Calling Callan

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Unleashing chaos

“Hey Samantha” I greeted my best friend as I sat down beside her on our designated lunch table.

“Hey bitch” Sam replied without even looking up at me, too consumed with her fries.

“Sam no one is gonna take the fries away from you” I said jokingly but of course Sam ignored me. I would never understand her intense love for food. I mean I love food too but she pays more attention to her fries than her friends..

“Why you cranky?” Samantha asked, she could always sense when I was annoyed. It’s like a superpower she has..

“Nothing, all the studying is killing me. I can’t wait for school to get over” I groaned out my displeasure towards studies.

“Don’t you have after school detention as well?” Samantha asked, still not looking up at me. This girl and her food..

“Nah I got out because of Callan’s party tonight. Every female has to be present which means no after-school detention for anyone today” I relayed the good news.

“Oh yeaaa you’re going right?” She asked finally looking up at me. Samantha was actually hoping she’d be Callan’s mate.

“Every female is hoping they’re the alpha’s mate” my wolf, Isis doweled out.

"Everyone but me” I said back to her. I was quite taken aback by Isis’s presence. She was usually very quiet, so quiet that I sometimes forgot she was even in my head.

“Anaïs?!” Samantha clapped her hands in front my face to regain my attention.

“Uhh yea?” I looked at her quizzically.

“So you going?” She asked again to which I nodded my head.

“I kinda have to cause you know my mum” I said shrugging. It’s not like I would lose something by going and it’ll be fun to dance and drink booze with Sam.

“Yea your mum is scary.....well whatever, I’ll be at your house at 6 and we’ll get ready together” Samantha said. I nodded my head and gave her a thumbs up.

Sam and I finished out food and then went our separate ways to our respective classes. We hardly had any classes together but we were still very good friends. We hanged out together at my house or her house or at cafes all the time.

I sighed, already tired from even thinking about how exhausting tonight was gonna be.

After school

Nothing interesting happened in school except for the fact that Callan left mid- physics to prepare for his birthday celebration tonight. He was possibly going to find his mate and needed to make sure everything was perfect.

It was good news for me because he wasn’t there to bother me. I was currently sitting on my bed, scrolling through instagram with a bowl of cereal in my lap. I was too lazy to cook but needed to have something in my tummy.

“Anaïs!” My mother barged into my room while screaming my name, making me jump a little.

“Ma! You scared the bees out of me!” I told her “I’ve told you a thousand times, keep your cool” I continued.

My mother simply removed her slipper and threw it at me. Me being trained for senarios like these, ducked graciously without spilling my cereal.

“Really ma?” I asked her, I get she is Latino but that doesn’t mean she can go around hitting me with her shoes all the time!

“Try to tell me to stay calm again and see what happens” she said to me while going around my bed to pick up her slipper.

She dropped the bag she was holding in her hand on my bed.

“Your dress, for tonight. I want you to behave Anaïs! I know you do not like the Alpha’s son but he is still your superior” she lectured. It was always her who protected that asshole whenever he did something to me.

“Yea I’ll be staying 1000 metres away from Callan all night so you got nothing to worry about” I told her while trying to unpack the dress she got me.

I unwrapped it and held it up with my hands to analyse it. It was a very beautiful black body con gown type dress? I don’t know much about clothes okay!

It had a very beautiful lace around the neckline and was sleeveless and backless. I raised an eyebrow at my mum who was looking at me while I checked out the dress.

“Seriously mum? Backless? Isn’t that a bit too scandalous?” I asked her. I wore hoodies and sweatshirts all day, everyday even during summers and she wants me to wear a backless dress?

“Oh my heart, you need to look beautiful tonight. Every girl will be wearing an outstanding dress and I do not want my baby to be left behind” she said to me while patting my head.

“Still ma, other parents tell their kids not to wear revealing outfits but you’re literally making your daughter go around half naked!” I expressed my discomfort with the dress but she just rolled her eyes and patted my head again.

“I am not “other parents” and I know you wouldn’t do anything even if I bought you a man, so be cool” she repeated my words back to me. I rolled my eyes and put the dress back in the bag.

“Wear it and tell Sam to put some make-up on you as well. I want you to feel good tonight mija, you know I do not question your dressing style on other days but I want my daughter to be present tonight and not my younger son, okay?” She said to which I just nodded my head.

It was true, my mum hardly said anything to me dressing up like a broke dude every day. I can wear a dress tonight for her.. It’ll only be for few a hours anyways.

“Sam will be here at 6” I told her, she nodded her head and exited my room.

I tried on the dress and it fit me like a glove, I could hardly move in it.

"We’re doing it for ma” I told myself.

I went inside my bathroom and took a shower. I did my hair while waiting for Sam to arrive. She was standing in my room at exactly 6:00 pm, being the punctual being she was.

I quickly changed into my dress and Sam started on my makeup. She didn’t do much, just some concealer for the dark circles, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick.

Sam knew I hated wearing a shit ton of products on my face. It felt uncomfortable and I always ended up ruining something or the other making me look like a scary clown.

Samantha did her hair and make-up next and then got into her peach gown which she had bought a week before. It was strapless and had a very intricate design on its neckline or chest line? Whatever..

It was 7:30 pm and all of us were soon piling up into two different cars. My dad and mum were in my dad’s car while me, Sam and my older brother Apollo were in my mum’s car.

“You clean up well big brother” I told Apollo who was dressed in a three piece tuxedo suit.

“You still look like a wet dog, Anaïs” he replied which earned him a punch on his shoulder from me.

Apollo was 3 years older than me, he was usually away since he lived in a dorm but was staying at home currently because my mother missed him and no one went against my ma’s wishes in our house.

“So, how’s school going Anaïs?” Apollo asked as we pulled out of our driveway.

“Mehh” I replied. Apollo had a great high school experience, he was the Quarterback for our school’s team, he was on the swim team. He was the most popular guy during his junior and senior year and had a shit ton of girls hanging from his arms at all times.

My high school experience is shit! I was stuck with Callan and his asshole popular friends teasing me to no ends, I hated studying and waking up early in the morning and I had zero athletic side to me which meant I sucked at gym too even though I was a freaking werewolf!

“Meh? What about you Sam?” He asked Samantha who just shrugged her shoulders.

“What about you? How’s your college going?” I asked him. We were now pulling up in the parking lot of the hotel where the birthday celebration was supposed to be. The hotel was part of our Werewolf community, it was owned by our Alpha. It was located within our territory and was surrounded by forest like the rest of our establishments. We wolves loved our forests and it was a great location for humans who wanted to get away from the city and enjoy nature all the while being away from our main pack lands.

“College’s good” Apollo replied plainly. Once the car had been parked, we all tumbled out of it. Apollo and Sam had to literally pull me out since I could hardly move in that freaking fish trap of a dress.

My mom and dad met us at the entrance and my ma once again reminded us all to be on our best behaviour. Apollo and I just rolled our eyes at ma’s lecture which earned us both a wack on our head from her.

“Ready?” Apollo asked as he offered me his arm. I nodded at him and locked my arm with his. Sam held on to Apollo’s other free arm and we headed inside the hotel.

The name of the hotel was “Bleeding Gold” which I think is very creative since it brought in a shit ton of money for the Alpha’s family. The decor was very lavish, there were crystal chandeliers, expensive furniture and everything just screamed royalty.

There were attendants at every turn, guiding us to the ball room. Yes, the hotel had a ball room! I was not surprised by all of this since I knew the Baraed’s were extremely rich. It wasn’t shocking that they’d spend a butt load of money on their only son’s 18th birthday!

We made our way through the double doors that led to the ball room. It was filled with pack members to the brim, girls in lovely and expensive looking ball gowns and men wearing luxurious tuxedos.

I suddenly felt grateful to my ma for buying me this dress. Hoodie and pants would not have been sufficient for this event.

I held onto my brother’s arm tightly, suddenly feeling overwhelmed with all the attention from the opposite sex. The guys were eyeing me up and down like I was Sushi, some eyes lingering on my chest making me uncomfortable.

My brother on the other hand was busy growling at the said lingering eyes.

“Did you have to wear something this exposing?” He asked while fixing his glare on a guy who whistled at me.

“It wasn’t my choice, ma bought it” I told him. He simply shook his head, knowing that I couldn’t have done anything in the matter if ma was involved.

Sam, Apollo and I made out way to an empty corner, right besides the snacks table. Sam dashed straight to the food, pulling Apollo and I with her.

“I see Samantha still loves her food” Apollo said making Sam blush. Everybody in our pack knew Sam had a raging crush on my brother, everybody but my brother of course. But when he went away for college, Sam decided to focus her energy elsewhere, hence her hopes for being Callan’s mate.

“So who do you think is the alpha’s mate?” I asked Apollo. He was good friends with Callan, they played football together during Callan’s freshman year.

“How would I know?” He said to me. “But whoever it would be, she’d be strong, composed and possess all qualities of a know someone like that in the pack?” He asked.

“Hmmmm it could be Cynthia, the evil bitch. She’s always hanging around him” I said shrugging my shoulders. While Cynthia was not Luna material, she and Callan were together...A LOT! So it wouldn’t be surprising if she was his mate.

The thought made Isis stir inside my head.

"You okay?” I asked Isis but as always I was ignored. I sighed

“You alright?” Apollo asked me, my sigh catching his attention.

“Yea, Isis is being restless. Maybe it’s because I haven’t shifted in a while” I told him.

Silence fell over the crowd when our Alpha, Kendrik Baraed and our Luna, Christy Baraed walked on stage that was situated in the middle of the ballroom.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Me and my Luna would like to thank each pack member for joining us in celebrating our son’s 18th birthday.” Alpha Kendrik started.

“It is a very joyous occasion for our family and for the pack as well since our son will now be able to find our future Luna. I would now like to welcome the birthday boy, Callan Baraed on stage” Callan ascended the steps leading up to the stage. Everybody clapped and warmly welcomed their future alpha.

Callan looked hot! He was wearing a black pant-suite with a black dress shirt underneath. It made his black eyes and black hair pop more. My wolf howled with joy in my head, I took a huge breath in and could smell Callan, even from such a great distance.

He smelled delicious, like strawberry short cake! my senses were short-circuting because of his heavenly scent.

I looked back to the stage, to find Callan looking around the crowd frantically. He must’ve found her...his mate!

Suddenly his eyes found mine and the world stopped. Everybody around us disappeared and it was only the two of us.

"Mate mate mate mate” Isis started screaming in my head. My heart skipped a beat and my breath hitched.

“Mate” Callan said and that one word made me snap out of whatever trance I was in.

I don’t know what came over me or I don’t know where my common sense went but I knew in that moment that I had to get out of there.

And so I ran with all my might. I ran towards one of the many open windows in the ballroom and jumped out of one without even looking down.

My werewolf reflexes came handy and I landed on my feet which still hurt like a bitch. I turned back around in time to hear an ear deafening growl and saw Callan emerge at the window from which I had just jumped out of.

I turned around and dashed with all I had, adrenaline pumping through my blood. I knew I had only a few minutes of heads up before Callan began chasing after me...

How in the fuck did shit go down this fast?!!?? Ma was going to have my head..


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