Calling Callan

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I groaned in annoyence as my sleep was interrupted by the light streaming into Callan's room and hitting me directly on my face.

"Callan shut the curtains" I mumbled and tried to bury my face in the mattress to escape the blinding light.

"Wake up princess, I want to take you somewhere before you head out for the council" Callan sweet voice flowed into my ears. I opened my eyes to find him propped up besides me, shirtless. I smiled and snuggled into his lap, drinking in the warmth he provided.

"Let's just stay like this" I said and closed my eyes enjoying the sparks I felt.

"Well as much as I would love that, I still have something I need to show you" Callan said. I reluctantly got up and sat cross legged on the bed in front of a smiling Callan.

"What do you need to show me this early in the morning?" I cried out like a 5 year old but I didn't care since I was sleepy.

"It's 10 am" Callan said, an amused expression gracing his face.

"My point exactly! It's too earlyyyyyyy come back after 12" I said and started settling back down on my side of Callan's bed but this time Callan decided to forget about asking me nicely and instead physically plucked me off the bed and deposited me on the bathroom counter all the while I protested with groans of disapproval.

"Happy now?" I said as I turned my upper body around to grab my toothbrush which I had previously stored in Callan's bathroom and toothpaste.

"Yes I'm very happy. Take a bath, freshen up and then we'll head out" Callan said as I dropped a huge amount of toothpaste on my brush and started brushing my teeth.

I hummed to let him know I got his instructions and with that Callan left me alone. I quickly brushed my teeth and took a warm shower. My muscles suddenly started aching with the thought of having to leave Callan and my parents today.

I quickly dried myself with the perfectly starched towel that only Callan seemed to have in this entire pack and exited the bathroom.

"Callan can I borrow your clothes?" I asked Callan but didn't wait for a response. Instead I simply made my way inside his closet and picked out a white button up t-shirt and some boxer shorts of his I had previously worn.

"Yea sure, go ahead" I heard Callan's sarcastic voice and turned around to find him leaning against the doorframe of his walk in closet, his eyebrows raised as if to say 'why ask me when you're gonna steal my clothes anyways'.

I smiled sweetly at him as I walked upto him. I pinched his cheeks making him frown and laughed at his reaction.

"You are so cute to think I'd listen if you said no to me" I cooed at him. He swatted my hands away and eventually broke into a smile.

"I wouldn't have said no, you can take whatever you want from me anytime" he said and bent down to kiss me.

"We're getting too cheesy Baraed" I said after I broke the kiss. Callan chuckled at my words but didn't reply. Instead he simply pulled me out of his room and consequently out of the pack house.

"Where are we even going? What do you have to show me?" I asked him as he led me to his car. He opened the passenger side door for me, like the gentleman he is.

"You'll know when we get there" he said and closed my side of the door. We started driving and after 5 min, I realized we were driving in the direction of Callan's house.

"Oh wait is your house done?" I asked, suddenly remembering the reconstruction work that was going on.

"Yes and it's our house and I wanted you to have a look before you leave" Callan said as he gave me a smile and then turned his attention back on the forest road.

We were soon parked in front of our house and it looked just as new as it did the first time we were here, the night of Callan's birthday.

We both walked up to the front door, hand in hand. Callan pulled out the keys from his pocket and unlocked the door.

"It has that newly painted smell" I said as soon as I stepped inside.

"Well the entire East wing was reconstructed" Callan said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Come on I have to show you something" Callan said as he pulled me towards the East wing.

"There's something else you want to show me?" I asked as I climbed up the steps with him. I thought this was it...

"Yea I have, just follow me and wait will you?" Callan said.

We were soon standing in front of a room with double doors. I looked up quizzically at a grinning Callan. He went ahead and opened the doors to reveal....a nursery.

I looked around in awe. It was beautiful, it was a suite divided into two sides meant for two people. I looked up at Callan, who was smiling down at me warmly.

"I don't mean any pressure but I just couldn't help myself. I mean we'll need it someday right? I mean I know there's still a lot of time but I just still-" I interrupted his rambling and pecked his lips.

"It's beautiful and you're right. We're practically kids ourselves but it will happen someday. It's beautiful Callan" I said.

"Yea...I just wanted you to see this before you go. You have to come back now so this room can have some occupants" he said, I couldn't miss the way his voice cracked.

"I'll comeback safe and sound. You don't have anything to worry about" I said. We spent some more time looking around the nursery and the house. Callan had turned our bedroom into a suite as well and it was absolutely beautiful.

"You know I want to adopt right?" I said as we were walking back up to the car.

"Huh?" Callan said, his eyes a bit bigger and face completely blank.

"I don't want to get pregnant...I want to adopt. I mean it's far away but I just thought about it when you showed me the nursery and i- you know what it's stupid I don't know why I'm telling you this now. I'm literally leaving in a few hours, this is a conversation for later" I said as I got cold feet suddenly. I started walking away from him, scared that we'll fight over this or something.

"Wait princess" Callan called out to me as he jogged up to my side. "It's not stupid and it's fine if you want to tell me now. I'm fine with that just so you doesn't matter to me how we have a kid, you know? As long as we have one and it's ours and legal" Callan said making me chuckle at the "legal".

"Yea cause picking up somebody else's kid is sooo not cool" I said making us both laugh.

"Yea, as long as we raise the kid together, that's all that matters" he said and smiled at me. I tip toed and pecked his lips.

"Well aren't you mature" I said.

"It has nothing to do with that. A kid is a kid, doesn't matter how they come into this world, as long as well love em" he said and I nodded and pecked his lips again.

"Well that's a huge burden off." I said and we both started walking back to the car.

"You didn't actually think I'd make it into a big deal, did you?" Callan asked as we settled inside the car.

"Uh I most definitely did think that but it's nice that you didn't" I said and smirked at him.

"I am hurt princess" he said scoffing and faking a pained look making me laugh.

"Come on, let's get back. I have to report to Alpha before I leave" I said. I most definitely regretted saying that because suddenly the playful energy that surrounded us both disappeared.

Callan started the car without another word and we drove off. It took us hardly 10 minutes to reach the pack house and it was once again awkward between Callan and I as we exited the car.

"Umm why don't you come with me? To the Alpha's office?" I asked him, trying to get this whole "I'm leaving" things behind us and go back to how we were 10 minutes ago.

"Yea sure" Callan said and we walked inside the pack house together and headed towards Alpha Kendrik's office.

I knocked on the door and we entered once Alpha Kendrik said "come in".

"Alpha" I greeted Alpha Kendrik who smiled as soon as he saw me.

"Anaïs, well are you all packed for your trip then?" Alpha Kendrik asked and I nodded.

"Yea, Callan and I just took a little look around our house a few minutes ago and now I'm ready to head out. We're just waiting for your instructions on the Alpha ceremony for Callan" I said reminding him that we needed him to send out a message through the pack link to invite all the pack members to gather at the school's football field for Callan's ceremony.

"Ah yes the ceremony. I'll mind link the pack to assemble and then we'll head out together" Alpha Kendrik said and Callan and I nodded at him.

"We'll go get ready then dad" Callan said. We left Alpha Kendrik's office and headed back to our rooms.

I dressed myself in a lace, white knee-length dress. It had a round neck and elbow length sleeves. I decided to quickly curl my already wavy hair. I put on a little tinted lip-gloss and some mascara.

I looked at my appearance in the mirror and I looked decent enough.

"Well this is all I can do" I said to myself. I put on my white Converse...since why not? And I was ready.

"Are you really wearing Converse with a dress?" Isis said out of nowhere, kinda scaring me a little as well.

"Uh yes... they're comfortable and I don't have anything else that matches" I whined back.

"And you somehow think Converse match your outfit?" Isis said back, judging me.

"They're white and I don't care about your opinion so shoo" I said and closed our link. I looked fine!

I marched out of my room and into Callan's after I grabbed my phone.

"Callan" I whined as soon as I entered his room. He was standing in front of the floor-length mirror inside his walk-in-closet. He was wearing a black button up shirt with black dress pants. His outfit reminded me of the outfit he was wearing on his birthday....

Unknowing I started smiling remembering the day we found out we were each other's mates...

"Princess?" Callan said, his voice a bit high, snapping me out of my daze.

"Hmm?" I asked as I looked up. I walked towards him, trying to get a good look at his face.

"You called out to me?" Callan said as he started doing his cuff links. He was clearly struggling with them so I decided to help him.

"Oh shoes look fine right? Isis was a being a bitch about them" I said and I felt Isis nip in my head but I ignored her.

I felt Callen look down at my feet and chuckle. It made me frown and I hit him on his chest.

"They're fine!" I said as I jerked his arms away from me after I was done with his cuff links.

" I never said they weren't, why are getting angry! They look beautiful on you, you look beautiful" he said as he snaked his arms around my waist and plastered my front to his.

"You laughed" I mumbled and hit his back once again.

"I chuckled cause I found it cute" Callan said defending himself.

"Whatever I care about your opinion" I said and tried to get away from him but Callan refused to let me go.

"You look really beautiful princess" Callan said as he kissed my forehead. I looked up at him and narrowed my eyes at him.

"Good save" I said.

"Where did you learn how to do cuff links...I can never get these bastard in" Callan said as he stared at his writs where the perfectly done cuff links sat.

"I do em for my dad all the time. He's bad at it too" I said.

"Come on let's go! Alpha must be waiting for us" I said as I pulled away from him.
Callan held up his hands and went further inside his closets. He came out with a pair of black Converse in his hands.

"No you wouldn't" I said aghast that he'll ruin his ensemble like that.

"Oh I am" Callan said as he sat down on the dresser and started putting em on.

"We'll look so weird...just put on some black dress shoes!!" I said but I was quite happy that he was willing to match with me.

"Really? This is what'll look weird about us? You're wearing white and I'm wearing black princess. I don't think anyone will look at our matching shoes" Callan said he pointed towards my dress, making me realize we were wearing opposite colors.

"Wait should I put on something else then? But I only have one black dress and I wore it to the honorable departure ceremony!! Maybe you should change! Wear white!" I said suddenly panicking.

"It's fine, we look diabolic" Callan said. I frowned but let it be since we didn't have time for an outfit change.

Callan and I met with Alpha Kendrik and Luna Christy at the pack house entrance. Luna Christy commented on how good we looked together, calming me a little about the whole color scheme fiasco...

We pilled up inside Callan's car and drove to our school. It suddenly hit me that I'd be missing out on school and college because of my decision to leave. I made such a fuss about college and now....

I decided not to think about that since it would only make me sadder and re-think my decision to leave. What I was doing would help hasten the process of uncovering who was articulating all these attacks and we'd be able to stop them before they kill more people. Therefore I put a stop to my negative thoughts and focused all my attention and energy on Callan's ceremony.

The ceremony went on great. Alpha Kendrik greeted the pack members, Callan was called upon the stage. They both did the binding with the ribbons which represents joining the new leader with the past ones. I cringed when Alpha Kendrik and Callan slashed their palms open to mix their blood and say the blood oath but after that it was all hoots and cheers and claps.

We all felt our bond with Alpha Kendrik break and it joined with Callan as Alpha. Everybody bowed to him and it was my time to join Callan on stage. Alpha Kendrik thought it would be best that we announced my departure during Callan's ceremony only.

"Everyone, Luna Anaïs now has an important announcement to make." Callan said and all eyes shifted on me.

"Good morning everybody, I, as your Luna, have decided to appeal to the wolven council to let me form a team of my own and investigate the attack on our pack. For this I will be leaving the pack for several months and while I am truly disappointed and sad for not being able to take onto the Luna position with my mate Callan, I believe it is my responsibility to give our members an explanation, the families of the deceased justice and protect our pack from any future threats. I wish for your blessing and hope you will pray to the goddess for my safe return so I could take my position as your Luna and lead this pack with my mate and your Alpha" I said.

The crowd started murmuring and chattering amongst themselves. I turned to look at Alpha Kendrik thinking this was going to go badly but then everybody started bowing at me one by one. I was startled Because I was definitely expecting people to think I was being reckless and abandoning my duties as the Luna which is why the pack's approval took me off guard.

"That will be all. May the goddess bless our Alpha and future Luna" Alpha Kendrik said, dismissing everybody.

We all exited the little make shift stage as well.

"Anaïs I want to have a chat with you" Alpha Kendrik said once I was off the stage.

"Is something wrong Alpha?" I asked him not knowing what this was about.

"Oh no, on the contrary a few members have volunteered to go with you." Alpha Kendrik said. I was surprised but happy that people were so willing to support me in my crazy endeavors.

"The younger daughter of Beta Mason, Adaline and the commander-in-chief's oldest son, Brian. Both the kids mind linked me as soon as you announced your departure. I hope you have no problem with them accompanying you?" Alpha Kendrik asked and I quickly shook my head in a firm no.

"It will actually make things a lot more better than traveling alone Alpha." I said and Alpha Kendrik nodded.

"Well I will mind link them and tell them to pack up. Oh and I was also wondering if you would mind escorting the criminals Jacob Rosewood and Adam Rosewood? The council wants them in for a questioning and since you are heading there, I thought I would be better to have some warriors escort them along with you?" Alpha Kendrik said. I agreed to his proposal since it made sense, the warriors will just be traveling with us in a different car so it was no big deal.

We all left the school grounds and headed back to the pack house. My parents would be getting here soon to see me off. Everybody was in a frenzy, trying to prepare for my departure.

A few pack members were helping me bring down my bags as I stood besides the SUV I'd be travelling in. I thanked the guys who brought down my suitcase and loaded them up in the back.

"Luna!" Someone called out from behind me. I turned around to find a girl I've never seen before.

"You must be Adaline? The Beta's daughter?" I asked and she nodded furiously.

"I will be your personal guard! Alpha Callan told me you didn't continue you professional training, so he personally asked me to take care of you" she said, her voice exited and bubbly. She was literally bouncing on her feet, as if she wasn't able to contain her excitement.

"And I also asked you to keep that to yourself Adaline!" Callan said as he appeared out of the pack house. I narrowed my eyes at him and scowled at the fact that he thought I needed a pup to protect me.

He looked at my face and immediately pouted.

"I didn't mean it like that, I just want her to watch your back" he said and pecked my lips as soon as he reached me.

"I won't say anything cause I don't want to leave after fighting" I said and hugged him back.

We were soon joined by the commander-in-chief's son, Brian. After they both had their stuff locked and loaded, we closed the back of the SUV and stood around waiting for our respective families.

My parents and brother were the first to arrive, my mother in tears and my father carrying enough food to feed an army.

"Dad! I'm not going to the Sahara desert.. they'll have food there" I said as me and Callan helped him put away all the food in the car.

"I know but what if my child gets hungry on the road? Or don't like the food there?" He said and hugged me.

"Thank you papa. I appreciate it a lot" I said. My mother was next and oh my gods she almost killed me with her killer hug.

"You-yo-you ta-take care o-o-of your-se-self mija" my mother stuttered out. She was crying so much, she wasn't even able to form words.

"Ma, I'll be back in no time. Think of it as me travelling around the world. I'll go to different packs, gets information and move on. There's nothing to worry about" I tried to calm her down. Her cries turned into sniffles thank gods.

My brother came up to me and hugged me without a word.

"What? You finally don't have anything to say?" I asked him, amused that he didn't have a sarcastic comment to make.

"Be safe baby sister. I'll look forward to your return" he said and kissed me on my forehead. I smiled at him and nodded.

The other kid's families also arrived and I said my goodbyes to Callan's parents as well. Luna Christy looked like she was going to cry but held it in.

"Okay so this is it" I said to Callan who looked like he was either about to punch somebody or cry.

"You're really going..."Callan said softly. I moved towards him and hugged him as hard as I could.

"I will call you everyday, message you and facetime you every night" I said and then pecked his lips which were pouting really hard.

"Take care of yourself and the pack? Now you're the Alpha, you got big responsibilities" I said.

"I know...just take care of yourself. Eat on time and don't go running towards danger. Remember, you run away from danger not towards it. I swear to the goddess if I hear you got hurt I will drag you back home" he said and I chuckled at his words.

Callan's lips were on mine in a soul sucking kiss, it made me reconsider going. But I had to do this, for some absurd reason, I had made up my mind to leave my mate and family behind.

The thought made me cry, I could feel tears streaming down my eyes as it started to sink in that I was really leaving.

"Why are you crying?" Callan asked as he laughed and wiped away my tears.

"I don't know! Maybe because I'm just 18 and leaving my boyfriend and parents behind to go to strange lands alone? You tell me!" I said childishly. But you can't blame me! I am practically a minor!

"You're doing the right thing Princess and we have the rest of our lives to be together right? This is just a few months... don't start this by crying now" he said. I nodded at him and pecked his lips for one last time.

The three of us pilled up inside the car. Alpha Kendrik was nice enough to lend us a warrior, who'd be accompanying us around.

I waved at everybody through the window as the car started moving father and father away from them.

"Cry as much as you want here, we have to look strong in front of the secondary counsels" I said to the other two who nodded their heads and wiped away their tears.

I did the same and masked all my expressions of pain. I'm doing the right thing I repeated in my head as we exited the pack territory through the northern gates.

"I'm doing the right thing, right?" I asked Isis for the last time.

"I'm proud of you Anaïs" she said, her words reassuring me and strengthening my resolve to help our people.

I can't sit around and let more of my pack die, I'll find out who did this and kill them for taking away so many lives.

Who would've thought that me, who was a normal highschool student a few months ago, going crazy because of a guy who kept on annoying her, would be leaving her entire life and dreams behind for the greater good of others something which I considered to be complete bullshit.

"Well who would've also thought you'd love mate one day right?" Isis said making me smile.

"Yea...who would've thought I'd cry at the mere idea of leaving Callan Baraed behind" I said. I rested my head back on the car seat and closed my eyes.

I'll be no time.

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