Calling Callan

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An unexpected departure

I tapped my pen repeated on the conference table, as I sat here once again in conference room 2 with Alpha Kendrik, Luna Christy, commander-in-chief Brooke and Callan.

Callan had fallen asleep with me in the pack hospital yesterday and since Alpha Kendrik didn't require him for any pack work, we just stayed there till today, when I was discharged in the morning.

I know I know you're thinking "Anaïs you were literally half-eaten by a rogue" but I can't just keep lying down on the hospital bed while our pack was in danger.

And the council had contacted Alpha Kendrik today with some important information which is why we were having a meeting right now. Callan insisted that I stay behind and rest but I was having non of that.

Lying on the bed, among those white walls was driving me crazy, my head was constantly filled with the horrors of the rogue attack and I couldn't help but try and reach out to the dead pack members, who had fought so bravely and unfortunately till death for us.

"Well, there is no easy way to convey the information the wolven council has enlightened me with today" Alpha Kendrik started, his almost pained and chocked voice twisting my heart more.

"We were not the only pack who were attacked 3 days ago, 3 packs in South America, 7 in Europe and 2 in Asia were also attacked by rogues. Our species have lost a total of 3108 wolves out of which was an entire pack in Germany of 261 members" Alpha Kendrik said and I could feel a blanket of dread and fear falling over all of us.

"The members that we have lost have been buried already but they will get their honorable departure from the leaders today. The ceremony will be held at 6 in the evening" he continued. I heard Luna Christy's sniffles and it made my eyes water as well.

Alpha Kendrik moved towards his mate and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"It is fairly obvious that these attacks were no coincidence. Someone is targeting wolves, the wolven council has taken it upon themselves to find out who and eliminate this threat but until then we can do nothing but secure out borders and pray to the goddess that this never happens again" Alpha Kendrik said. I could see it in his face, he was angry that he couldn't do anything to protect his people.

"Alpha with all due respect, we can't just sit around and do nothing. 73 wolves... that's how many we lost. We can't just hope that praying to the goddess will work...we have to do something. Go to the council, urge them to take action faster" I said, my voice sounding desperate.

"Do you think I don't know how many wolves we have lost child? There is nothing we can do but wait for the council to investigate" Alpha Kendrik replied sharply. I know I shouldn't have said it like this but I'm not thinking right now.

"What if I volunteer to go to the council? I can urge them to form an investigation team, I can volunteer to form one!" I said as I suddenly stood up from my seat. I can't sit around, I can't when people have died, my people!

"Anaïs have you lost your mind. I can't even begin to explain the dangers of what you have just suggested!" Callan said rising from his seat as well and slamming his fist on the conference table.

"I don't care about the dangers, people are dead Callan! Dead! I saw that women's body as that rogue dug into it as if it was 5 star meal! I saw the fear in those kids eyes and I can't even begin to imagine what those people, who have died, would've felt. Their families Callan, they deserve to know who did this! The pack deserves to feel safe again. We can't sit around and do nothing!" I said, my eyes letting go of the tears I was holding back.

"You think I haven't seen wolves die?! They died in front of me, while fighting besides me! But I won't have my mate die as well! You would have to go around the world and who knows when these people hit again! What if you die this time? Huh?" Callan said as his voice kept on rising with every word. He was breathing hard at the end, his face red and the veins in his neck popping.

"They died and we lived, do you think I'm okay with that? I'd rather be dead right now Callan. I can't stop thinking about them, I can't stop thinking about the fear they must've felt. Those men and women had families, children and now look at what has happened" I cried out.

I turned towards Alpha Kendrik, my mind already set on this.

"I will bring you the papers Alpha and I want you to consider signing them without thinking of me as the future Luna and I mean this with no disrespect but if you don't sign it, I'll appeal to the council directly as the future Luna of this pack" I said and stormed out.

I heard a huge growl and then something breaking inside the conference room but I didn't let that stop me. I made my way towards my room, unable to stop the tears that were flowing down my cheeks.

I slammed the door shut once I was inside my room.

"Anaïs are you really going to do this?" Isis asked me, as I flopped down on my bed.

"My mind keeps on replaying the attack Isis. I won't be able to just sit and wait for another attack" I told her. Surprisingly, Isis didn't growl or scold me as I expected her to instead she lightly nipped at me and then settle down.

"We would be leaving mate know he can't go since he's the future Alpha" Isis said and I slowly nodded my head, telling her I knew what this would

"He was so would I explain this to him without causing him pain?" I asked her.

"I understand you Anaïs, I feel heartbroken as well. Maybe mate would understand too" she said and I felt her close our connection.

I was about to close my eyes when my door was throw open and in came a very infuriated Callan.

"You can't leave me" he said as soon as he was inside my room. He speed walked to my bed and had me in his arms in a matter of seconds.

"I'm not leaving you Callan...I just don't want more people dying" I said in a gentle voice. Trying to show him this wasn't some power play or stubborn wish of mine. I moved my hand into his hair, tugging at them and trying to calm him down.

"You know I can't come with you. It'll take months of investigation and travelling Anaï will I stay here without you, knowing you'll be in danger. I don't want you to be in danger, I want you to be safe and well" he said, his hold tightening on me and his nose found its place in the crook of my neck.

"I have survived two battles Callan and I'll have other people with me. I need to do this, this isn't me being a saint, it's me being selfish. I want to do this for my peace of mind, I want to make sure nothing hurts my family or you" I said as I pulled my face away from him to look him in the eyes.

"I was so scared when you ran into that fight 3 days ago. I was dying Callan, I couldn't help but keep on picturing you bloody and life less. I was so scared when one by one I felt pack bonds breaking, I kept on holding my breadth, praying the next one wouldn't be you" I said as I caressed his cheeks. I couldn't help but shed more tears as I remembered that wretched day.

"Then stay with me now! Don't leave, stay with me as much as you can. Please princess" Callan said his voice low and desperate.

I slowly shook my head, I had to do this for the pack, for my parents and him. If I could even make 1% of a difference and help find whoever is behind all of this, then I'll try my best.

I looked at the clock on my bedside table and it read 4:30 pm. I wiped away my tears and pulled myself together as much as I could.

"Let's stop. We should get ready for the honorable departure ceremony. I'll ask the Alpha to hold your ceremony Tomorrow, so I could be present for it." I said making Callan's face contort with pain once he realized there was no changing my mind.

"Callan I love you so so much but I won't have any peace of mind if I don't try and help. I have to do something, call it my biggest flaw but you know I won't be able to sit still knowing so many people have died" I told him and I could see his eyes gloss over and it pained me all the more.

"I love you too princess and as soon as you're back we'll have your ceremony and have a pup. We'll start a life together...I love you" he said and rested his forehead on mine. I couldn't help but cry knowing I'd leave him behind for a long time.

Callan and I stayed there for a few more minutes, not knowing what else to do. We got to getting ready for the ceremony soon though.

I dressed myself in a plain black dress, which my mother had bought me for my grandma's funeral,4 year ago. I looked at myself in the mirror and grimaced. My eyes were red and swollen and my face looked as if it had sunken in.

I tried to make myself presentable and not look like a corpse for the sake of the pack. They needed to see their leaders strong not broken. If I act like all hope is lost, then how would they feel?

I put on a pair of black bellies and exited my room. I knocked on Callan's door and heard him shout "it's open" from the inside.

I found Callan standing in front of his mirror, in a black pant-suit, with a white button up shirt and a black tie. I had to close my eyes and take a deep breadth to keep myself from breaking down.

Once Callan was done, we left for the burial grounds together in Callan's car. Not a single word was said during the car ride not that we had anything to say about this whole tragedy anyways.

We met up with Callan's parents, who were standing near the grave of the first Alpha of this pack. All the funerals took place near his grave, it was like this so that the dead would get his blessing and be reborn as a wolf once again.

The ceremony soon started, with Alpha Kendrik addressing the entire pack which stood before him. Kids under 14 were not allowed in these ceremonies and had to stay back with a few elder looking after them all, except the ones who belonged to the families of the deceased.

There were tears, sniffles and cries all throughout. I stood there with a stoic, expressionless face, trying not to cry as Alpha Kendrik took the names of all the pack members who had fought and died honorably for the pack.

After the ceremony, everybody quietly placed flowers and offerings on the graves of the deceased. I stood near the grave of the first Alpha, not knowing what else to do.

I had never witnessed an Honor ceremony since we never had been attacked before, so I just looked around at the pack members as they mourned for the lost souls and it made my resolution to leave for the Wolven Council stronger. I can't believe I was joking around and talking about being with Callan just yesterday but today had reminded me of the loss we had suffered, the lives we have lost and I didn't have it in me to stay behind and protect myself.

"You're a true luna" I heard Isis say and her words made me smile, a tear sliding down my face.

I was soon joined by Callan, who put an arm around my shoulders and pulled my into his chest to comfort me. We both silently stood there, watching the pack members, honouring the dead and silently telling each other that everything would be okay.
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