Calling Callan

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Warm and fuzzy

I was literally frozen to the spot where Callan had left me on the bed. I needed time; there were so many voices and thoughts in my head that it felt like I was going to explode.

Callan is my mate was the one thing that constantly kept replaying in my head. It was as if I was trying to convince myself that this was actually happening.

I know I don’t really hate Callan but I don’t like him as well! He has always been awful to me, making fun of me, making me feel so insecure and can I just forget all that?

He used to make me cry all the time, there were times where I even felt like running away from school just so I won’t have to hear harsh words directed towards do I just let go of that?

“You okay princess?” I jumped when I heard Callan call out to me. I looked up and found Callan standing right in front of his bathroom door, in a freaking towel.

“Fuck me” I heard Isis moan in my head.

"Ew you nasty horny bitch!” I practically screamed back at her in disgust. She doesn’t have to act like a dog in heat just because she met her mate!

"Fuck you! Just look at our mate, dripping wet and being so sexy!” I could feel her salivating as her words poured into my head.

Oh gross...

“Hey, princess!” Callan snapped his fingers, gaining my attention.

“Yea I’m okay just put some clothes will you?!” I told him while grabbing a pillow from behind me and throwing it at him. He obviously caught it without any effort.

“You think you can’t control yourself around me?” He said while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“I can’t even think about being near you without making myself gag, forget about jumping you” I said while scrunching my face in disgust.

“Yea we’ll see” he smirked and then walked off into his closest, I’m guessing.

After five minutes or so Callan re-emerged from his closet dressed in only sweatpants. I didn’t mind since we’re werewolves and I’m used to seeing half naked guys all the time but for some reason I was finding it antagonisingly hard to keep my eyes off of his chiselled chest.

“My eyes are up here princess” Callan said smugly, making me snap back to my sense. I shook my head a little to rid myself of all the dirty thoughts I had floating around in my stupid, teenage hormonal brain!

“Just take me home. It’s late and I don’t want to walk back!” I told him while climbing off the bed. I suddenly felt a jolt of pain shoot up my legs, making me fall back on the bed.

Callan rushed towards me within second, his hands all over me assessing my injuries.

“I’m okay just take me home!” I told him while prying his hands away from my body.

“You’re not going anywhere so sit still and let me have a look” he said while continuing poking me here and there.

He got up and grabbed a first aid kit from his bathroom and set it besides me on the bed while getting down on his knees in front of me. He grabbed my left foot, making sparks dance across my skin. I tried to jerk my foot back but that just earned me a growl, so I stopped.

He cleaned all the wounds on my feet and also the ones on my arms. He applied some kind gel of thing on my ankles and knees saying it would help with the pain that I was experiencing because of the jump.

I’ve never seen Callan be like this, it was weird. He’s always so arrogant and assoholic to me, making fun of my hair or my name or calling me Virgin Mary! So seeing him take care of my injuries so gently was definitely weird...

“You’re staring princess” I heard Callan say. He was done bandaging me up and was packing away all the medical supplies. Once he was done, he kept the medical kit aside on the little brown coffee table he had in his room and came to sit down beside me.

I kept on following him around with my eyes, fascinated with this different side of his.

“What?” He asked again when he noticed I still hadn’t taken my eyes off of him.

“You’re being weird” I told him finally peeling my eyes away from him. I looked down at my feet, taking in Callan’s handy work.

“How am I being weird Anaïs?” He said my name making me shiver. I knew without looking that he was smirking, pleased with the effect he had on me.

“You’re being nice” I mumbled out. I didn’t not like him being nice, it was better than him causing further damage to my self-image but still I found it off-putting for some reason...

“I’m not nice to you usually?” He asked with something weird in his voice which made me look up at him. He was leaning back on the bed, both of his hands behind his back, providing him with support. His head was thrown back, looking up at the ceiling.

“Is that even a question?” I said with my eyebrows raised. Don’t tell me he didn’t even give enough fucks to know that everything he said to me over the years hurt like shit!

“I- I never meant it. I’m not gonna act aloof, I know I wasn’t pleasant to you... there’s no excuse for that” he said, his face still not visible to me.

“Let me stop you right there. Whatever sort of emotional, sensitive moment you think we’re going to have, It’s not happening. It’s not like in the movies, where you tell me some sappy shit story and I forgive you just because you’re my mate” I told him folding my hands over my chest. He has no clue how many hours I’ve spent in front of the mirror, believing every horrible word he’s said to me.

“Sleep princess, we’ll talk tomorrow” he said finally realising there’s no breaking through my walls now.

“Take me home, I’m not sleeping here” I told him while getting up once again. I wanted to instantly sit back down because of the pain in my legs but I kept a straight face and called onto a higher power to help me appear strong.

Callan finally looked up at me, his eyes emotionless as well. He reached out his hand and before I had the chance to pull away, he already got a hold of my wrist. He pulled me towards him and it happened so fast that I had no way to avoid ending up sitting in his lap.

“Callan!” I shrieked while wiggling around, trying to get off. But he already had me locked in his tight hold, both of his arms drapped across my stomach holding me to him.

“Don’t stand, you’re hurt and I’m not sleeping without you. You can hate me all you want but my wolf and I need our mate by our side” he said and then buried his nose in the nape of my neck. A shiver went straight down to my core, making me clutch my thighs together. Fuck....

“Callan let me go” I said while trying harder to get out of his hold. I tried to pry his hands away by using my wolf strength but I could only manage to get one arm off me...

“Stop moving please, your ass is not making this easier on me” he groaned out making me halt. I was suddenly very aware of Callan dong beneath my hips.

“Just bend me over and fuck me" my wolf begged. I literally had to force out the dirty images she flood my head with. Why is she like this?!??!

“Okay I’ll stay just let me go” I said finally giving in. It’s one night and I will never let him touch me, so it’ll be fine.

Callan gently slid me off his lap, making sure I didn’t spring back up on my feet.

“I’ll get you something to change into” he said while getting up and disappearing into his closest. He was back with a black t-shirt and a bunch of shorts..

“Just see which fits you” he said while handing me the clothes. I started getting up to head to the bathroom and change but he pushed me back down by my shoulders.

“Nope change here. You shouldn’t walk, you’re hurt” he said and turned around. I knew fighting would be useless and I was so tired so I just started stripping from my dress which was hella difficult to do while sitting down.

I put the t-shirt on but the shorts were too big on me. I pulled the t-shirt down as far as I could and coughed a bit to gain Callan’s attention.

“The shorts are too something else?” I asked once he turned around. He took the shorts from me and sauntered back into his closest.

He threw a bunch of boxer shorts at me, making me screech!

“Ewwwwww” I said while kicking them off my lap. I looked up at him aghast! Is he crazy?!? Throwing his underwear at me!!!!

My reaction must’ve been enough to relay what I was thinking because it made Callan chuckle.

“They’re new” he said making me release the breath I was holding. Thank god I thought I touched his used underwear..

I picked it up from the floor and started putting em on without realising Callan was still standing there facing me.

I heard a growl and saw movement from my peripheral view and realised I had just given him a free view of my panty clad pussy.

If people could die from embarrassment, I would’ve been 6 feet under the ground at that moment. I quickly put the boxers on and slithered under his covers with my back turned towards him.

“I’m done” I mumbled and then quickly hid my face under the blanket. Kill me, just kill me right now. I can’t believe I flashed him my vagina....oh gods..

Callan cleared his throat and I heard him moved around the room a little. Soon he turned the lights off and got inside the covers besides me.

“Touch me and I’ll bite your hands off” I whispered to him. It wasn’t a threat to be honest since he was an alpha and if he wanted he could fuck me against my will right now and I wouldn’t be able to do anything but still I didn’t want to seem like I’ve given into him just because I’m sleeping beside him.

I’m just really tired and sleepy and I know it will all be in vain at the end if I fight against him.

“Good night princess” I know he heard me but clearly decided to not reply to my “threat”.

I hummed a little to acknowledge his ‘good night’ since I wasn’t a complete total bitch and snuggled deeper into the really good smelling and surprisingly super comfortable sheets.

I was drifting into dreamland within minutes when I felt two hands grab my waist and pull me into something warm and hard. Whatever it was it smelt really good so I turned around and snuggled deeper into it, shoving my nose right up against the warm source, sighing in content.

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