years you need before taking on the role of the Luna?" He said, his words shocking me.

"You're okay with this Alpha?" I asked him, shock written all over my face.

"Of course, I can't stop a child from wanting to pursue their passion, now can I? What kind of leader would I be then?" He said while laughing a bit. His words made me smile and I suddenly felt a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders.

"I'll get back to your till tommorow but I would need atleast 5 more years, I initially wanted to just complete college and major in psychology but I've been thinking about actually pursuing it further and working in the pack hospital" I said.

"That's good, we do lack in that sector and your contribution would be appreciated. You can train with Christy until you're ready to take on the title officially" Alpha Kendrik said still smiling warmly at me.

"Thank you Alpha" I said while bowing to him. I really was grateful that he was so understanding.

After I worked out a few more details with Alpha Kendrik, we decided to let Callan take the official title of Alpha and I'll work with him on weekends while luna Christy remained the official Luna of the pack. I'll have to spend an hour with luna Christy everyday, observing her carry out her duties and learning from her till I officially take the Luna tittle and I was fine with that.

I happily skipped back to my home. I collected my school bag and shoes, which I had forgotten to wear in my haste, trying to get away from Callan.

I only now realised that I had a meeting with Alpha Kendrik in only my socks and boy did I felt embarassed.

"Way to go, first you refuse to be the Luna and now you act like a crazy lady. You're literally a step away from being a crazy lady with a raccoon on a leash" I heard Isis's voice in my head and felt her roll her eyes at me.

"Oh shut up! If it weren't for your dear Callan, it wouldn't have happened. Why can't he be more like his parents? Alpha Kendrik was so understanding but there he was making me feel like shit when I already felt shitty" I hissed at her, my words dripping venom. Even my fucking wolf wasn't on my side so yea it made me salty.

"Oh poor Anaïs was feeling shitty, did you for a second wonder how shitty our mate would've felt when you said you'd give him up?" Isis hissed back. Her words certainly shut me up.

"I'm not going to feel bad for choosing my dream" I said to her which once again made her roll her eyes.

"Well would you feel bad for hurting him then? Anaïs you walked out on him after telling him you'd give him up. For a second can you stop associating this with giving up your dream and just think about him. Go to mate Anaïs, I can feel his pain and he needs us" she said, her voice laced with concern.

I, once again, felt torn. I wasn't wrong, going to him would be admitting I was wrong but I didn't want to be a fool and let him get hurt just so I could protect my ego.

I groaned once again and made my way out of my house. I quickly locked the main door and started towards the pack house.

Relationships we're not my thing! No wonder I haven't been in one till now, I just said it was because I'd eventually have a mate but subconsciously, I knew how fucked up these things are.

I swear to the gods I'll become a fucking monk in my next life, I am so done with this shit.

I went straight up to Callan's room once I reached the pack house. I quickly opened my room's door and threw my shit inside and closed the door.

I stood infront of Callan's room and put my ear against the door trying to hear any movement inside. There was non I could detect so I decided to wait for him inside.

I tried the door and it was unlocked. I quietly went inside to find the room a wreck. Clothes were strewn everywhere, the bed was a mess, a vase laid broken on the floor and the dresser's mirror was broken to pieces and there was a trail of blood on the floor.

"Oh gods" I said outloud knowing this happened because of our fight. I shook my head, not surprised that Callan still resorted to childhsih outbursts and started cleaning everything up. I picked up the clothes that were thrown here and there and put them back in his closet.

I was in the middle of making his bed, when I heard his bathroom door open making me look towards it, startled. A naked Callan with a towel wrapped around his abdomen and little droplets of water trailing down his perfectly sluptured body, stood at the door frame looking at me with the same look of shock I had on my face.

"Oh I didn't know you were here" I said as I tried to take my eyes, which were busy drinking in his appearance, away from his body. I blinked a couple of times and scolded myself for forgetting about our fight so quickly and thinking about doing unholy things with him.

"It is my room" Callan sassed back and started moving towards his closet.

"Wait!" I screamed at him, my hands outstretched in front of me. My sudden scream/warning made him halt and look at me as if I was crazy.

"There's glass there you moron" I said and went to him and pulled him towards me, away from the glass. I pushed him to sit on the bed and carefully manoeuvred around the glass shards and grabbed Callan some clothes.

"How can you be so stupid. You're barefoot and not even looking where you're going. It's like you want to die Callan Baraed, weren't you just screaming about me running from my duties and now here you are risking your life while you're so important for the pack" I lectured all the way to and fro from the closet. I didn't even realise what I was doing, it just felt natural. I handed him his clothes and pointed towards the bathroom.

"Go on" I said. Callan stood up but didn't move towards the bathroom. I looked at him quizically when suddenly he dropped his towel.

My eyes went wide and I screeched. I slapped my hands over my eyes and turned my back towards him.

"Callan!!" I scolded feeling my cheeks already beginning to heat up.

"You've already seen me naked Anaïs" Callan said and I could hear the smugness in his voice.

"Yea but I still need to get used to your ugliness, tiny dick" I said trying to get him back but even the heavens knew I was lying. He was far from ugly and not at all tiny, the ache in my vagina is witness to that.

I heard him move towards me but I didn't dare move, scared I step on a piece of glass or trip and fall on a piece of glass. Callan was soon standing right behind me, his front plastered againt my back and his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Your heart's beating really fast Anaïs..I thought I didn't matter that much then why is your heart saying otherwise" he said, his mouth right on top of my ear, blowing air into it making me shiver.

"I never said you didn't matter, you asshole and get away from me" I said as I tried pushing him away but it was a lot difficult since he was an alpha, my back was towards him and he was prepared for it.

"You said it indirectly" he said as he pulled my abdomen further into him, causing his willy to dig into my lower back.

"You assumed it, you're not less significant, you know that I never meant that" I said still moving around trying to get him off of me. I clutched my legs together, hoping the lord that Callan couldn't smell my arousal because I was wet, most definitely more than Niagara falls.

"Stop moving around you're setting yourself up for a sleepless night with the things your hips are doing to me" Callan nothing but moaned into my ear making me let out a whimper.

I quickly clasped my mouth shut, trying not to make any other sounds. But I guess the whimper was enough for Callan to let go off his control and his mouth was on my mark, making fireworks dance across my body.

"Callan" I moaned as Callan continued sucking and massaging his mark with his tongue. I had to hold onto his hands which were wrapped around me or else I would've fallen down on the floor because my legs were literally jello at that moment.

Callan quickly turned me around and picked me up, his lips back on neck within seconds. I was a moaning mess, my breathing hard and shallow.

I was once again, lying on his bed with him on top of me. I felt Callan's dick press into my lower abdomen and it was driving me crazy.

He was soon attacking my lips and I wasn't going to stop him, not until we had fucked atleast. If this was the way he wanted to make up after our fight, then I was all for it. I'd even have to fight with him for no reason if it meant the make up was going to be this good.

Callan lips left mine, making me whine. I quickly shut my mouth with my hands once I realised the sound I made and I saw Callan smirk.

But I was still irritated and turned on so I decided to keep my dignity aside and pulled at his arm, telling him to go on with his lovely assault.

But no amount of begging worked and Callan simply rolled off of me and laid besides me with his hands under his head and an obnoxious smile on his face.

"What the fuck Callan?!" I asked as I quickly got on top of him, my horniness getting the better of me.

"Oh princess if you think it's that easy to get me to come around after you fight with me, then you have another thing coming" Callan said as he continued to give me that assoholic smirk of his.

I punched him on his chest lightly. "Callan stop this power play and kiss me" I said but Callan just shook his head from side to side grinning like an idiot at my discomfort.

A lightbulb went off in my head and I quickly got off of Callan. Now that definitely surprised him cause the smug look vanished from his face.

I quietly took my hoodie off and slipped out of my pants without even sparing him a glance.

He doesn't wanna fuck me, fine! He'll regret teasing me! I thought to myself.

I undid my bra and took my panties off. I lied back on the bed beside him, my naked side touching him.

"Anaïs?" I heard Callan whisper but I ignored him. I started fondling my breast and tweaking my nipples, even though it didn't feel as good as it did when Callan does it, I still made sure to moan outloud.

I slowly and sensually, slid one hand down towards my pussy and started playing with myself. As expected I heard Callan groan and felt him sit up on the bed. But I made sure not to react, I kept my eyes closed and continued pleasuring myself and moaning outloud.

I could feel Callan's burning gaze on every inch of my body but I resisted the temptation to peak at him and continued torturing him.

I was getting close to my peak and my moans became louder and my hands worked faster. As soon as I was about to come, I felt Callan grab both my hands and he was once again back on top of me, with my hands pinned about my head.

I whined in annoyence and glared at him.

"What the hell Callan! Let go" I said irritated that he'd make me stop without letting me come.

"No" he said and dived down, taking one of my nipples in his mouth. I moaned out in ecstasy, his mouth feeling ten times more better than my fingers.

He continued his assault on my tits, sucking and licking and the occasional biting which made me jerk up and arch my back, pushing my boobs further into his mouth.

"Touch yourself again and I'll have to punish you. Only I'm making you come from now on, you want a release you come to me" Callan said his voice full of authority, it somehow made me wetter if that was possible.

"If only you weren't a bitch before" I said, my words made him bite my nipple hard which made me scream in both pain and pleasure.

"Tsk tsk careful there princess" Callan said and I felt him smirk against my boob.

Fuck I liked him better like this. Angry Callan is someone I don't want to meet again, I just want Callan to be like this with me, playful and carefree.

I moaned again as Callan moved on to my other boob. This was going to be long night..

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