Calling Callan

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I shifted impatiently from one leg to another as I stood infront of Alpha Kendrik's desk amd watched him sign the paperwork I would need to get a meeting with the secondary counsil and access to the counsil residential territory. He also offered to write me a letter of recommendation and called a few other Alpha's of the packs which were attacked by rogues and convinced them to send representatives from their packs as well.

"Thank you Alpha Kendrik for helping me with this" I said once I saw him sign the last piece of document.

He looked up at me and gave me a warm, fatherly smile.

"You're doing well child, I am proud to have you as the future leader of this pack and my daughter" he said, his words making me feel a ten times more better about my decision.

I had been tossing and turning all night, repeatedly questioning my decision. I hadn't thought of doing something like this, I didn't know it would come to this when I was in the pack hospital but when I heard that the only thing we could do right now was pray? I had lost my shit...

"I know Alpha my decision will badly affect things. The pack would require answers for my departure and Callan....but I just want to make sure the pack will be protected." I said, indirectly apologizing to him for causing such a complication with my request.

"I understand you Anaïs, you're a luna, it's your instincts to protect your people and I support you. We can hold a meeting with the pack and explain this to them. They will be nothing but grateful for what you're doing" he said. I smiled at him gratefully, for understanding me and being so supportive.

Once he had handed me the signed paperwork and the letters of recommendation, I exited his office and made my way to my room.

I entered my room and looked at the packed suitcase that were kept on my bed and smiled sadly. I quickly packed away the documents and closed the suitcases. I had packed everything I would need for around a whole month in a total of three suitcases. The rest I would have to buy with money, I was going for an investigation not off the grid and into the wilderness.

I still had to talk to my parents about everything though. So once I was done with putting away the suitcases in my walk in closet, I mind linked my parents.

"Ma? Where are u? Are u and papa home?" I asked my mother through the mind link.

"Yes mija, your papa and I are home right now. Is everything alright?" She replied back, her voice getting a bit panicky at the end. It was the after effects of the attack..

"Yea everything is completely fine. I just want to talk to you two about something" I said.

I quickly picked up my phone from my bed and exited my room. I climbed down from the second story, greeting all the pack members I met on the way down, and exited the pack house.

I went behind a tree and stripped out of my clothes. I tied them around my ankles and arms losely and shifted into my wolf.
I dashed towards my house and said a silent prayed in my head, hoping my mother wouldn't beat the shit out of me after I tell her everything.

It took me 5 minutes to reach my house, thank werewolf super-speed for that. I went behind a tree and shifted back into my human skin and quickly put on my clothes.

I went up to my front door and knocked twice. My mother opened the door and I was enveloped in an organ busting hug by my mother.

Instead of telling her to stop, I just hugged her back. I knew I wouldn't get to see her for a while now and I wanted to remember ever part of her, the way her arms felt when she hugged me, the way she smelled...

"Oh mija! You should stop giving us a heart attack! Why do you keep on getting hurt. I came to visit you in the hospital everyday multiple times but what do you do when you wake up? Forget all about you old mother!" She said while she threw her hands at the end of her speech.

I chuckled at how my mother hasn't changed at all and it felt great. I had missed her a lot and I haven't seen her for a while because of pack duties.

"Ma I'm the future Luna remember? I had to be in a meeting as soon as I woke up and I have a baby of a mate who needs to be with me constantly" I told her as she pulled me aside the house.

"Honey! Anaïs is here!" She screamed out to my dad. I heard some cutlery fall and make a loud sound and instantly knew my papa was inside the kitchen.

I entered our kitchen to find him setting up the kitchen counter which was covered with different kinds of brunch dishes.

"Papa, I missed you" I said and rushed to him and gave him a hug.

"Oh darling I missed you too. Come sit down and eat. I haven't fed you in a while and look how thin you've gotten!" He said and rushed me to a counter stool. My plate was immediately filled with fruits, avocado toast, soft boiled eggs, some bacon and pancakes. He also handed me a glass of orange juice.

"I can't eat this much papa" I told him chuckling. He sat down in front of me, my mother taking a seat beside him.

"Just eat whatever you can then" he said and smiled at me. I happily dug in, I had missed my dad and ma's cooking a lot and since I'll be leaving this was a good chance to have it for the last time.

After I was done eating, I helped my dad do all the dishes. My mother sat on the counter stool, laughing and giggling with us as we chatted away.

Once we were done with the dishes, I sighed and mentally prepared myself.

"Papa, ma I have something I need to tell you guys" I said, my voice and face both serious. My dad nodded at me and we all made our way into the living room.

My parents settled on the couch and I kept standing in front of them.

"Well, yesterday Alpha Kendrik told us that the council has gotten involved with this case. The counsels informed Alpha Kendrik that our pack wasn't the only one that got attacked, several other packs around the globe have been attacked on the same day and many wolves have died" I told them.

My mother gasped at my words and I saw my father shift in his seat.

"The council will be investigating these attacks and I have asked the Alpha to let me volunteer and go to the council to urge them to hasten the investigation. I'll appeal to them to allow me to form my own team and investigate around the packs that were attacked" I told them.

I waited for any one of them to say something but they didn't. They remained quiet and I could see them thinking over my words again and again.

"Well?" I asked, urging them to say something.

"We understand, we do not like it certainly but we understand. You are the future Luna and you feel obligated towards the pack." My papa said while smiling at me just as warmly as Alpha Kendrik had.

"But you get hurt little lady and I will personally punish you! You have to come back safe to us, to your mate" my mother said suddenly bursting into tears. I rushed over to her and hugged her.

My dad got up too, trying to calm my mother down but ended up hugging the two of us.

"Uhhhh what the fuck are you guys doing?" We heard my brother say and turned around to find him standing behind us, his eyebrows raised in confusion.

I had to sit him down and explain everything to him again. My brother, unlike my parents, was not as understanding. He threatened to lock me in a basement if I even remotely tried to put myself in danger again but eventually came around.

I spent my entire afternoon with them, watching movies with them and left after having an early dinner with them.

I was heading back to the pack house now in my wolf form. Once I reached the pack house I went behind a tree and shifted back.

I was met with Callan heading up the driveway and I walked towards him.

"Hey" I said and I was pulled into his side within seconds.

"Hi" he replied back and kissed me making me smile. We both walked inside the pack house and went straight up to Callan's room.

"So did you talk to your dad about the ceremony?" I asked Callan as I settled down on his bed.

"Yea...we got a few people preparing for it. It'll be held in the football field of our school since that way, the kids can help set up during their free periods" he said and started stripping out of his outside clothes.

I racked my eyes up and down his body, thinking how I wouldn't get to touch him for months now.

"Makes you want to reconsider going..." Isis said in my head making me chuckle.

"What?" Callan asked and when I looked at him, I realized I had laughed out loud.

"Nothing, just Isis being Lewd" I said making Callan smirk. He stalked towards me, in all his almost naked glory.

"Sleep with me tonight, here in this room" Callan said as he settled besides me on the bed and pulled me in his lap. I nodded at him and kissed him.

" Alpha Kendrik signed all the papers I need and I'm packed and ready to set out the day after tomorrow" I told him making Callan groan. He fell back on the bed, taking me down with him.

I laid there on his chest, tracing patterns on his pecks and trying to remember how his body felt against mine.

"When do you think things escalated this much? I remember it like it was yesterday, us bickering about our housing situation" Callan said. I raised my head to look at him and saw him staring at the ceiling, a small smile gracing his lips as he remembered good ol' normal days.

"Hmm probably when I pranked you. That's when you got mad after you found out it was me and locked me up in the general prisons where I met Peter" I said and then a question suddenly popped in my head.

"Callan" I said as I rolled off of him and sat up to look at him properly. "How did you find out it was me who pranked you?" I asked him. My question made him smile and he shifted his head into my lap.

"Tell me Princess, how many people have the balls to prank me? And your scent was all over those pictures...I could smell the sweet scent from miles away but it angered me to know it was you so much, I had to go back home to stop my wolf from fucking you in front of everyone" he said and looked up at my gaping face.

"Of course! You're my mate...fuck I did not think about the scent. I'll be using perfume to cover that shit up next time" I said, my words making him chuckle.

"Please do, at least you'll be here with me then" he said and his smile fell. I bend down and kissed his forehead.

"I'll be back before you know it and I'll call you, text you and facetime with you all the time!" You'll always know where I am. It'll be fine" I said and kissed him on his forehead again.

"Hmm" he said and closed his eyes as I started playing with his hair.

"Callan?" I said making him open his eyes again and look up at me.

"Take off your boxers" I said and smirked at him which he returned and was up without any objection.

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