Calling Callan

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Callan's POV

It wasn't like before but I still felt it, a slight throb in my left arm and then the feeling of being choked. I started feeling dizzy after a while but given the fact that I wasn't hurt, I knew it was Anaïs's pain I was feeling.

I wanted to turn back and run to her, I wanted to mind link the pack and scream at them to find her, but I couldn't. I kept on fighting the rogues that were coming at me. There had been a 2-mile breach on the weakest points of the northern border.

The patrols were in the middle of changing shifts when they heard the crunches of leaves and then hundreds of wolves came at them from all sides.

All the fighters and warriors and even the teens newly out of training were here. We were trying our best not to let any rogues slip past us and breach the first line of defence.

Then we got the horrible news from Anaïs, there were rogues in the communities. I felt quite a few pack members take their last breadths while fighting, their link with the pack breaking and disappearing.

And then I felt my mates pain and distress. I kept on wishing and praying that Anaïs was alright, I didn't want to feel her connection with me and the pack break as well.

But when I felt my throat starting to close up bit by bit, I knew she was hurt. It was irresponsible but I couldn't help it. I quickly pounced on the rogue I was fighting without assessing it's moves, I just wanted to get rid of it so I could mind link Anaïs.

Fortunately I was able to kill it, I quickly turned back into my human form and hid behind a tree, away from the sights of the enemy.

"ANAÏS??? Princess? Where are you? Which bunker are you in?" I called out to Anaïs through the mind link but was immediately met with a wall. She had our link blocked...

"She's hurt, mate is hurt. I can feel mate's wolf in pain! Go to mate!" My wolf urged for the thousandth time but I couldn't leave my people in the middle of a fight.

"We can't leave our people to fight alone" i reasoned with my wolf. I felt him angrily claw inside my head but I blocked him out. I quickly shifted back into my wolf and got back to the battle.

We had killed quite a few rogues...their number was in hundreds. It was unheard of, rogues mobilising and travelling in such huge numbers so this was definitely a warning, a threat.

We fought for hours, my wolf was doused in blood from head to toe, I had scratches and bite wounds all over my back and chest. I was exhausted and so was my wolf. I could hardly feel my body anymore but I couldn't stop or take a moment, I had to keep on clawing and puncing on every rogue that dared to step my way.

Once the last rogue was down, I quickly barked out orders at the fighters to form groups of 15 and head off to the communities. I send two groups of five warriors to the bunkers, so they could eliminate any threats around the bunkers in case a rogue was lurking around.

"Does anyone know where Luna Anaïs is? Who saw her last and where?" I asked through the pack link. When I got no replies for a few minutes, my heart clenched and I found it increasingly difficult to breadth.

"Alpha, Luna Anaïs was in the southeast community end, I saw her heading towards the eastern bunker 2" someone's voice came in through the link and I breadthed out a sigh of relief. I quickly ran towards the southeast community.

It took me around 10 minutes but I was soon running around the heart of the community, trying to catch a whiff of her scent.

I caught it near the eastern end and followed her tracks to only come across a dead rogue and the dead body of female pack member.

She must've killed it I thought to myself. I quickly mind linked my mother to assemble a few teams of pack members to collect the dead bodies of pack members as well the rogues as soon as people were out of bunker 1.

I picked up Anaïs scent heading towards the Eastern bunker and started following it. It was reckless of me to go off alone even though we didn't know if all the rogues were dead or not. I should be with one of the patrolling teams, hunting every last one of them.

But I can't leave her alone, especially when I know she's hurt. My wolf was getting more and more impatient. We picked up the scent of blood along with Anaïs and i didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know it was her blood.

Her scent got stronger and stronger as I kept on moving forwards so I knew I was headed in the right direction. Maybe I should've taken a tracker with me..

I started running in her direction as her scent became prominent. There were no doubts about her location now so I took off using my werewolf speed.

I found her proped up against a tree, unconscious. I quickly shifted into my skin again and was by her side at once.

"Anaïs? Princess?" I called out to her, trying to wake her up but she was completely out. She sported a nasty gash on her left arm, which explained the throbbing in mine.

I quickly picked her up and rushed towards the pack house.

"Is the area around the pack house clear" I mind linked the team which I had sent out to inspect the area around bunker 1.

"Yes alpha! The tracker didn't catch any rogues scents here" someone replied and I quickened my pace.

"Get the pack doctors out of the bunkers and into the pack hospital now!" I screamed into the pack link. There were a number of 'yes Alpha' and with that I focused on where I was running off too.

It took me around 15 minutes to get to the pack house since it was located into the heart of the pack. I was in the western wing within minutes.

A nurse, who looked like she had bathed in blood, met me just outside the doors leading to the first floor of the pack house. She directed me towards an empty gurney.

I quickly laid Anaïs down. The nurse helped me push her through the crowd of injured people who were trickling in, looking for medical assistance.

Anaïs was once again wheeled inside an operating theatre, it gave me flashbacks of the last time I was standing right in this spot.

The nurse was out under an hour and has informed me of the several injuries my little mate had manages to acquire.

She had internal bleeding in her lower abdomen, by the looks of it she had gotten a major blow down there. She had a huge gash on her arm, literally chunks of her muscles were missing, it was bad and would require surgery as well. Her nose was busted and a few of her ribs cracked.

The nurse excused herself after explaining the situation to me. I felt someone pushing against the mental barriers I had put up and it turned out to be my father.

"Where are you Callan?!? We need you out here!" He nothing but screamed at me. I knew it was irresponsible of me to be here but what else am I supposed to do?! Let her die?!!

"Anaïs is hurt" I told him.

"Did you get her to the pack hospital?" He asked me, his voice still rough and angry.

"Yes" I said, not being able to say anything more as I was overcome with guilt and shame for abandoning my responsibilities.

"Then get your ass back out here! She's with the doctors, she safe. Now come out and ensure everybody else is safe as well" my father said and closed the link between us.

I looked up at the closed doors of the operating theatre, my heart clentching again.

But I didn't let the mate bond get the better of me and marched right out of the pack hospital.

I climbed down and started towards the pack kitchen, a cupboard in the pack kitchen opened to a set of stairs which led to the underground bunker. I saw members coming out of the pack kitchen, my mother standing in the lobby in front of the entrance, guiding everyone into the lounge.

She rushed towards me once her eyes fell on me. I was enveloped in her arms within seconds.

"Oh my boy! I was so scared. How did this happen? This is so horrible! Thank the goddess you are safe. Your father is safe as well and so is Anaïs! She's in the eastern bunker so don't worry. Oh Callan I was so scared..the pack members, their link with us kept on fading away.." my mother started crying as I held onto her.

I knew she was in pain, she was after all the mother of the pack. I patted her back and strocked her hair, trying to calm her down.

"It's okay mum, we're all okay. The pack is still here, you shouldn't do this in front of them", I reminded her. My words immediately took effect and she contained herself. Trust me, my mother knew how to manage herself, she was the best at keeping her feelings aside and putting up a tough exterior for the sake of the pack but this attack took her and everybody else off gaurd.

We haven't been attacked in a long time. I could see all the pack mates were shaken up, children were crying and so were a few adults. A cloud of gloomy darkness was looming over all of us.

After I had consoled my mother, she went back to consoling the pack members. The members who had hid in the eastern bunker had also left their hiding spot and we're heading towards the pack house.

I went outside the pack house and shifted into my wolf. My father was near the red-zone of the attack at northen border where the bodies were being collected.

I didn't have enough time to think back to my injured mate. I was running from one site of attack to another all day. We had lost a total of 74 wolves and counting while a total of 283 rogue bodies had been counted till now.

Rogues were usually wolves who lost their sanity. They hardly knew how to fight, they couldn't even communicate with their own which is why rougues grouping together was nothing but blasphemy.

But it certainly didn't seem stupid or impossible now. We had no clue why such a huge number of rogues had attacked or even how they got their hands on our patrolling schedule but we knew one thing and that is that Peter Welch was most definitely not the only person sent in to leak pack information.

There was someone else who slipped through out fingers and completed the task. We were in the middle of presenting the case of Peter Welch to the wolven council and now this. Noone had a clue what was happening but we needed to find out fast before more werewolf lives are lost.

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