Calling Callan

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Stuck to him

I always wondered how if felt to get a sense of deja vu. Whenever I read books and the protagonist goes "I got the sense a deja vu when...". It's never happened to me, how can a situation similar to one that's happened before take place again? Everyday was different, with different variables at play making my days distinct from the ones that have already passed.

But here I was waking up in the same hospital room again, with the same picture of lavenders hanging on one of the walls.

I groaned as I felt a pounding ache in my head and my retinas almost committed suicide because of the sudden assault of bright light being reflected on them.

"Luna? Can you hear me?" I heard a voice on my left and turned my head. I was met with a female nurse, she had a clipboard tucked under her arm and was bending down to my level and looking at me with wide eyes.

"Water" I whispered slowly. She nodded her head and hurriedly presented me with a glass of water. I used to think it was stupid when in dramas the characters who had been hospitalized asked for water as soon as they re-gained consciousness but hell your throat really feels like the Sahara in situations like these.

After I had a few sips of water, the nurse helped me to raise the back of my bed so I could sit/lie on it with my back propped up against the backrest.

The nurse called a doctor who immediately checked me for a concussion, asked if I was still felling dizzy or nauseous, whether I was feeling any pain other than in my chest, arm and lower abdomen. The answer was 'no' to all of them.

I surprisingly felt a lot better than the last time I was in a similar situation like this. Maybe it's because I still had Isis with me.

I quickly checked up on her and apparently she had healed all the way while I was unconscious which was for 2 days according to her.

The doctor filled me in on everything that was wrong with my body. I have internal bleeding and they had to cut me open to fix it, I fractured a few ribs which again required cutting open and I had almost lost my left arm because of that damned wolf.

"We need to train more...we end up in the hospital everytime after an altercation" my wolf said, I sensed a hint of embarrassment and rest sass in her voice.

"We weren't trained to be warriors Remember? I want to be psychologist so I refused professional warrior training after I was done with the basics?" I rolled my eyes at her.

The pack members were given a choice, if they want they could train to be warriors or they could stop after they had received basic training which started at 10 and ended at 16. Further training lasted for 3 more years and then the selections for warrior or patrol positions.

The leaders however or the children of leaders had no choice, they had to receive full training as well as additional training since they were expected to fight ahead of the first lines of defense.

"Isis why isn't Callan here?" I asked Isis, surprised at my mates absence. Aren't alpha males supposed to remain glued to their mates sides when their other halves are injured?

"I don't know...I could feel mate's presence a while ago.." she replied. I was suddenly overcome with worry, wondering if he got hurt as well.

Was he in the hospital as well? Oh my god what if his condition is more serious than mine?!? He was at the site of attack after all!!

"Callan?!?? Callan?!?" I tried to mind link him. My voice was filled with fear, I didn't know what I'd do if he really was hurt...

"Princess?! You're awake!" Callan's startled voice calmed my raging nerves.

"Oh gods! You're fine! I thought something happened to you! Where are you?!?" I rushed my words out. I was so close to having a heart attack just thinking about the possibility of this idiot being hurt!

"I left to help my dad handle the after math of the attack. The hospital was supposed to inform me if you woke up... I'm coming there, wait for me" he said.

I quickly settled back into my bed and within seconds Callan had barged into my assigned room and was all over me without wasting a breath.

"Does it hurt? Should I call a doctor? What were you thinking fighting off rogues 4 times your size?! You should've been with my mum, in a bunker, safe! Do you have any idea how scared I was when I found out you were still outside?! I almost died Anaïs!! Must you do everything in your power to kill me?! Do you want to see me lose my mind?!" His voice was full of worry and by the end he was on the verge of crying.

"I was helping a Luna is supposed to. Pack comes before us" I told him and cupped his face with my hands. I gently stroked his cheeks, trying to calm him down.

"I know...I know I- I just hate it when you put yourself in danger. I know I'm the future Alpha of the pack and I know it's selfish of me to say this but I don't care about anybody else when it come to you. I just want you safe" he whispered and I could see how torn he was.

I was his mate, my safety was his top priority but he was the Alpha and he has to put the pack before everything else.

"Callan I'm fine.. I'm still alive aren't I? Don't worry about already have so much on your plate" I said and pulled him onto the single bed. I snuggle into him, my head on his chest and his arms wrapped around my waist.

Since I had Isis, I was almost done healing so cuddling with the big brute wouldn't be risky. I started tracing small patterns on his chest, trying to calm his down as much as I could.

"How can I not worry? You were literally worried about me a minute ago while you were lying on a hospital bed and you're telling me not to worry.." he said, his voice holding a hint of amusement and disbelief.

"Well I wasn't the one fighting with the front liners" I replied.

"But you didn't get any advanced training Anaïs. People who have your level of training run to the bunkers, not fight off huge ass rogues" he said, his voice reprimanding, reminding me of how stupid I am sometimes.

"I know but I couldn't just run back while pack mates were still out there. What kind of Luna would I be then?" I said. He wasn't wrong in saying I made a stupid mistake.

I shouldn't have been stubborn and demanded to join the rescue mission before and I shouldn't have gone out alone during the attack. I didn't have the skill or the training and could've easily ended up dead, but it's a clear moral dilemma for me.

Just like he can't choose me over the pack, I can't choose my safety over the pack's safety.

"I know which is why as soon as you recover, you're completing your advance training. I don't care about your college or your school, you need to be able to protect yourself when I'm not around" he said, his hold on me suddenly tightening.

"Yea yea I know calm down and don't squeeze me you moron! I had internal bleeding a few days ago, you want to pop me like a balloon or something?!" I said smacking his hand.

"I was so scared...this was so much worse than the last time. How's your wolf?" Callan asked, his tone still serious, not wavering at my stupid remarks.

"Isis is fine, she's healed completely and is now focused on healing my human body" I told him.

"That's good" he said and kissed my head.

"Callan what's the damage?" I asked, my voice going serious. I can feel that we had lost quite a few wolves, I wanted a clear report from him..

"74...pack members killed, 283 rogues, 21 wolves injured." He whispered. I could feel his body shudder with each of his words.

"Precautions?" I asked further.

"Doubled the patrol on all borders, teens above 15 have been called to stand by with the second liners. We're encouraging people to undertake advance training, maybe we'd even make it compulsory" Callan said.

"Do we know how they were able to breach our borders? And so many rogues? How is that possible?" I asked and I felt Callan take one of his hands off of my waist and run it through his hair.

"We think someone slipped information, someone else was sent along with Peter. We questioned him and he had no clue about it. About the rogues mobilizing...the council was already surprised that we had discovered a rogue hideout with more than 20 rogues taking shelter there...but now they're speechless. They have no idea how this can happen and neither do we" Callan said and sighed at the end.

I reflexively snuggled further into him. I could feel his stress through the mate bond. This was such a horrible situation..

"It's going to be fine Callan. We'll find out how this happened.. it's all over now." I tried to comfort him but my words didn't even convince me.

First Peter Welch and now this. Whose to say something like this won't happen again? It would be naïve and stupid of us to assume that this was the end, we would have to prepare for the worse even if it doesn't happen.

"Rest princess, the faster you recover the better. I need you by my side, I can't stand being away from you" Callan said. I sneaked my hand under his t-shirt and caressed his chest but stopped when I felt a bunch of bruises and cuts on his skin.

I raised my head and rolled up his t-shirt and found his chest decorated with numerous scars and bruises and cuts.

"Callan? Oh gods!" I said and looked up at him, my eyes wide and full of panic.

"It's fine Anaïs, they're almost healed" he said.

"Are you fucking with me right now? They should've healed till now! I'm calling a nurse" I said and started getting up but was pulled back before my butt could even leave the bed.

"I'm fine Anaïs, I swear" he said but I just shook my head.

"Get them cleaned Callan please. They can get infected" I said.

"I'll mind link a nurse, you just keep lying down. You have an IV shoved up your arm, where would you go anyway?" He said and then his eyes went foggy indicating he was mind linking.

"That's mean" I pouted. I was just trying to help..

"It wasn't meant to be. You're hurt, you can't go around worrying about others" he said.

"I'm not worrying about 'others' I'm worrying about my mate" I said while jutting my chin out, refusing to lose this petty fight.

"Don't say things like that" Callan groaned.

"Huh?" I asked, confused as to what did I say wrong.

"Your mate? Baby do you want to get fucked while you're hurt? Because you're most definitely testing my patience right now." He said and I rolled my eyes.

"Only you could be thinking about fucking a bed-ridden patient" I said and tilted my head up to look at his face which was lit up by one of his beautiful smiles.

"Yea well when that patient happens to be my very beautiful mate who's currently sitting on my dick and moving around to the point of making me rock hard" he said and his smile soon turned into a smirk. His words made me realize that I was literally laying on him, my ass directly on top of his weeny and my legs were hanging off the side of the hospital bed.

" Oh piss off" I mumbled, my cheeks heating up when I realized the position we were in and the fact that I was wearing a hospital gown just added to my embarrassment.

I quickly scrambled off of him, causing Callan to laugh out loud.

"We've fucked twice and you're still shy?" Callan asked chuckling at my state.

"Seriously Callan you know I'm not like you when it comes to sex" I said and gave him a little glare.

"Oh really? Says the girl who touched herself just so she could get me to rail her" Callan mocked me.

"Oh gods...I forgot about that" I said making Callan laugh again.

"Can we not mention that ever again? Like completely wipe that out of our memories?" I asked him, making my puppy dog eyes.

"Oh I am never forgetting that" Callan said making me groan. What possessed me to do that?!? I am a raging moron!

Before I could say anything else to Callan, we were joined by a nurse who entered my room with a first aid kit. She bowed at Callan and me and then got to cleaning Callan's wounds.

"He should've healed till now, shouldn't he?" I asked her.

"It maybe because the Alpha is exhausted. He needs sleep in order to heal, his wolf needs rest to regain his energy and Alpha had been running around since the past few days, so this is expected" the nurse said. I whipped my head towards him and narrowed my eyes at him.

"You haven't slept for two days?!" I asked him, my question made him avoid my eyes.

"Callan?!"I pressed on.

"I had work and dad needed me and you were here. How could I have slept?" He said. I was about to open my mouth and argue but stopped remembering that a third party was present among us.

After the nurse was done, I turned towards Callan, my arms crossed across my chest, which in hindsight was a stupid move since it hurt like a bitch to move my left arm.

"You can't neglect yourself for the pack" I said.

"Princess.." he started but I interrupted him.

"Callan two days are a lot! People die from sleep deprivation. You can't do this to yourself, you need to heal, your wolf needs to recover. The pack is important but so are you!" I said...Callan got up and came back to my side.

"I couldn't sleep without you Anaïs. My wolf and I were restless knowing you were here" he confessed.

I pulled him on the bed besides me once again and pressed the button on the side of the bed to lower the back.

"Sleep now then. Tell your dad if he has work for you, he can contact me, I'll help him with it but you need rest" I told him and snuggled into him. His arms, as always, were instantly around me.

Callan was really tired which is why he didn't even argue with me. He was out within seconds and snoring loudly.

I couldn't help but worry about him, he worked himself till the verge of exhaustion and was still reluctant to rest.

I didn't know I was capable of worrying about Callan Baraed and if a month ago you'd have told me that I'd be acting this way, I would've sent you to a mental institution but it felt natural now.

To put him before everybody else, even me. It went against every moral of mine, I was supposed to put myself first but I was deep, so deep into this mate thing that there was no coming back now.
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