Calling Callan

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Author's note

First, I am so sorry for the late update (not really since I did update four chapters last week, I just did em one after the other but I did have these two chapters already saved, my stoopid ass just forgot to publish them)

Second, the story is about to get mature so please please please the kids reading this do not read those chapters or I will most definitely put a curse on you and given that I'm indian, it might work.

Third, I did not expect so many people to show me this much love. I used to think it was stupid when authors I read say "the fans encourage me to write better" but it most definitely is true. I see your lovely comments and it just makes me want to write more and update more often and it has also made me think of more ideas for new books.

Thank you my lovelies and as always borahae 💜 and stay safe!

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