Calling Callan

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Angry caveman

I ran as fast as my legs could take me but the stupid dress restricted my movements. I ran deep inside the forest that surrounded the hotel though in hindsight, that was not a great idea. I should’ve run towards a crowded place, it would’ve been easier to lose Callan that way.

I couldn’t hear anyone running after me so I decided to stop for a minute. I was out of breath and my legs hurt like a bitch. I quickly grabbed the end of my dress and tore it right up to my thigh.

I tried to listen for any signs of movement around me and I was too naive to think that Callan had given up on me. I couldn’t hear anything except the wind blowing around me, the rustling of leaves and I thought I was safe, I had successfully gotten away.

But my stupid assumptions came crashing down when a huge black wolf jumped in front of me out of nowhere. It seemed as if he had emerged out of thin air...

I instantly knew that it was Callan because Isis starting jumping in my head, whining and purring at the sight of her mate.

I, on the other hand, started backing away.

With each step I took back, Callan took one forward in my direction. With each step of mine, Callan let out a ferocious, low warning growl telling me not to move, not to disobey him.

“Callan just...i-” I started but was interrupted by Callan growling at me. I put my hands in front of me and took a fighting stance. I was no match for Callan but I’d rather die than go down without a fight.

Seeing me shift into a fighting position, Callan’s wolf let out a puff of air, as if scoffing at me.

“Hey! Fuck you okay? I didn’t ask for this asshole!” I screamed at him. I was annoyed and tired and I had lost my heels somewhere, my feet were bleeding, I had tiny cuts and scraps all over me and I just wanted to sit down and have some water but here I was risking my life by going against an Alpha wolf.

I started shaking a little, I was scared I’ll admit it. Callan was strong and I knew one wrong move and I could seriously piss his wolf off. He can finish me in the blink of an eye if he wanted to.

Callan stopped growling when he saw me shake with fear. He simply settled down on the ground and nodded towards me, as if telling me to sit down as well.

“This has to be a mistake Callan! We can’t be mates! We hate each other!” I told him, still on high alert.

My words made Callan growl, slowly he transitioned back into his human form.

I kept my eyes fixed on his, not letting them travel anywhere else especially to the one thing my wolf eagerly wanted me to see.

“We’re mates and you can’t deny that” he said to me calmly. I just shook my head at his statement, making him growl again. I knew he was trying to de-escalate this situation by being calm but fuck it, I was losing my shit right now!

“Just think about it, we don’t like each other. It doesn’t make sense Callan!” I told him, desperately trying to make him see reason here.

My comment made him angry, his nostrils flared and I could practically see smoke come out of his ears. He stalked towards me and I pathetically tried to run away.

But Callan being an Alpha, was faster. He grabbed me by my shoulders and slammed me against a tree, the bark scrapping my back making me hiss.

“You’re mine! You’re my mate and there no changing that Anaïs” he roared at me and then continued to burry his face in the crook of my neck, inhaling my scent, trying to calm his wolf down.

I stood still, I knew better than to move away and anger an Alpha wolf further. It would end up in broken bones..

“Just think about it rationally. You don’t like me Callan it’s just the mate bond. We have always hated each other, since we were kids” I told him, my voice calm and composed. I was a great debater; I knew how to get people to agree with me. I was sure I could make him see the reality of this situation.

“I don’t hate you Anaïs, I’ve never hated you. I don’t know where you got that ridiculous notion from but it would be wise to discard it. You’re mine and I will burn this earth to ash before I let you leave me” he said as he left my neck alone. His dark black eyes, shining a little gold showing the presence of his wolf, were glaring at me dangerously.

“Callan you don-” I was interrupted mid-rant by Callan’s lips. Callan was kissing me!!! Callan was kissing me!!!!

My wolf was howling with happiness in my head. For a while the world around me melted into nothing. It was just me and Callan and his soft ass lips.

The kiss was hungry, it was rushed and sloppy but soon Callan began savouring the taste of my lips. His movements became calculated; he sucked my lips, bit them and explored every inch of my mouth with his tongue.

He tasted so good; his hands were all over my body but in a respectful way. My hands were lost in his jet black hair, pulling at em making him groan.

Fortunately the part of my brain that was still working reminded me that Callan Baraed was kissing me, he was taking away my first kiss.

As soon as this realisation dawned on me, I pushed Callan away with all my might. I think the only reason I was able to break that kiss and make him stumble a step back was because I took him by surprise. But the thing that took him by surprise even more was the slap that followed the push.

I was furious! I was saving that kiss for someone I actually liked not Callan Baraed! My first kiss was not meant for the guy who made my blood boil!

The force of my slap or maybe the fact that I slapped him in the first place caught Callan off guard. His head whipped to the side and stayed there for a minute because of the shock.

We were both breathing hard after the kiss but soon Callan’s breathing turned ragged, his wolf coming forward.

A shiver of fear went down my spine, the fact that I just slapped an Alpha overtook the strength that had appeared in me because of the adrenaline.

“Callan I- Ahhhhhh” I was suddenly lifted from the ground and landed on Callan’s shoulders. He was mad! I could feel the fury radiating through his skin!

“Callan I’m sorry!!! Let me down!!! Callan please!!!” I screamed at him, I tried to get off but Callan just tightened his hold on me. I kicked my legs around, hit him on his back but nothing fazed him.

Within a minute we were back at the entrance of the hotel, Callan turned his back towards it and made his way to the parking lot. I could see all the pack members standing at the entrance, confused and shocked from everything that was happening.

I paid no attention to anyone and continued trying to get away from the caveman!!!

“CALLAN LET ME GO!!!!” I screamed at him again and scratched him, hard with my elongated claws.

He didn’t even hiss! I continued to dug my claws deeper into his back but it was to no avail.

“Be still Anaïs!” Callan barked at me making me go wild. I thrashed around more and almost fell off his shoulder. My antics must’ve angered him more cause the next thing I know, I feel a bad sting on my ass.

He spanked me....he..He spanked me!!!!!

“YOU ASSHOLE!” I screamed at him but it only earned me another hit on my bum. My eyes widened and face reddened.

I clenched my jaw and using my left hand, spanked Callan hard on his ass!

Callan came to an abrupt stop after I hit him back. The move was enough to rattle him for a second but he soon continued stalking to wherever the fuck he was taking me.

I was flung down from his shoulders and as soon as my feet met the ground I tried to run away but Callan just tightened his hold on my forearm.

We were standing besides his Mercedes and I was forcefully pushed inside the lavish car. He closed the door and went around, I tried to open the door again but it didn’t budge!

The driver’s side door opened and Callan got in.

“You’re kidnapping me now?!?” I screamed at him, trying to get him to realise how absurd he was being.

He simply ignored me and started the car.

20 minutes of driving and we were pulling up in Callan’s drive way. I could see that Callan was mad, like hella mad. He was gripping the steering wheel so tight, it’s a wonder it didn’t break into a thousand little piece.

He shut off the engine and got out of the car. The passenger side door opened and I was once again dragged out and hauled over his shoulder.

“Callan stop being a caveman! Put me down you bastard! Put me down!!!” I continued screaming at him.

“Throw as much of a temper tantrum as you want but remember once we reach my room, every word of yours is gonna have a consequence” he said making me shut up. Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!

“Callan calm down! You can’t possibly be thinking about...” I let my words drag out. He wouldn’t...he couldn’t..Right??

“What? What am I thinking about dear mate? Tell me Anaïs” he asked me his tone making him sound like a mad man. He yanked open his front door and marched straight towards the staircase leading up to his room.

My heart was beating furiously in my chest, seeing him climb the stairs, my attempts to get away from him increased.

I tried to get him to fall down, I tried to slither away but everything was in vain.

Callan slammed open his bedroom door and I was thrown onto his bed as if I was a sack of potatoes. I backed away from him, my back digging into the headboard of his bed.

“Callan calm down! Don’t do something that you’d most definitely regret later” I said to him, my voice shaking and my hands stretched out in front of me.

“Oh now you’re scared Anaïs? You weren’t scared when you slapped me princess” he said with an evil smirk on his face. I was scary aware of the fact that Callan was very naked!

He slowly stalked towards me on the bed and all I could do was say a silent prayer in my head. He grabbed my leg and pulled me towards him, my face inches away from his.

“Callan...” I breathed out...I looked around trying to find a way out of this.

“Scared are we princess? No more screaming or struggling huh?” He said as his head slowly dipped into the crook of my neck, his breath making Goosebumps appear on my skin.

His lips made contact with my skin, right at the spot where my shoulder met my neck, making me moan. Fuck!!!

He sucked and nipped and licked while I tried my best to not let any other sounds escape my mouth. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my body reflexively gave him further access by tilting my head to the left.

Every suck, every lick sent jolts of pleasure straight down to my core. I could feel my nipples harden and my core dripping....fuck.

My breath came out in short pants and I fisted the bed sheets, trying to hold on for dear life.

“I thought you didn’t want me?” The bastard said and I felt him smirk against my skin. He was gone in the next second and my body felt cold without body is a fucking horny bitch!

He disappeared into the bathroom which was connected to his bedroom, leaving me a hot, blubbering mess on his bed.

I closed my legs tightly together, trying to get rid of the tingly feeling in between them.

Holy fuck I was screwed! I was so fucking screwed!
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