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Calling Callan

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"let me go you bastard!" I screamed at Callan but it just made him enjoy my struggle further. Fucking sicko! "Stop fighting it Anaïs, we're mates and you can't change that" he told me calmly as if he hadn't just asked me to do the one thing that I could never imagine doing. Loving Callan Baraed.. "Let me go Callan!" I screamed at him again. I tried to push him away, I tried to pry my hands away from his deadly hold but it was all in vain. Callan was an Alpha and his strength was unmatched especially to that of mine, a regular pack she-wolf. "Anaïs, you're mine and no power in this entire universe can change that" he whispered in my ear making sparks fly around us, electricity was shooting through my blood as if I'd put my finger inside a power socket. Fucking mate bond! "You're dreaming Callan! We're like the opposite poles of a magnet, we're the last people meant to be together. The goddess made a mistake" I told him. He was the guy I've hated forever and now they're telling me I have to love him? That went against every molecule of my body. "The goddess never makes a mistake and opposites attract princess" he breathed into my ear making me shiver. His words just made me more furious and struggle harder to get away from him. Satisfied with the effects his words had on me, he finally let me go. He gave me one last stupid smirk of his and exited the empty classroom. Ass!

Romance / Fantasy
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Ape face Callan


“BRRRRIIIINNN-” the relentless screaming of my alarm clock was cut off when I smacked the black bitchy box, still half sleep.

I continued to snuggle deeper into my pillow, even after the very agitating interruption of my alarm clock but I was soon drifting back to dreamland.

“ANAÏS!!!!!!!!!” I was startled awake by my mother’s screaming. I looked around, trying to find the source of threat that made my mother scream like a fucking cougar!

“WHAT!!!!!?!!?” I screamed back when I found no source of immediate threat, which left me a hella lotta annoyed.

“DON’T SCREAM AT ME YOUNG LADY! YOU’RE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!” She screamed back making me look at my alarm clock which read 8:03 am!

“HOLY FUCK!” I cursed and then proceeded to fall from my bed and greet the floor with my face because I’m too much of an idiot to remove my blanket from my body first instead of trying to just walk through it as if it would magically turn to nothing once it senses my intentions of moving!

“Oww” I rubbed my nose which I was sure was bleeding right now. I quickly got up and ran to my closet. I grabbed my towel and ran to the bathroom, closely avoiding kissing the doorframe with my face and breaking my nose for good this time.

I freshened up, brushed my teeth and took a quick shower all within 10 minute. I did a little happy dance when I was dressed and ready to run to school at 8:18 am on the dot.

I practically skipped down all the stairs and just ran as fast as I could, trying my best to avoid pedestrians and cars while on the forest road.

Soon I was doubled over and panting like a dog in heat in front of my school building.

I looked up at the huge, ugly ass VICTORIA BLUE HIGHSCHOOL and grimaced. Fuck I hated school so much my mind tried to force my body to turn around and go back home.

But I pushed through and was in before 8:30 am which meant I wasn’t late. Thank the lord or else I was toast! This would be my 43rd tardy and even though kids only got 10 tardies max, I was sure my principal would finally blow up if I made it to 44th.

I casually strolled towards my locker, as if I wasn’t getting late for my first period. But who cared, I was already inside the school on time, didn’t really matter if I was on time for my classes.

I took out the books I needed and then took my time walking towards my math class.

I was, obviously, the last student to enter the classroom. The class had already begun and I, as always, attracted the attention of every single student when I entered.

“You’re late again Ms. Anaïs” Mr. Swead said to me plainly. He stopped giving fucks about me being late during my sophomore year.

“I woke up late and then fell” I said while pointing to the tissue that was stuffed up my nose. Yes I came to school with tissues up my nose, so what?!

“I do not care, afternoon detention for you Anaïs. Now take your seat” He said and turned back to the blackboard, continuing with the lesson.

I mumbled a quiet ’love you too Mr. Smead” and then turned my head around, scanning the class for empty seats. I found two at the very back, which was like hitting jackpot and practically flew to the seats like a fucking genie!

I opened my math notebook and started the ardent process of doodling in the empty spaces that the book provided me with.

The class went on like usual for another 15 minutes but as soon as Mr.Smead opened his mouth to tell us more wonderful things about trigonometry, he got interrupted by the classroom door being slammed open by none other than the biggest living and breathing asshole, Callan Baraed!

“Alpha” Everybody bowed to the asshat except for me of course. I’d rather be eaten by deadly piranhas than bow to him.

The jackass just nodded his head, like the fucking self-absorbed, ignorant and shallow bastard he is and proceeded to walk towards the empty seat beside me.

My eyes were huge, like the size of an ostrich’s egg. I quickly put both my feet up on the empty seat and held its back to my chest, making me look like a fucking orangutan but I couldn’t care less.

“Turn around bitch, sit somewhere else” I told him. Now I know you must be thinking “Umm Anaïs I don’t think talking to the Alpha like that is a great idea” but he’s used to it. All he ever does is add more hours to my community service, which for the same reason never ends!

“12 more hours of community service and I’m sitting down. Now it could be either on your legs or on the chair that decision rests with you” The smartass barked and then began lowering his stupid heavy ass on the seat.

Me, being the smart bitch I am, decided to save my feet from getting crushed under the big brute and removed them hurriedly.

“Ass” I resorted to verbal abuse when physically trying to keep him away didn’t work.

“Only for you princess” He replied and then winked at me. I gagged reflexively making him chuckle. Oh he made so mad!

The rest of the period went by with me and Callan bickering with each other, I called him names; he said some things to make me fume and then enjoyed my annoyance!

After the period was over, I packed my things with such speed and finesse that it would’ve shamed the Flash himself!

“Anaïs” My steps faltered when I heard Callan call after me. Now I usually never stop when he calls me but the bitch used his alpha voice, I had to listen!

“What!?” I asked, irritated that he would use his alpha voice to get me to listen to him. Seeing me irritated just pleased him further and it was evident in the smirk that graced his stupid, ape-ish face!

“You’re coming to my birthday party tonight?” He asked me with his eyebrows raised.

“You think I’d voluntarily go to a place where you would be present?” I fired back. He should know by now how much I try to avoid his jerkish self.

“Every female in the pack needs to be there” He informed me of the same thing my mother had said last night during dinner over which we got in a huge fight since I did not want to attend!

“Well if you already knew, why the fuck ask?” I was super annoyed at this point. Callan just had to breadth and my blood would start boiling at 375° Fahrenheit!

“Hmm I don’t know, I like seeing you get annoyed. You look like Grumpy from Snow White when you’re angry” He said while smirking down at me. He knew how much I despised him or anyone calling me short!

“Don’t make me cut your small dick off before you get to use it on your mate!” I threatened to which he just laughed and pet my head as if I was a child.

“Whatever grumpy see you tonight” He said and then left but only after booping my nose as if I was an infant!

Killing is illegal, killing is illegal, I repeated that sentence in my head again and again before I did something stupid, like attack an Alpha...

Callan just had this effect on me; he always managed to make me mad. It’s like I see him and there’s some chemical reaction in my body which makes me instantly want to pull all of his hair out.

I still remember the day I first met Callan Baraed...


I stood in front of all the children, nervously fumbling with my fingers. It was my first day today at a new elementary school. My family had just moved to a new pack in a different country, Blackwaters, which meant I had to start at a completely new school, unfamiliar with anyone here.

“Go ahead sweetie, introduce yourself” Our teacher, Mrs. Abraham encouraged me.

“Hello, my name is Anaïs. I just moved here with my family” I said and then breathed out a sigh of relief. I was practically shaking out of my shoes with nervousness.

“What kind of name is that?” A boy, a very scary looking, tall boy asked. He was sitting in the back, looking at me with his eyes narrowed. I didn’t like the look on his face and I didn’t like his question. My name was something I always got teased for...

“It’s a pretty name...it means merciful” I mumbled back. I knew he could hear me, after all this was a school only for werewolves and wolves have a very sharp hearing.

“No, it’s weird just like you” He said making the entire class burst out in fits of laughter. My palms fisted with fury but my lip trembled with fear and sadness. I was hurt, my name wasn’t weird.

“It isn’t...” I said a little louder than the previous time but my voice was lost in the sea of laughter. I looked away from the scary boy who was now frowning at me.

Flashback ends

That was the day when I decided I did not like Callan Baraed one bit.

And from that day on Callan kept on annoying me and made me cry countless of times as a child. He was the reason people didn’t talk to me, he told them weird lies about me and since he was the Alpha’s son, everyone believed him.

‘At least now he won’t bother us, once he finds his mate’ I thought to myself. Yup everything would be good once he finds his mate. He’d annoy her all day and would obviously have no time for me which I cannot wait for.

The prospect of having to attend his 18th birthday is looking less bleak now’ I admitted to myself and happily skipped to my next class.

I can’t wait for tonight now!

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