Calling Callan

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Iights out

I woke up, once again tangled with Callan..fuck this was getting good. I snuggled into him further instead of getting up.

"Well someone's in a good mood" I heard Callan say which made me jump because I had no idea the bitch was awake.

I raised my head off of his chest to find him grinning and looking at me like an idiot. I rolled my eyes and hit him on his chest.

"You scared the living birds out of me Callan! How long have you been staring at me like a creep?" I asked while giving him a smirk of my own because I caught him starring at me.

"I was actually thinking about a plan for 'how to get the elephant, whoes currently crushing me, off of me" he said while smirking. His words just made me hit him again.

"Well if you hate it that much then I shall get up" I said as I started getting up but I was pulled back down hard onto Callan's chest. It made me giggle and soon Callan joined in.

I sighed in content "ah this is nice, let's not fight again and if we do then let's make up this way and this way alone" I told Callan and he chuckled at my words.

"Really? Shouldn't you ask me, the guy who did all the heavy lifting all through the night?" He asked as he stroked my hair, I started drawing little circles on his chest too.

"Hey I don't mind being the top next time" I said as I looked up at me, offended that he'd think I was anything less than him.

"Well I would love to see that princess" he said and pulled me up for a kiss. It was slow and sensual, he took his sweet time savouring my lips and exploring my mouth amd I retured the favour gratefully.

Our make out session was heating up but we got interrupted in the worst way possible. Suddenly the emergency alarms that were set up around the pack started going off indicating an outside threat has breached our borders.

I looked wide-eyed at Callan, fear suddenly gripping at my chest. Callan and I quickly got up and put on whatever piece of clothing we could find.

"Rogues have breached the northern border. First line of defence are holding them off, all fighters are being called" Callan filled me in on the information he got. It made me pull down all the walls on my mindlinks and I could suddenly hear Alpha Kendrik's voice. Soon my brother's voice filtered in asking where I was.

I informed him and my parents I was safe and with Callan. I stopped Callan as he was rushing out the door, just in time.

"Be safe, I do not want you dead right after we are fine again. I will personally follow you to hell if you die and make your life fucking miserable" I said and pecked him lips. He nodded at me and gave me smile.

"I'll round up the pack, please be safe" I said again and hurried out along with him. Callan shifted into his wolf as soon as he was out the pack house's doors while I focused on all the people who were rushing inside the pack house, to the underground bunker.

"GET IN AND DON'T MAKE A SOUND! FOLLOW MAY-DAY PROTOCOL!" I screamed at the panicking people. I pushed in as much people as I could.

"Luna Christy? Are you in bunker 1?" I mind linked the luna.

"Anaïs! Dear yes yes I'm there, I'm getting all the people in" she said, her voice panicked and scared just like mine.

"Okay please inform me when the bunker it at capacity, I'll re-direct the remaining people to the eastern bunker 2" I told her and she replied with a yes.

I quickly focused back on the task at hand. I rushed towards all the different main pack communities. I went to mine first which was the nearest from the pack house. I instructed people which bunker to take shelter in as I ran all the way.

I quickly pounded on as many door as I could, grabbed a few other women and told them to do the same and take as many people, children or the aged along with them.

"GET TO BUNKER 1 NOW!! GET OUT WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!" I screamed as I pounded on the main door of a house. I was about to move on when but I picked up crying and whimpering coming from the inside.

"It sounds like pups" Isis said. I didn't have to wait for any further instructions, I quickly slammed my side into the door with all my might and the door came off of it's hinges.

I ran towards the sounds and found two kids hugging each other and a rogue with blood smeared around it's snout stalking towards them.

My sudden barging in threw the rogue off guard but it gained it's composure soon enough and got ready to pounce on the kids. I threw my body in front of them, already assessing the rogues intentions by the way it shifted it's wait onto it's hind legs.

I timed it correctly and my body slammed in the rogues body and he went flying to the other side, his body hiting the kitchen counter and a loud whimper escaped it's mouth.

"RUN OUT NOW!!" I screamed at the kids and shifted. Making sure even if they didn't run, they were behind my body. I didn't waste anytime and took the opportunity of having the rogue still in a daze and quickly locked my jaw around it's neck. I bit down as hard as I could and heard that sweet snapping sound.

I dropped the dead body and turned around. I quickly shifted and ran out of the house. The kids were sitting on the porch, crying. I rushed to them and held onto the older looking kid.

"Get to the pack house! Take your brother with you, make sure to hold his hand. Any adult you can find, grab onto them and follow then to bunker 1? Okay?" I said told him and made sure he understood me. I saw a woman run past the house and quickly screamed out to her.

Thankfully she was around or else I would've had to send the kids on their own. I quickly handed over the kids to her and made my way to the other communities.

I mind linked Callan as I shifted and ran towards the other community.

"A rogue was in my community Callan! There might be more around" I said and then sent out the same messenge through the pack link, telling everybody to be careful.

As I reached the next community, I received a mind link from Luna Christy saying that bunker 1 was full. I heard the same messege go out through the pack link by Luna Christy only.

I quickly screamed at as many people as I could to head towards the eastern bunkers. I kept on pounding as many door as I could and helped anybody who needed it. I made sure the kids had an adult with them or atleast knew where they were running off to.

I focused on getting everybody to safety and tried not to cry like I wanted to. I was scared, so so fucking scared but I held it in. There had been only one attack I have witnessed all my life and that was in our previous pack. I hardly even remember it.

I kept on pounding on doors and screaming directions at people when I heard screams coming from somewhere behind me. I turned on my feet and rushed towards the source of scream and found a rogue digging into the body of a dead female.

I quickly changed and charged at it. It was huge compared to the last rogue but I didn't let it's size get the better of me.

I pounced on it causing both of us to roll on our sides but I quickly regained my footing and clamped down on it's neck. Before I could do further damaged, it literally jerked me off with such force that I flew away quite a distance.

I landed with a thud but didn't let the pain overpower me and quickly stood back on my legs. I couldn't even see properly at that moment, but I heard paws coming at me from my left and jumped ahead, doging him.

I shook my heard and saw the wolf had slid off, not expecting me to avoid it's oncoming attack. I ran into his side with full force causing him to topple over. I slashed at it's belly, at it's flaying paws and everywhere I could get my claws at.

It slashed me on my fore leg out of nowhere but I ignored the burning pain. Instead I took the advantage of it's momentary distraction with attacking me which led to it letting it's guard down and I twisted and broke it's neck with my jaw like an expert.

I was breadthing quite quickly and I had to lie down as the pain in my thigh started registering. I quickly shifted back into my human form and the gash remained on my arm.

It was deep, really really fucking deep. He had gotten a good chunk of me but I was healing. It was slow, slower than I wanted it to be but I was healing.

"Isis I need you to block off the pain" I told Isis and felt the pain slowly disappearing. I knew Isis had taken onto my pain and felt her whimper in my head.

"Is anybody still outside?! Please anybody if you need help respond!" I said through the pack link. I received no responses so I started making my way towards the eastern bunker 2.

I couldn't focus on running because I was slowly feeling the pain trickle back to me which meant Isis had no more energy. That was bad, it would mean my healing will slow down further.

I could hardly breadth or look straight ahead. The pain was back in full force and I noticed that the wound wasn't healing. I didn't have to be a doctor to know I had lost too much blood, it was literally dripping down my side like a waterfall.

I tried making my way through the forest, if I just reached the bunckers, the members inside can get me first aid but I could hardly move anymore.

My body felt heavy and I couldn't lift my feet up anymore. I held onto the neartest tree and leaned against it hoping to regain enough strength to carry on but I ended up on my knees, not being able to stand anymore.

I knew I was going to lose conscious soon, I could see the black dots dancing around in my vision. So I did the thing a sane person wouldn't and didn' mind link Callan or anyone else for that matter. I knew pack members would risk their safety inorder to ensure I their luna was safe and I wasn't about to give my parents or brother a reason to leave the safety of the bunkers.

So I quietly laid there, holding onto my arm, my back against the tree. I decided to mind link mum to make sure they were all safe.

"Mum? Mum where are you? Which bunker are you in?" I said through the mind link.

"I'm in bunker 1 with your dad and brother. Where are you mija?" I almost cried out after I heard her voice.

"I'm fine! I'm in bunker 2. I love you mum, tell dad and Apollo I love them" I said and heard her say a yes before I closed my link.

I wanted to mind link Callan but I knew he'd rush to me if I told him I loved him out of nowhere.

I tried to keep my eyes open and steady my breathing. I called out to Isis but I got no reply which broke my heart. She was most probably exhausted which is why she couldn't talk with me.

I was so scared, I could feel the tears streaming down my face. I didn't have any epiphanies as I layed there, dying. All I could feel was fear, heart-wrenching fear.

I wanted to go home, I wanted to be with my mum. I wanted out of this situation but I knew it would be foolish to mind link anyone, they'll rush out, away from safety to save me and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if someone died because of me.

So I layed there crying as I felt my eyes get heavier, my arm was numb now. I couldn't feel the burning pain but I knew it was still there. I just cried and cried and cried. The last thing I remember was thinking how cruel the fates can be and how much I wanted to stab the goddess in her chest for playing with me like this.

And then it was lights out.

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